Evidence of Alien Life?

This article was published back in march, but I find it interesting. I’m sure there’s other peeps (especially here) that are into this stuff.

Apparently fossilized bacteria or related species have been found in “carbonaceous chondrites”; a rare form of meteorite found on Earth.

I’m interested to see what the other scientists invited to be engaged in the research will have to say.

Are we alone? Did life here originate from outer space?

I’m thinking Doom 3.

Hell on Mars!

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This was probably already posted in the Space or the Science thread.

I read about micrioscopic bacteria fossils on Mars in scholastic news like more then a decade ago:rofl:

I’m sure there are more advanced life forms out there than bacteria… give me a break. We aren’t the only beings in this huge ass universe.

That was only debated, and the general scientific consensus believes that the bacteria are really melted particulates that accumulated when the meteor entered the atmosphere.

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bleh I didn’t notice until after I posted it. Someone posted it on fb and I read it and found it interesting.