Evidence of Valaris spamming

Just in case you weren’t around for Valaris’ spamming spree, here it is.

MODS don’t delete this thread. It’s evidence used against his crimes.


I have never seen such libelous trash

what Valaris did was ILLEGAL in srk.

I have no intention of deleting this :rofl:.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


So far, 2012 is kicking the shit out of 2011.

Mug got the Bill Nye the Science Guy music on LOCK in that video.

pshhh he wasn’t spamming he was “zoning”


thats team

That’s KoF 94 music. America Stage.

Fuck vaiaris. I want Sep back.

Motherfuck a KoF, it’s still Bill Nye beats.

Big up to da science god.

“Bullshit I’ve never turned into a pickle… Watermelon?”


Rsigley has passed the torch?

Can we switch the thread to “Evidence of VaIaris spamming to kof94/Bill Nye”?

I was just playing KoF 94 too

This is 100x more entertaining though

I am shocked and appaled. The actions that are depicted in that video are clearly the actions of someone who is abusing his power as a mod. Valaris should lose his position and be banished from this website for his atrocities.

I thought I knew Valaris. I knew him as a Canadian with an unprouncable first name, but much less cooler than when Prince did it. Now I see he cannot be trusted to lead us, much less be amongst us. I bet he joined after the supposed “fake” Valaris did too, just so he could blame his acts on that poor kid.

Down with the tyrant! Free VaIaris!

i for one am glad Valaris has been exposed for the ‘so-and-so’ he is- though i do understand and appreciate his love of Bizzy Bone and other various naked black dudes.

Valaris put his finger in my bum and it stimulated my feel good parts and I came good stuff :tup:

I want one minute of my life back for clicking play on that youtube video.

Why don’t you hang out with doctor b any more?