Evil Dead Musical

Horror / Comedy

Song Sample :

What the F**K is that ? : [media=youtube]GFNN5bqZFq8[/media]

Wiki Link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_Dead:_The_Musical

Opinion : So far it looks like they aren’t playing in Canada anymore. I don’t know if they are coming back to New York , but I really hope they do another tour soon.

“The final trip was made to the Cabin in the woods- and as always, the demons were vanquished and audiences cheered. After a summer of blood, laughter, blood, music, blood, dancing and BLOOD- Toronto?s Favourite Musical, as voted on by you, had its final curtain call”

Taken from their website. Hopefully it’ll open somewhere again. Final never sounds good.

Damn it. I would have killed to see this. I’ll travel anywhere to see this. I haven’t been as excited about a musical since I heard The Flaming Lips were taking Yoshimi to Broadway.

i saw this
it was pretty entertaining

for the seecond act they have you put on ponchos in case you get dirty. This one kid was too cool to put on poncho. When the zombies die i guess they got hidden blood packets/cups etc. to make gory death scenes, well when this one bitch was about to die she pulled out the cup of fake blood, not even hiding it, and threw it right in this guys face from point black (like 5 ft away, she was sitting on the edge of the stage and he was like 2nd row), it splattered all over him and his nice clothes, and he had this pissed, wtf look.
then that bitch immediately died and dissappeared below a trap door floor, hahaa

pretty imaginative set devices