Evil Dead: Now with more cabins in woods!

Seeing as how SRK still doesn’t seem to be suffering from this aforementioned “down time” everyone is so worried about, I think I’ll take advantage of whatever amount of time we DO have left and start this discussion.

So. Evil Dead. I’m actually very excited to see this movie. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna be your typical hack and slash Jason movie, but more of gruesome, disturbing and “get under your skin” kinda feel. I’ve never really cared for the Bruce Campbell movies (blasphemy, right?), but I’m sure plenty of the fans of the old ones are livid right now.

Nevertheless, it looks like a pretty solid horror movie to me.

Here’s the uncensored trailer. What do you guys think?

Looks really good. I’m pretty sure I’ve only said that about a very small handful of horror trailers, since 98% of modern horror pics look like ass. Also Campbell and Raimi give their stamp of approval which probably means they get an extra 0 in their paycheck but that’s good enough for me:tup:

So no Bruce Campbell in this?

My guess is that he’ll have some kind of cameo as a monster maybe, or he’ll at least get a reference.