Evil has a really nice ass ~ The Doronjo Thread ~

Howdy all, I’m here to post a little basic primer on playing that saucy villaness known as Doronjo. She’s the one with the two henchmen in her portrait (she wears a mask with pointy eaars thats red white and black with a D smack in the middle of it).

How does she play:

To put it simply, Doronjo may be the closest thing to the MvC2 ‘too much shit on screen’ on syndrome, as her all her specials consist of calling out her henchmen to do her bidding. I’m sure with time there will be some crazy set ups utilizing her henchmen, but for now we’re going to take it nice and slow. If you have anything to add, or if there are corrections that need to be made, let me know!


5A - Doronjo extends her hand upwards, somewhat of a playful slap.

5B - Dornojoa smacks your head with the bottom of her PEACE PIPE.

5C - Moving foward a little, she goes straight for a kick in the balls / chest.

2A - A quick karate chop to the shins.

2B - Laying on the floor somewhat, she extends her foot out a bit, good length.

2C - Tilting her head back, she does a full vertical split. Yummy (This does not knock down).

3C - Her launcher. It hits twice, you cancel from the first hit.

All of these can combo into each other, but you can combo anything after 2C.

j.A - Picking her feet up, she comes downward with both knees. Can be used to cross up, but a bit trick.

j.B - A full fledged jump kick, think Dictator’s j.FK in CvS2. Can also be used to cross up, but much easier to do so then with j.A.

j.C - :lovin: - Pulling her legs up a bit, Doronjo executes my favorite ANYTHING in the game, she comes down ass first. This move is sexy good. Her wonderfully round bottom has a hitbox that will lead to great ambiguous cross ups. First off, simply doing j.C moves you foward a bit, so it provides excellent momentum to use for making your opponent guess which side you’ll land on. Secondly, you can dash into the corner (when your opponent already occupies it) with this even as player 1. If you AD, jump, then AD again and j.C you’ll land infront of them instead (where as if you just iAD and j.C you will land in the corner). I looooove this normal~


Her specials can be interrupted, so be wary!

236A/B/C - Her green suited henchman comes out right in front of her from a portal on the floor, salutes quickly, and does a little jig going forward while pummeling his fists. Kinda like Jojo’s stand in JBA. The hitbox on this is deceptive, it can actually be used as an anti-air somewhat, try it out. Good to use in the corner in conjunction with her j.C.

214A/B/C - Her purple suited henchman pops up from the floor in front of her and quickly tosses a boulder. Pretty damn quick, and can be used well for spacing / zoning from far away along with your partner assist. Not entirely sure if you have to block for 214A/B yet.

623A/B/C - The green suit comes out again, this time with a controller in his hand. Pushing a button on it, a tree pops up from another portal, and a robotic pig scitters up it and quickly explodes. Good sized hitbox on the explosion. Don’t think you can combo after the explosion. Take note, this special correlates to the buttons you press, not the strength of the attack. So if you’re P1, but on the right side of the screen (facing left) and do 623A, the tree will pop up all the way on the far left end of the screen. Remember that!

22 - Doronjo lays onthe ground ALL SEXY LIKE, her head resting on her palm. From here she can do one of many things.

– 5C - This is her 3C, it will launch your opponent.
– 2C - Eddy Gordo-esque multi hitting move. This knocks the opponent far away from you (and down as well). You can combo her regular 2C into this if done quickly enough (which is about the only combo option 2C gets really).
– Any special (outside of her air special of course). Having henchmen is a good thing.
– Taunt. KISSOU

I’m sure this move will have its purposes later on down the road (lord knows what she may able to just lie down under) but for now it’s best to stay away from it.

421A/B/C - Purple henchman pops up from the floor and grabs your opponent. Think of summoning Jill’s LK zombies but in certain spots on the screen. If you don’t combo from the hold they will simply fall to the floor where they are. This move has the same button spacial properties of 623X.

J.214A/B/C - Calling her purple suited henchman again, he plummets from the sky, with a large rock in tow (think mini gamma crush, haha). You can combo from this move. Please note that this move also has the same spacial properties as 623X.


236AB - Calling out the green henchman, he comes out pushes a button, then disappears. After a slight delay a GIANT (I’m talking nearly the entire width of the screen) robotic spherical head (that looks like the purple henchman) falls down, rolls over you, then off screen. This thing is huge, and it rolls INFRONT of both of you, so try going bonkers for mixups when that happens. The drawback is that with the delay it takes to fall down, your opponent can simply hit the green henchman and cancel the super out all together. You CAN cancel into this from other specials, but it must be done very quickly. Also this hits your opponent on the way in and out (ie as soon it makes contact with them, and then bites them in the ass before exiting the screen).

214AB - A universal counter (I hope?), this thing stays out foreverrrrrrrr and does pretty damn good damage to boot. It doesn’t counter projectiles, and I’m not sure if it counters supers yet either, but it’s just the tool you can abuse to make people who incessantly IAD j.C over and over think twice. Great for when your opponent’s next character is coming in after their other character is dead.

623AB - Her level 3 super. Doronjo kneels down and prays to that damn robotic pig, who comes out and explodes. If it hits, you’re treated to a small cut scene of Dornojo and her boys peddaling on that trademark 3 man bike of theirs while trying to avoid the exploisions around them. The super ends with a skull shaped mushroom cloud sending them flying.


The MINUS BUTTON - Taunt - Doronjo blows a little kiss that comes out in the shape of a fluffy pink heart. If it hits, the heart causes a tiny bit of stagger, so if you can get it to hit, combo asap! You can taunt while standing (crouching and taunting will yield you the standing taunt), jumping, and from her 22X special. Saucy.


Doronjo is not a combo based character, she has just what she needs to do some damage, but most of her time is going to spent around smart use of her specials and supers.

Regular BnB-

5ABC, 3C (I would say cancel after the first hit), sj, j.a, j.b, j.a, j.b, j.c.

I personally use j.a, j.b, j.b, j.c as an air combo at the moment.

Extended BnB-

5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C (1 hit), j.a, j.b, j.a, j.b, j.C.

Jump in BnB-

iad j.A, j.B, land, extended BnB.


I’m telling you that j.C is really good. You will be making ‘ass puns’ all day the more you use it. Make sure to accustom yourself to the momentum it gives you so you can cross up properly with it. If you IAD straight foward and j.C you’ll overshoot them a bit, so make sure to incorporate that little push j.C gives you.

At the moment 22 ducks under every projectile in the game, but I’ll need to test more to see what exactly doesn’t go over her (full charged mega buster is an example, it will hit her).

That’s all I’ve got at the moment, I’ll be playing her much more indepth this weekend with other people, so I’ll see if I can vids or just continue to take notes on what I may find.


Her counter super only affects regular attacks. =/

i played around with her a little too, but not too much yet, here’s what i found as of now:

if you dont know already, the 2 different henchman can be on screen at the same time, so use them to combo on their own or with some more partner assist help

236A+B worked really well as a pressure counter for me

i haven’t tested yet if you can use 22, 2/5C to cancel normals, would be nice to know

I remember that in early videos, she had a sneaking super where she and her henchmen would get on their tiptoes and creep across the screen, damaging and juggling anyone they touched. Is this still in the game?

They were not tiptoeing, they were in their bike - and no, it’s removed.

Aw. How sad. Oh well, at least we got the explosion bike super to compensate.

I like Doronjo. She has potential. She’s also sexy.

Combos with Ryu assist:

In the Corner
5ABC~Pxx236A dash 5ABC3C 8 jA jBjB dj jB jB 214X [fall with jA]

P is Partner, I’m not sure if people are calling it P or D. I basically hit it just a bit slower than a kara and then immediately do 236A to get the poking Henchman running out, this way I get the assist and cancel on the 5C. The Henchman connects thanks to Ryu’s fireball, and she can now dash in to repeat her ground chain in to launcher. I like to end the air combo with the falling henchmen (X based on where you are located on the screen, A for left corner, C for right corner) since it will hit falling down and if you come down with a jA you can possibly catch the opponent in the air for juggles or at the very least you have a block string going.

On a side note, she can actually ass-crossup in the corner with this combo, something like this:

5ABC~Pxx236A jump over jC 5ABC3C 8 jA jBjB dj jB jB 214X [fall with jA]

If you’re quick enough it will work and you get the combo, if you’re slow and they’re not paying attention it’s a reset, if they block you can go for a throw after the jC.

I spent a lot of time dicking around with her 236AB super, and I came up with this:

In the corner:
5ABCxx236AB~P jB jB land jB jB dj jB jB (at this point the ball should hit).

Takes two meters, and rely’s on Ryu’s super (Shinkuu Hadouken) landing for you to combo your air hits, allowing the ball to combo. Does decent damage.

I’ve been playing around with trying to get some midscreen super combos in, and I think trying some like above only comboing in to the henchman grab would allow the super to smack the opponent later down the screen, and it does ridiculous damage when it hits outside of a combo.

Also a note: If you toss out Doronjo’s super during your partner’s play time (say you’re Ryu and you do a grounded Shinkuu Hadouken + P) it gives the amazing coverage. If they try to punish your blocked super they’re most likely going to eat 20%+ of their life because of the giant falling ball thingy (unless it goes away if Ryu would get hit, I haven’t actually tried it against a real person yet).

All in all, I think she has a lot of amazing potential and some really nice milfy legs.


I forgot to mention, if you do this:


You can combo afterward. I’m not sure what exactly will hit, but she was close enough to land 5A. I didn’t delve much in to it, and I’ve only used Ryu as my assist so far. I’m sure she’ll have a better one though.

milfy… oh right Doronjo has five kids.

This is not really gameplay-related, but after watching the Ippatsuman opening, I realised that a Doranjo is pretty much a mirror-image of the Ippatsuman villainess, or is it the other way around?

It seems like a lot of Doranjo’s supers (The exploding pig and giant falling head) are ‘shared’ with the Ippatsuman anime. Can someone explain the connection to me?

Doronjo is the villianess from Yatterman:

Which is from the “Time Bokan” series.

Ippatsuman is also part of the “Time Bokan” series.

It’s all from the same world, so to speak.

Edit: Wow, the voice actress for Doronjo was born in 1935. Talk about MILF, her son is an animator who’s worked on everything from Love Hina to Turn A Gundam.

Doronjo herself is a MILF (according to the OVA anyway - she said she will retire back as a housewife with her husband and five kids).

I’ll add some stuff in the next few days (need to play some actual people first).

Thanks Faight!


So the VA is a GMILF and Doronjo herself is just a MILF.

5 kids? Jesus. Look at her stomach in game. She must work out like a motherfucker to keep that figure.

No problem, hopefully I’ll have more than just training mode/CPU experience soon. Stupid WV, why does no one live here (other than the obvious).

Quick question since I’m at work and can’t play: Can you combo to/from her taunt at all? Does it have any properties besides taunting?

Also someone needs to find out if the grab henchman grabs out of blockstun or can be hit to avoid grabs. I can see some shenanigans with him if he can’t be hit and it grabs blocking people, and also timing the grab when the ball super is rolling has got to be sick; you can’t see shit and if he grabs you’re eating that super.

I played around with her in matches.

Look out for this bitch, she has serious potential.

dude can be hit out of grab. im pretty sure you can mash out to get out of the grab faster andddd he doesnt grab on block stun :<

(with megaman) 10% baroque
this does 12k damage alone
but if you time it right (i’d say when you hear megaman’s 4th/5th hit)
you can get the enemy to land in the grab
5A,5B,2B,3C,BAROQUE,5A,5B,2B,3C~P (wait for hit) 421+A/C, dash in 5C,2C, J.A,J.B,J.A,J.B,J.C or w/e

God dizamn 1930’z…

I like to see what she looks like…:confused:


after some tests
the grab connects no questions
cpu cannot jump out of it

After playing around with stuff it looks like I’m either messing up timing or opponents can’t be juggled by the giant ball super. That’s fine, I prefer to use it to get free mixups with it’s coverage.

I’ve been playing around with different assists and last night I got some Tekkaman in. Both the normal and super assists are pretty good.

5ABCxx236AB~P makes Tekkaman’s super (TEKKAMAN BEAAAAAAAAAAAAM) combo after the C, gives you plenty of time to set up goon shenanigans and gets the ball rolling (pun intended) for mixups. It also does a fuckton of damage because Tekkamans super hits like a truck.

5ABC~P (TEKKAMAN WHIPPPPPPP) jump 214X (varies depending on where you are on the screen) land 3C aerial rave works, looks funny, and does mediocre damage. You jump backwards mostly, falling rock goon hits and you can juggle the 3C. It’s more difficult that it’s worth, but it’s there.

I need more time to dick around with stuff, work sucks. My current goal right now is to find an assist that A) I like to play and B) Works well with Doronjo.

Thanks Faight for the useful info. Seems like Doronjo is getting no love :frowning:

I did toy a bit around with 5ABC~Pxx236AB with Morrigan as partner in the corner… that super is indeed strange.
After that, you can easily combo stuff like dash A(x3)2B5C22C2C or 5A(x3)2B5C baroque, repeat the ground string… and the ball still won’t fully connect. You can probably get an air combo afterwards at best, but the damage leaves something to be desired.

Also, I found the TK’ed 214 useful. Opens some combos in the corner. I tryed some silly stuff like 2147+A/C dash 5AB§C, dash 5ABC, baroque 5BC3C aircombo, iirc. You can probably figure something much better :wink:

And finally, 5ABC~Pxx623A immediately 2B5C works. Dunno how you can get anything better than an aircombo after that too…

I just did a Gambit glitch with her.

I did the one super where that big ball thing falls down and then flew off the screen.

I have no idea how, but I flew off the screen and no one could touch me and we had to restart the match.