Evil Incarnate: The Ganondorf Thread

Post Ganon strats here

As a starter, how does a good Ganon player win matches?

I play responsively. I have a reaction to everything one would do against me, since you really can’t play him offensively, and he’s no Road Runner, so evasion tactics won’t work with him, so just get used to being able to respond in the best way possible to whatever they can dish out at you.

Ganondorf dishes out HEAVY fucking damage, with few attacks, too. So don’t focus so much on attacking your opponent relentlessly. If you play right, he’ll feel it regardless of you taking the extra mile.

so basically just roll with the punches and dont go out of your way just to get that one last d-air?

ouch. Ive been playing hella agressively. ganon feels very different from melee. its hard to adjust

Ok, so you play him somewhat defensively then. So what kind of stuff do you use to punish? The only mix-up Ive figured out so far is forward+b/down + b.

Yea, he’s not the same Ganon from Melee. His model is actually slightly bigger, too. Which is a good and bad thing. But by all means, go for those d-air’s/down-spikes. His model being bigger works in his advantage, there.

What changes did Ganon undergo from melee to brawl?

^ He can’t spam (A) anymore like in Melee.

He’s slower than his Melee counterpart.
Just about all of his attacks (especially his Foward Smash) will kill/knock back far, with very litlle damage given. I find myself knocking people off left and right under 50%. His air attacks are nowhere near as fast as his Melee self, so focus on your ground game when possible.

His larger model makes his reach slightly longer, especially his long ass legs. +1 His weight also makes it harder for people to K.O. him. His altered Forward + B Special also sets up for a follow up ground attack/combo, something that of course, his Melee counterpart couldn’t do.

Also, as AF said, his standing A is much slower. Can’t spam it like before. It also has a farther knock back.

Although you can’t spam his A jab anymore, it’s still pretty good, in my experience. The knockback was increased, so you can easily KO somebody with it after a side B.

Speaking of side B, use it a lot and follow up with an attack (like the jab). If you get a Smash Ball, use side B first before using the FS to guarantee a hit.

Ganon’s f-air is still beastly, so keep using it. :lovin:

Ganon’s neutral B has less charge time now (about the same as Falcon Punch), but it’s better suited for multi brawls instead of 1 on 1. It still does disgusting damage too (32%).

Use the move that I call “Big Boot” (f-tilt).

Use the move that I call “Stiff Kick” (up-smash).

The shoulder ram (dash A) is still good. It’s fast, and it KOs.

Ganon’s recovery options got nerfed…you can no longer do a midair jump after performing a down B in midair. :frowning: That really helped him a lot. You have to be careful when you’re near the edge. I would like to know if there are any good recovery options besides his up B and side B.

I’m gonna check if Ganon has any super armor on his moves at all. I’ll post if I find anything.

Yeah, the no lag stomp is awesome. Im getting myself to use it more and more.

I think his air moves are great, and his ground As have good range. Including the jab.( I love stuffing shit with it )

Anyone else like to use his nair?

Nice to see some more Ganon players, they’re not nearly as prevalent as they were in Melee (Cowards I say!). Ganon’s got some nice ground moves now, but it’s too bad he got changed so much, it’s like learning a completely new character. Side-note: Anyone notice he sounds like Urien from 3S?

yeah I noticed that. I think he sounds awesome. The sound he makes when is does Warlock Punch is too evil.

It looks like Ganon doesn’t have any super armor except on his side B, apparently. That’s too bad…I would’ve enjoyed watching people try to stuff the Warlock Punch. :badboy: Ah well.

Am I the only one who edgeguards with his up air? It doesn’t spike like it used to in Melee but it sends the guy damn far, has a huge hitbox, stays out long and has crazy priority (beats most up Bs? should test it out more indepth). I find it useful after a side throw that didn’t send the guy far enough to get spiked accurately.

Any words on it?

I use it pretty often too. regular or reverse. If it connects and it doesn’t kill you, your still open for a stomp/foward A follow up.

That was actually a pretty insightful vid.

I use up air for everything but spikes. I guess I should try it…I don’t usually attempt spikes with the stomp because I’m too scared.

Could someone make a list of enemies that have a bouncing animation after forward + b. The vid that TornadoFlame posted mentioned that you can connect with a quick jab or forward tilt during this animation

From the video, it looks like Snake has this property


So I went into practice mode and tried it with Snake, but how do I tell this actually works? I would think if its a true combo that the consecutive hits indicator would be 2, but it doesnt register in practice mode. Am I doing it wrong? Does it not register?


People that bounce and can be hit


People that cant be hit


Not 100% sure. Anyone want to confirm this?

Surprised to not hear any mentions about down+tilt. The move has nasty range and puts the opponent in a pretty intimidating position at early percentages.

I’m also pleased to see what’s good with his new Foward+B, that shit has options.

  • Roll to the side? Forward+B that direction
  • Wake-up attack? Shield & Punish
  • They lie there? Up+Smash or Down+Tilt
  • Neutral+A on bouncers

His Up+Tilt is pretty fun to use in multiplayer brawls too. It has a vacuum effect that keeps opponents at bay and sucks them in as well. Not to mention, the charge time has been lessened greatly.

Oh yeah, Neutral+A is a tipper, but from what I’ve seen it only does 2% more damage w/ the same knockback.