Evil-Ken's Avatar Request Thread v2.0


Well, my last thread was interupted by some people and now I’m starting over. So, request what you need. BTW, I do animated GIFs now.


can you make me one with juggernaut sent and doom with a triped out background,and if is possible,one with juggs doin a head crush on cable


yo dude can you make me another one but iwant capt.com and cyclops back to back with a pic of link in the coner and my name in some like bright neon color with a dark background

thanks in advance



ok, np. But, for that Juggy thing hitting cable, I cant do that. I dont have enough sprites of Cable yet.



working on em…


hey man just saying that your av is awsome,ken none the less,sweet work man.use PS?



Yea, I use Photoshop. Thanx.


hey man,
do u think that you could make me one with

eagle doing his taunt (the one where he’s spinning his sticks)
and sakura doing her taunt (where she’s pointing and giggling)
both in one corner
and in the other corner a pink blanka doing his taunt (pulling his pants down)

and put like my handle “koost” in the middle I guess

thanks man, you’re generous for doing all these .






You ok?