Evil-Ken's Request Thread


Evil-Ken’s Avatar Request Thread

go ahead and request your avatar.


i would ask you but tonbarry did a killer ass job on mine


id just like to know if this would be possible…how about Terry on the left, the sprite where he takes off his hat and throws it to the right, then on the right could it be possible to have the terry sprite where he is doing power geyser as the hat hits the floor then the explosion sends the hat back towards the left then have the terry throwing the hat animation rewind so it looks like he is catching the hat and putting it back on his head?



that gonna be really hard but, I’ll give it a shot.


god damn that evil ryu avatar is fucking sick do u have a evil ryu just like that make me 1 with ryu but put v ryu on it thanks are u the same guy from mugen?


Can i have one with a cable sprite, and add some cool efects.



I would actually like to see if that works…


Do you mean Evil Ken? It’s Evil Ken not Ryu. Also, I can make you one with Evil Ken. No problem. Also, I am from the Mugen community and I am the one who made half of the sprites of evil ken and Evil Ryu.
I’ll make all you guys an AV. Don’t worry.

Also, I don’t get what you need. Evil Ken or Evil Ryu?


exquisite, didnt you just get the avatar you have now like 2 days ago? if so you cant request again for another 2 weeks.



Exquisit, I am able to make your avatar but, I don’t have enough time to do it.


show some previous stuff you’ve made. i’m curious.


Good question. :stuck_out_tongue:


all i asked if it were possible…u said u could do but no time, thats all i wanted to know, in a few weeks or more ill request someone to make a tag like that.


evilryu thats wat i want. thanks hey yeah u made spirits with kingtigre u guys ever gonna finshe evilryu lol


Hey can you do one for me? Can you put Ken, Sagat, and Kyo on it?


I saw his works at another thread. I did explain him.

Here’s his work thread:



thanks for the link, DNP.

Evil-Ken, looking at your current av and then looking at the work from the link, i’m disappointed. to me, your current av is far superior to the work in that link. either your current av is a one hit wonder, or you’re working half assed.



actually my current avatar was not a one hit wonder and it’s actually my real graphic skill. I spent about 35-45 min on my current avatar and the rest I make for people, I spend about 10-15 min. I can make really good ones(if you pay me…).


well, then the real question is. why should people request an av from you, if you’re not even going to give it an ounce of effort?

no one is going to pay you. if you’re going to work on something, put your all into it every single time. no point in wasting your time on some shit that’s half assed.



first up is SmoothCat and then everyone else. BTW, KingTigre and I will finish him in a little bit. Right now were giving him A.I. so, he’ll even be better than Evil Ken.