Evil Ryu 2012

• Health 900, Stun 900
• Far standing roundhouse has a bigger hitbox
• Crouching roundhouse has 6 frame startup
• Far standing fierce on counterhit knocks the opponent down and deals more damage, can FADC into a combo
• Hop kick can cancel into air tatsu and EX air tatsu, or Shun Goku Satsu
• Medium dragon punch + 1f invicible
• Light Axe Kick is +1 on block
• Heavy Axe Kick damage is now 130 and stun is 150, but has faster startup and can be used in combos where the Medium version was before
• EX Axe kick is 21 frame startup now. If Axe kicks hit airborn opponents you get untechable knockdown
• Air Medium Tatsu when done while rising will stop you from moving
• Super is now 370 damage instead of 350
• U1 charge time is shortened, letting you do Lv2 focus attack into max charged Metsu Hadouken

Copy/Pasted from http://shoryuken.com/2011/08/24/super-street-fighter-4-arcade-edition-version-2012-changes-part-3/

What do you guys think?

can u combo off the sweep now.

Well the health and stun increase was a good move from Capcom, and I wonder what his target combo will look like. I was hoping they’d change the properties to his crouching medium kick so it’d link off standing or crouching jab and strong, but with the test next week I think maybe we’ll see more changes than the ones listed here for him, I don’t know.

i hope the target combo is special cancleble. im loving the hop kick changes. This is what he needed. i wonder if they fixed his ex tatsu glitch like they did oni’s. lk axe kick buff makes him the rush down character he was supposed to be. yay

Light axe kick +1 on block is pretty godlike

Yeah that stood out to me on the changes too!

Should be able to Tatsu -> Sweep everyone Akuma can.

I don’t know… Now you have to time the Super after lk axe kick when before it would just work on hit. But then again, it could help with pressure. It’s still probably unsafe on block of course.

Edit: Woops, taking that back. You have to time it anyway. I forgot about the 2 frames of grab invulnerability after hitstun wears off…

Those changes basically address every issue I had with the character. (edit: except for EX fireball not knocking down :/)

is stealthily really useful–I noticed if I messed up his kara throw input when the other person was expecting to have to tech a throw, I’d get CH far fierces like clockwork. Being able to get a full, damaging combo off that (as a legit frametrap) is nice.

This, and should be able to ch cr.mp > sweep now i think.

You could ch c.mp, sweep before just fine. But it’ll be easier now. Along with meaty setups.

Thought far standing jab still only gave +5 frame advantage. Or are you assuming an in-combo meaty hit?

lk tatsu, sweep on more chars would be nice and seems likely.


Look for me in EVO 2012 Top 8 with this character haha…

Awesome buffs! A little confused about how the Hop-Kick into airborne Tatsu will work though can some one explain that to me? Also now that you can combo into RH AK will it still knockdown?

yes thank you now i just hope people dont go overboard on using Evil Ryu where i want see one every ten seconds like ken yun and fei

it seems like the changes are catered toward people who know what they’re doing though. xXhellfuryBRxx on Xbox Live probably doesn’t care about comboing into untechable knockdowns

^Which is what makes them great buffs imo. :slight_smile:

Ugh these changes. All evil ryu really needed was a 6f cr.mk or cr.hk. I hope we don’t get dickriders now.

Super Evil Ryu incomming in 2012

what about that hopkick canceling into super? will it combo now? taht mk air tatsu going not moving forward is amazing aswell, that shit’s going to be random as hell.