Evil Ryu Advice



Hey all, a new Chun-li player here, I didn’t want to make a thread on this but I’m really struggling badly right now in a single match up… evil ryu. The free red fireball blows up my fireball game, and unlike normal ryu the damage he gets off a single hit almost always seems to be half my health with out any utlra bar needed. Throw in all the strengths of normal ryu, plus almost the same health and it just feels like he’s got more tools then I do, yet the same health, and the ability to output more damage. Also his cr.mk seems to stuff my st.mp most of the time, often leading to a combo much more damaging then anything I get off a st.mp that does land, it seems like most of them either dp or focus punish my cr.hk, again I lose the fireball war even worse then against normal ryu do to those stupid red fireballs and 3 hit ex fireballs… and he’s got a dive kick that seems to be exceptionally good at stuffing my ex spinning bird kick on top of all that. I wouldn’t have made a thread on this, but I’m kind of at a loss as to what buttons I should even be pressing, what I should even be trying to do in this match up. Any advice or rules of thumb you can give me in this match up would be GREATLY appreciated.

I'm calling it first. Chun Li IS TOP TIER

From the new matchup thread, a writeup from Azrael for v2012 but I feel it still applies:

Imo if you have a lot of Ryu and/or Sakura exp, it shouldn’t be terribly hard. Know your ranges and don’t let him start his long combos.

Not a lot you can do against red/EX fireballs. Just avoid them or block at worst. Hazanshu if you’re in range.


If your s. mp is losing you may be using it too much. Try c. mp or your own c. mk. Get a good feel of your comfortable ranges.

Same with c. hk getting beat. Try and mix it up as far as pokes go.


Remember to leave holes in your pokes, too! Good players will zone in on you if you start to hit a rhythm where you, say, walk up-> poke-> back off-> edge closer-> poke, and then loop that over again, assuming that your opponent did nothing different in the time between. So, they’ll throw out some shoryuken which makes you think, what the fuck? When you were being dead obvious, anyhow. Most of the time you’ve got to be looking for your opponent to commit to an error. If he jumps and you weren’t in recovery, for instance, know your anti-airs, know your spacing, know your character specific, ‘I can’t anti-air with this,’ situations. Evil.Ryu’s poke game isn’t great. His fireball game? It’s not as good as Ryu’s. His air-setups are nothing like Akuma’s. He has a sweet ex-overhead, and his foot-speed is pretty decent, but you can frustrate an E.Ryu pretty bad with good zoning. Just don’t panic if he hits a phat combo. That’s what he does. And, he sank a lot of meter to do that.


you can super cr.mk hado on block pretty easy


Awesome advice, thanks everyone!!! I probably am being too predictable, but for whatever reason it seems like I get punished for it harder in this match up then the others. I’ll definitely try to mix up my pokes more though, some great match up advice and general advice which I’m sure I need plenty of too as some one who just picked up the character a little over a week ago.