Evil Ryu and Blood Iori at Evo2k5?

According to the rules on evo2k.com, it only lists Shin Akuma and Ultimate Rugal as banned characters for CvS2. Seeing as the format for CvS2 is that it is held on the PS2 version of the game (which has Evil Ryu and Blood Iori) does this mean that we may see them used at Evo this year? Would this have any noticable game impacts? A lot of people will dismiss them for having below-akuma hp, but that’s not everything. They do have some properties and moves that are better than the non-evil equivelents.

Anywho I was just wondering if anyone would be using them at Evo this year? This is of course all assuming it wasn’t some typo on the Evo Staff’s part and they are indeed unselectable ;).




whats next playing on the eo version?

Well that’s what evo2k lists under the CvS2 rules :xeye:. Maybe that’s a typo too :confused:?

Last year it was on DC, even though the rules said PS2. Either its just a typo, or they are moving over to PS2 this year, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


and no, no Evil Ryu/Blood Iori will be at Evo, they state so on the official site: "Ultimate Rugal, Super Akuma, Evil Ryu, and Evil Iori are not allowed in tournament play "

Double Edit:

Wow, ok, it looks like it will be PS2 CvS2, and… X-Box MvC2? Man, talk about change…

LOL methinks someone saw this thread and realised they made a mistake, so yeh now it says that Evil Ryu and Evil Iori are not permitted (I don’t see why honestly, they aren’t unlockable chars, so every machine will have them anyway, and they definatly aren’t top tier). So that’s that.

ps2 cvs2 is pretty much the same thing as DC