Evil Ryu: Axe Kick EX + Back Dash Setup





Good tactic, now I must practice this.


good stuff man i will def check that out


cool stuff, it will definitively have its uses vs chars like ibuki. Against the ones with 4f rev, I think it will be usefull as long as they dont know it exactly, just like most of E.R.'s stuffs.

edit: correcting myself, I didint saw the video properly, an empty jump is safe against the 3f reversals, this setup is quite usefull vs the shotos actually.


New edition of my old vids




Much love to the Europeans sharing tech.


So now I can rely on more than dive-kick-or-not to do mixups. I see. :smiley:


thank you so much for this tech. me, a decent evil ryu player always trying to strive, this is perfect. i thank you again. all of this information is really important to shift match ups.


Nice compilation! I like the editing too! :tup: