Evil Ryu dive kick set up

Ever since we got AE I’ve been experimenting a lot with Evil Ryu to see if he has any hidden potential. Some of the ideas I came up with does work, but some don’t seem practical at all in real matches. Doing a dive kick on after a throw or sweep is a no brainer, but how do you continue the pressure? This is my idea of doing that.

Basically, if you hit confirm with a 2 light attacks and a cr. MP into LK tatsu, instead of taking the guaranteed damage. You could let them fall to the ground, they’ll be very close to you, putting you in cross up range basically. So after you recover from the tatsu, immediately jump foward and do a dive kick as early as possible. Your opponent may be thinking cross up and you can land a meaty dive kick into whatever you want.

Once you’ve conditioned your opponent to look for this, you can start going for cross ups, depending on what you do, the loop may stop. I went online and just kept going for this set up and I found it be to pretty successful as long as I executed. The problem is that you must dive kick as early as possible or it will whiff or maybe you’ll hit them, but it won’t be meaty so they can block afterward. Here is a match where I successfully applied the idea.

And a video just showing it in training mode with the option to dive kick or cross up.

One more thing, you need a long hit confirm so you can cause a lot of push back. If you don’t the dive kick will normally whiff. I’ve experimented with this several times and everything works out against every character I’ve used it on so far(about a half dozen). just that some are harder then others. Yes you do risk getting DP’s, but that’s the risk you take for more damage I suppose.

Any opinions and further testing by you guys would be appreciated to see how viable this is.

Thanks!! This is what I was looking for, I never could open up players with Evil Ryu so I won by outplaying or by pokes and never hitconfirming combo’s

Btw is c.lp c.lp c.mp a link? what’s the frame link on it?

Well the cr. LP are chains, so just press that button twice really fast, and the cr. MP is a 2 frame link from cr. LP. It’s a pretty easy link so I don’t think you should have much issue with it. To me the hard part is doing the dive kick almost as early as possible. Half of the time my dive kick would whiff because I did it just a tad too late. Still gotta work on it, I think this could be a good mix up for Evil Ryu players.

I like this setup. I’m gonna work on it! Good find

This of course only works if they quick stand. And it can be very inconsistent because you can vary the timing of your quickstand as well.

Whereas if you reset them with cr.LP they will be recovered at a guaranteed timing.

Edit: quick example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcq9R5uyR4k

I thoroughly tested that set up against my friends and online randoms and it never worked, that’s why I gave up on the idea. Where as this set up the success right was probably 100% if I did it against my opponents for the first time. Even then they continued to fall for it because they just couldn’t see it coming quick enough.

Of course it only works if they quick get up, but I didn’t find the wake up timing of different characters to be much of a issue. But hey if you force your opponent to not quick stand, it can be something to look for the next time you knock them down so you have time to set it up properly.

But let me know how both works out for you guys if you’re trying both set ups, I’d like to know how successful they are. I wish I had better execution to really show this off, but mine blows so I drop combos or the dive kick timing most of the time.

Yeh they can just walk out of the reset, which is no different to them not quick standing though.

I would be interested to know if there are any set ups you can do after the Dive Kick if they DONT kick stand, like a re-jump?

i found you can dash under your opponent after the cr. lp reset. mid screen is a little more difficult than in the corner and i haven’t tested it on the entire cast. you can also fake cross up with a late dash once you’ve trained you opponent.

List of characters against which dive kick to the back of the neck will never combo because they are too tall:

T Hawk

Dang, i thought his dive kick was useless till now

Well since this old thread of mine got bumped I might as well post another match I had where I used this set up very successfully.

I’ll be honest, this guy is much better then me. The only reason it was close was because of this mix I used with the dive kick. I probably would have won(I was very close to stunning him), but I got too greedy and predictable by going for the same thing again towards the end when I should have known better and tried something else. But that’s not the point, the point is just to show off how to use this mix up in matches when your opponent is using quick get up.