Evil Ryu Facebook group

There are a lot of FB groups flying around with a lot of top players contributing to these groups. For example the Rufus group has Glitch JWong and Ricky from what I’ve heard and the Oni group is big as well with Sanford providing info the group as well. So a friend and I have made a group and we’re trying to get as many people in it as possible who use or at least alt Evil Ryu to come together and unite!

Just let me know if you’re interested. So far we have Teiga, Yipes, Lionheart, DafeetLee, Dragon God, and myself in the group. I also invited PR Rog but I’m not sure if he’s going to provide any information atm because I haven’t personally talked to him yet.

Whether you’re Daigo or a beginner Evil Ryu player just let me know.

add me up. I am a Evil Ryu newbie. yay!


Ask to join and I’ll accept it.

I rarely ever use Facebook but I did create a account a few months ago just to join my local FGC’s facebook group so I could learn when they throw tournaments. Time to put it to use again I suppose. I just requested to join.

just sent a request to join the fb group. evil ryu player here from the philippines :smiley:

whats the point on having an Evil Ryu group in facebook that anyone can join and post? I mean, whats the advantages of such group over this forum???

Well I would like to contribute but I have no Facebook account. Also don’t really feel like creating one, so I will just keep my eye on this forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lil Evil… you taking too long bruh lol… click accept lol would love to learn some new tech and share some of mines as well.

Well I personally intend to post on here, the FB group, as well as my own social media but I want the group to get big enough to attract more tournament players to contribute. PR Rog and Yipes are currently in the group and I would like to hope that instead of hogging match up information and keep to ourselves we learn to share some of that through this a little more and expand because I know everybody doesn’t go on this forum that’s and Evil Ryu player or even go online to share info anyway. Giving some players the opportunity via their FB to randomly drop knowledge when it comes to mind is the goal.

For example, a friend of mine invited me to the Dudley group to help me start up and use them as an example. They have about 100 members posting and actively commenting as well as having Smug and other good Dudleys share info as well. Sanford made an Oni group which he contributes also.

Its more practical than accessing this forum every time to see if theres new posts for sure, for the people that uses facebook constantly. Other than that, the tools are the same. Its good to me anyway once Im not entering this forum too much.

Im waiting to get accepted in it, my id is “gregorio dg”

I just sent a request! It would be great to learn all I can about the character!

I’ll send a request tomorrow.
I’m a scrubby trash tier Evil Ryu player who just switched from Ken and my name on Facebook is Rusty Shackleford.
Since you seem to have invited only great players, let me know if it’s ok for me to join anyways.

Rusty Shackleford from San Diego?

From Germany, lol.

Rusty Shackleford is an alias used by a cartoon character created by Mike Judge (the creator of Beavis and Butthead).

Hey I’m not the best at Evil Ryu either, but I got accepted in! (Thanks @Lilevil‌ )

Thanks again for joining guys. If it takes awhile just know that I’m kind of a one man army doing this and trying to figure out who the spambots are trying to get in the group. For future reference to everybody else who does want to join, it helps if you make a post her as well!

Joined, 3 months late. Don’t know if it’s at all used anymore…

It’s very dead but not completely dead.

I feel like this entire forum is very dead…

The forum is dead and yeah, the facebook group is slowing down after getting off to a good start. Honestly I just don’t have anything to contribute since I haven’t discovered anything in a while and don’t want to spam this forum or the Facebook group with random videos of me playing online or something like that.