Evil Ryu feedback needed

Hi guys! i was wondering if any evil ryu players can give me some tips n tricks to improve my gameplay with Evil Ryu. Here’s a couple of matches. Feel free to comment!

Thanks in advice!

Match 1

Match 2

Watched both matches thoroughly. You never had more than one bar. Everytime you got one? You burned it on an ex fireball, or other times an ex shoryu. Meter management is apart of Eyu’s gameplan so work on that.

You NEVER once went for a cr. MK into fireball. It’s apart of our pressure game & the opponent left plenty spaces for you to apply pressure. This simple tactic has many layers for our game.

You backed up more than you walked forward, yes Eyu can lame people out if need be, but you had opportunities to put some fire on the opponent & you didn’t. You kept backing up simply because you do not have much of a footsie game, i know how that feels so i can spot that in a player because i have been there, sometimes i notice when my own footsie game is not being used as it should & in turn i pay greatly for it on a daily basis.

You play very basic right now, i am not in anyway harping on you. However i think you should be playing regular Ryu for where you seem to be at with your skill. I feel like you are a beginner & Eyu is not really for a beginner. Ryu can help you learn fundamentals that will help you down the line.

If you disagree? Then hell keep on playing Eyu, if you do keep playing him remember…

1)Low forward fireball(USE IT)
2) apply more pressure if the opponent is giving you such openings(idc if you just rush em and throw your controller of choice at the screen. Lol just be more aggressive)
3) STOP throwing out random tatsu’s…it is a horrible tactic, it will NOT help you.

If you are in situations & don’t know what to do? Or feel uncomfy? BLOCK, study the opponent. See what he/she does & start small on figuring out what to do about it.

Great feedback PhizaRoaH! this is the kind of words i was looking for, really appreciate this and you for taking the time to be rude and honest with me, thanks a lot buddy! keeping in mind all your suggestions! :smiley:

No problem at all. Always willing to help in any way I can.

I’ll try to break this into few parts just for easier reference.

To start off, Evil Ryu is an offensive, high damage character with zoning tools to keep the opponent at bay. The most ‘general’ game plan at high level play for Evil Ryu are as following:

  1. Use low forward (crouching MK/c.MK) to control the opponent space. Evil ryu c.MK has an absurd range, and by using it at the right space (in other words, do not abuse too much), he is scary as hell in footsies. By cancelling the c.MK>Fireball into the mix, it creates a true blockstrings, which forces the opponent to take chip damage since they can’t mash reversal between the frames.

  2. Staying on the ground and walk back and forth A LOT (dashing forward/backward only when necessary) for about 70-80% of the time in order to control horizontal and vertical space. Horizontal space = c.MK/s.MK/Fireballs while Vertical space = Dragon Punch/c.HP/s.HP/s.HK. This what makes Evil Ryu a solid; fundamental character of choice, as the opponent must respect his ability to control the game; plus with his high damage output.

  3. Training the opponent mindset not to press buttons lightly whenever Evil Ryu gets close in the face. Evil Ryu frame trap is nasty. One counter hit alone will lead off to big damage via c.MK>Fireball FADC or s.HP/c.HP combo starter. Most of the time, this will take about 15% of your opponent’s health. Pure evil.

Regarding to the videos that you posted, I noticed few glaring mistakes that can be easily fix to improve your gameplay.

  1. You tend to jump back a lot without purposes. You should move forward (with cautious of course) in order to put pressure into your opponent. In some parts of the video there’s also an occasion where you already positioned your opponent into the corner but you jump backward instead; giving them a room to escape your pressure. Just stay on the ground in the corner, show them your middle finger and reminds how badass your are.

  2. You also throw out too much of Tatsu outside of its actual usage. In common, Tatsu can be easily crouch in order to avoid it and punished by good players. You might want to position yourself just in the sweet spot of your Tatsu range for countering fireball at close distance or breaking Focus Attack. Other than that, use Tatsu only in your combos or closing your distance whenever you scored a hard knockdown.

  3. You seems to waste your EX bar on EX fireball/dragon punch; and you didn’t build it up to 2 bars or more either in the whole game. To simplify and justify things:

a) Meter management is a MUST for Evil Ryu. Why? With 2 bar, you will be able to pull of c.MK>Fireball FADC into (the most common one in high level play):

i)  cl.hp > MK Axe Kick > cr.lp/cr.mp xx LK Tatsu > Shoryuken = about 400 damage
ii)  st.MP/c.MK xx LK Tatsu > HP Shoryuken = about 300 damage

This is what basically makes Evil Ryu a character that is high on dopamine while slapping bitches on night street.

b) Throwing EX fireball from full screen is pretty much useless. The damage is negligible and easily jumped. Same goes for the EX Dragon Punch. There is a certain circumstances where if you know that you will need that extra damage to kill off your opponent, then using EX Dragon Punch after the LK Tatsu is recommended. However, such occasion is very unlikely. You better off saving that meter instead for FADC combo.

Here’s a few videos references in order for you to get started:




An example of Daigo’s aggressive Evil Ryu space control which tends to omit vortex setup play (USF4 era). See how prominent Evil Ryu is by getting up close, landing a maximum damage combo, applying frame trap pressure, putting the opponent into the corner thus making them guesses plus the pure multiple dash after the throw to achieve his game plan is genius. A must watch.




Another player to have as a reference. Unlike Daigo, Sako’s Evil Ryu is somehow lean towards more into methodical and conservative approach by setting up a 50/50 vortex knockdown (prior to SSF4 AE v2012). Nonetheless, still there’s a lot to watch and learn from him.

I hope this clear things out. Sorry for the long post. Till then, keep training! B)

MR_47 i like the detailed post you made. However the videos all say an error occures when they are attempted to be played. Idk if this is just me. However could you replace them with a working link or video please if you could.

Sorry for the error. Got some problem with the BBCode. I already edited it. The video should be working now.

Ok sweet thanks.

Mr_47 that’s awesome!!! thanks for the detailed feedback, is always a nice feeling get this kind of messages from advanced players, sharing tips in such a good way. Really make my day dude! thanks a lot! working on your tips now! thanks thanks thanks! love this community!

We dem boys.