Evil Ryu Frame Traps

I have watched all the videos you all have posted up on the Evil Ryu thread and I haven’t seen anyone doing any frame traps. Maybe this is because you all don’t feel strong enough with the character to do them, so I’ve decided to list some of his Frame Traps below please note that I didn’t list all of the just some that’s worth mentioning:

Frame Trap Legend

[details=Spoiler]Lp (Light Punch)
Lk (Light Kick)
Mp (Medium Punch)
Mk (Medium Kick)
Hp (Heavy Punch)
Hk (Heavy Kick)
Cl (Close)
F (Far)
Cr (Crouching)
Fwd (Forward)

On Block (2 Hits)

Frame Trap -1

[details=Spoiler] Cl. Lp (Block)~Cl. Lp
Cl. Lp (Block)~Cl. Mp
Cl. Lp (Block)~Cl. Mk
Cl. Lp (Block)~Cr. Lp
Cr. Lp (Block)~Cr.Lp
Cr.Lp (Block)~Cl.Lp
Cr. Lp (Block)~Cl. Mp
Cr. Lp (Block)~Cl. Mk
Cr. Mp (Block)~Cr.Lp
Cr.Mp (Block)~Cl. Lp
Cr.Mp (Block)~Cl. Mp
Cr.Mp (Block)~Cl.Mk

Frame Trap -2

[details=Spoiler]Cl. Lp (Block)~F. Lp
Cl. Lp (Block)~Cr. Lk
Cl. Lp (Block)~Cr. Mp
Cr. Lp x2 (Block)~F. Lp
Cr. Lp (Block)~Cr.Lk
Cr. Lp (Block)~ Cr.Mp
Cr. Mp (Block)~Cr. Mp
F. Lp (Block)~ Cr. Mp

Frame Trap -3

[details=Spoiler] Cl.Lp (Block)~Cl. Lk
Cl. Lp (Block)~F. Mp
Cl. Lp (Block)~Cl. Hp
Cr. Lp (Block)~Cl. Lk
Cr. Lp x2 (Block)~F. Mp
Cr. Lp (Block)~Cl. Hp
Cr. Mp (Block)~Cl. Lk
Cr. Mp x2 (Block)~F. Mp
Cr. Mp (Block)~F. Mp
Cr. Mp (Block)~Cl. Hp

Frame Trap -4

[details=Spoiler]Cr. LK (Block)~Cr. Lp
Cr. Lk (Block)~Cl. Mk
Cr. Lk (Block)~Cl. Mp
Cl. Lk (Block)~Cr. Lp
Cl. Lk (Block)~Cl. Mp
Cl. Lk (Block)~ Cl. Mk
Cr. MP (Block)~Cr. Hp

On Block (3 Hits) Coming Soon!!

On your frame trap 2 list. "F.lp"
Typo? Forward jab?

F stands for far. It’s in the frame trap legend.