Evil Ryu General Discussion: Same Ryu, but now he's pissed!

Let’s get into it with this guy. General talky talk that doesn’t really need its own thread. I’ve quoted a few early notes on the character.

Evil Ryu’s rival battle is Sakura. Here are the transcripts:

Sakura: Approaching Evil Ryu Ryu-san! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! … Hey, you don’t look so good!
Evil Ryu: Turning to face SakuraMenacing gaze
Sakura: What’s with that look…?!

The battle commences, and upon victory you are treated to a short animation of Evil Ryu raping Sakura to death, before eating her alive.

lies! Xddd

More likely Evil Ryu stops halfway and realizes that Sakura is like Bridget from Guilty Gear, vomits uncontrollably, and then starts dating Kei Chitose, an actual girl.

His rival scene will probably be Sagat, with a 2nd rival possibly being Akuma.

I actually want him to have one with Sakura, so she can see her idol has feet of clay. Or maybe Dan, to scare him straight.


His rival will be normal Ryu in a battle within his mind.

Oooh, deep.

His rival is Gouken, real talk…same with Oni. But there’s no special rival scene, just Gouken’s normal intro.

Something I’ve noticed about E. Ryu’s Ultra I - it seems to have much faster startup than regular Ryu’s U1. It can also be charged by holding down punches, but it can’t be charged for as long as Gouken’s Denjin. It might get a damage boost if you charge it, but I didn’t notice any other special properties…no wall bounce, etc… Maybe it produces some stun? Who knows.

anyone have any up to date videos, i mean like from yesterday or day before, not weeks ago ? Wanna see some fresh Evil Ryu videos. Maybe there should be an Evil Ryu Videos Thread.

Little notes from playing Evil Ryu.

Dive Kick: Theres a short delay in momentum in mid air before the dive kick comes out. (Similar to demon flip Dive kick from Akuma) Stun is a bit more or similar to Akuma’s one but still relatively unsafe when hitting at certain areas. Eg. Tried to crouch LP follow up after dive kick on hit on Sagat’s stomach, but still got Tiger Uppercutted. Could have been a +0 to +2 on hit at that region.

Air Hurricane Kick: Hitting a grounded opponent will knock him faraway like Ryu’s air hurricane kick. But hitting an opponent in the air will cause it to drop like Akuma’s version and allows follow ups.

Teleport: I would say it has same startup and ending frames as Akuma’s, but only the speed it travels is very slow.

Ultra 1: Fireball, qcfx2 + 3P delay able via charge, but don’t expect it to be like Gouken’s Denjin as the charge is brief and I don’t think it gives any damage buff for charging.

Honestly to me I think he reminds me more of 3rd Strike Akuma especially with his Target Combo and very useless Teleport…


Hello, this is EmphyNAPS on a friend’s account, and after five weeks of playing Evil Ryu, here are my thoughts and findings:

-Evil Ryu’s hadouken is very slightly quicker in either start-up or recovery, compared to Ryu.

-While cr. mk is not as quick or as low as the other shotos, the trade-off is the fact that it moves Evil Ryu forward. This means that cr. mk cancelled to hadouken will jail more on block, and will never fail to combo on hit no matter what the range of the initial cr. mk.

-I don’t know who reported it first, but axe kick is not qcf+k. It’s hcf+k.

-Although EX shoryu doesn’t have as much invincibility as Ryu’s or Akuma’s, it seems to still have more invincibility than all of Evil Ryu’s other shoryus (maybe as much invincibility as Ken’s, or less)

-Jab shoryu to Ultra 1 without FADC definitely does not work (not even in the corner). However, it kinda goes without saying that any instance where Ryu can do Jab Shoryu to Ultra 1, Evil Ryu can as well (AE Ryu specifically, meaning if you trade with it as an anti-air, Ultra 1 is possible given the right range/trade).

-Speaking of Ryu’s shoryu, Evil Ryu’s jab shoryu can combo into medium shoryu in the corner for extra meter.

-As DTC mentioned, cross up air tatsu will float an opponent if they are airborne (usually only happens when the opponent tries to anti-air with a shoryu type of move and goes the wrong way). However, the extent of which is not exactly like Akuma. The opponent is put in a juggle state more along the lines of shoryu FADC. For example, if a medium shoryu is done immediately after, only the second hit will connect. You can even land Ultra 1 for all 8 hits!

-After extensive testing, I can confirm that after lk tatsu connects, Evil Ryu can only sweep five characters: Dee Jay, Boxer, Rose, Cammy, and Dhalsim.

-By now, most people have heard of the infamous no meter punish combo: something into medium axe kick, cr. mp, lk tatsu, shoryu. However, lk tatsu will whiff on Rufus and Blanka, presumably because of the way their hitboxes get when they get hit by cr. mp. Luckily, cr. mp can be replaced by cr. lp or cr. lk to connect the lk tatsu after.

-Medium axe kick only combos from four normals: close st. mp, close st. hp, cr. hp, and counter hit cr. mk.

-Whoever said that axe kick could not be comboed off of after FADC was incorrect. Medium axe kick FADC close st. mp is the best option.

An idea of Evil Ryu’s frame data (needs more testing):
-cr. mk is 7 frame start-up
-cr. hk is 8 frame start-up at best, and is -12 at worst (able to block reversal EX green hand from Zangief)
-Medium axe kick is +4 on hit, making cr. mp a 1 frame link
-lk axe kick is -5 on block at best
-Medium axe kick is -2 at worst
-EX axe kick is -3 at best

I probably have forgotten some other things, so I will edit this post if I did.

I remember reading some where someone claimed forward j.mp into U1 is not possible, but tested today and it guaranteed.
You can also follow up a forward j.mp with heavy shoryu if you don’t have meter.

I havent played AE yet but Ryus my main on SSF4. I just wanna know some opinions from the people who got to play Evil Ryu a decent amount of time like De4dEye or DTC…

Would you rather play as Ryu or Evil Ryu and also which Ryu do you feel is better overall? Does he get stunned easier and take more damage as well? Also thanks for the good info so far!

I don’t really know, I would say its the person’s playing style.
Stamina and Stun wise, Evil Ryu will definitely lose to Ryu, so you can say Evil Ryu is not one of those character you can just pick up play and take risk, especially his shoryuken doesn’t have invinc without spending an EX. But to make up for that Evil Ryu is given a very powerful combo damage capability without meter.

So I would say if you’re those player who tends to make mistakes, stick with Ryu, since the invinc on shoryu, average stamina and stun would give him a bigger margin for mistakes.

But if you’re confident in your skills in Ryu and go for Evil Ryu, he is somewhat stronger, especially when you have meter, with one meter, you help Evil Ryu gain that invinc back in his shoryu, so you kinda have Ryu’s ground game and strong anti-air back.

Great info, thanks! One thing I’ve been wondering: how is Evil Ryu’s meter gain? Have you noticed he builds meter quickly, average, or slowly? This could be a big factor in how often people would want to use his EX meter for that invincibility.

Evil Ryu’s Fierce SRK has about as much invul as Ryu’s Medium SRK. I personally never use EX SRK for the invul when a well timed Fierce works fine.

Timing is much more strict, most of the time I get trades or beaten. Think I’m use to thinking his Shoryu are like Ryu or Akuma :rofl:

Can’t really give you an accurate answer to that til I get a chance to test try him again and notice it, since I’m use to ignore the meter til I actually need it I would take a glimpse on how many I have.