Evil Ryu Hit Box Data from Arcadia Mook

Freshly scanned! If you are going to repost these, please give credit back to me here.

Page 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?4bl3r35y8mlq6of
Page 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?q5vng8mi649yo09
Page 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?g1yg7fah4b8be4b

Frame Data & Notes Scan: http://www.mediafire.com/?ga309a0tmhxla6x

Didn’t they drop frame data as well? =(

His cl.hk has no hurtbox at all?

It’s very difficult to see, but it’s there.

How about that frame data as well? Since the wiki information is currently incomplete regarding notes.

The frame data is straight off the same mook, as for accuracies, I’m afraid you will have to record and test it frame by frame.

Can you scan the Frame Data page too please, I believe he meant.

It’s avaiable in the wiki now. http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Super_Street_Fighter_IV_AE/Evil_Ryu

I dont believe that data is right. It says Ultra 2 is 7 frames. Then it would combo off counter hit cr.MP. It doesn’t

I believe that the wiki numbers are accurate. But there is more to the data than the numbers. There are notes in japanese text in the right-most column that explains parts of the move other than the standard columns of startup, active, recovery, damage, stun, etc. I have some talent at interpreting that Japanese and it would help me learn some details that are not on the wiki. That is what I meant by the word “notes”.

Yeah I noticed that too because I’d earlier worked out Ultra 2 to be 1+8 frames, but I just thought I’d made a mistake after reading the wiki figures.

Gilley has the same book too, I think he’s working on some of the notes as well, but if you guys would like a scan of it I’ll put it up soon.

It would be nice to tide us over until a professional translation is available.

There’s a lot to take into account besides frame data. For instance, Yang’s U2 is 0+4~32 (meaning it can vary from 4 to 32 frames depending on distance travelled) but it won’t combo after a s.lp (which is +8 on hit) and U1 will (8 frames startup). However, it will combo from a crouching jab (+6 on hit). Another example, Oni’s sweep has 9 frames startup, but doesn’t combo after ch back+mp (+6 on hit).

I think it’s because the pushback of the first move won’t allow the second move to connect in it’s first active frame. Anyway, you could test it doing a reversal U2 against a -7 frame move and a -8 frame move.

Updated first post with notes.


lp srk = 2 frame invinc.
mp/hp srk = 4 frame invinc.
ex srk = 8 frame invinc. (My, how the mighty have fallen.)

lk/mk/hk tatsu = airborne on 7th frame
ex tatsu = airborne on 6th frame

And I think f+mk immunity to throws/airborne state starts on the 5th frame.

Still a lot of details there that I don’t understand.

Nah man, POINT BLANK counter hit cr.MP > Ultra 2 should hit easily. But it doesn’t. That’s ass.

Again, I think it’s about how they reel back. For instance, Fei Long can follow up his cl.mp on counter hit with cr.lp xx rekkas, but it doesn’t work against some characters, like Cody.

Maybe it will work against some characters, the usual huge hitbox guys like Seth, Sagat, Abel, Hawk and Gief, or the guys with wide hitboxes, like Honda, Viper, Chun, etc.

Having re-tested Ultra 2 again using multiple moves which were both -8 or -9, from several different characters, Ultra 2 is definitely 1+8 frames.


Yes this is correct. I also tested it and it can’t be 0+7. Sorry for spreading misinfortmation about the CH cr.mp before.