Evil ryu is not Ryu/Akuma



Ive been a member for a while but im usually not a poster. Anyway, the general feel in the evil-ryu sub-forum is that he is not good enough and wants the rebalance to give him x and y like ryu/akuma. That being said the main focus of this thread is the axe kick. I will discuss each one individually.

LK Axe kick: -7 on block, 0 on hit
As the frame data suggests this version is meant as a combo ender. The most practical way to combo into this is through far mp. On hit it leaves you at a distance where you can kara throw using HP and gives us a throw/srk mixup (a bit simple yes). LK Axe kick is also 10 frames faster than HK Axe kick and travels a good less distance (which will be discussed later).

MK Axe kick: -2 on block, +4 on hit
MK Axe kick has been discussed thouroughly and i feel this doesn’t need to be discussed anymore.

HK Axe kick: +1 on block, untechable knockdown
This version gives frame advantage on block and so can be used to apply somewhat safe pressure. However, the startup for this move is quite long so specific setups are required.

After a c.lk,c.lp.HP SRK and light tatsu.HP SRK (any previous moves before the tatsu are irrelevant as far as i know) you can time a HK Axe kick to hit on their wake up and cannot be jabbed out of. This also leaves evil ryu at a distance to use far mp xx MK axe kick which will combo on CH and you can also go for walk up kara throw or c.mp for another CH setup… The HK Axe kick can be DPed so ill go back to LK axe kick which can be used to bait a dp. Be careful far reaching dps can hit the axe kick on recovery but i think close dps will whiff.

Along with all of this, both combos allow for a dash follow up into meaty pressure/grab/srk.
Hopefully, the rebalance will give him a faster sweep and more hit/block stun on his axe kicks and dive kick and then evil ryu may well be tournament viable :).

If you guys have anything else to say bout his axe kicks i would love any feedback.


Ive found some more uses after a HK axe kick.
After a far sweep you can walk forward slightly and do a HK axe kick.
Also after a HK axe kick knockdown you can walk balk a few steps to setup a divekick mixup.


I haven’t been posting a lot on shoryuken anymore. But i do play E. Ryu a lot. I’ve noticed that you are very interested in exploring his axe kicks, so I’d like to give you some of the knowledge I’ve picked up.

LK Axe Kick:
Like you said, combo ender, makes sense. I like to use it instead of shoryuken whenver I can for the exact same reason you said, It puts you at Kara Throw range. Of course, if the opponent is standing, I always prefer the LK tatsu.

c.lp, c.lp, s.mp xx LK Axe Kick is the easiest way to confirm it. Works off of dive kicks, cross-ups.
c.MP, s.MP xx LK Axe Kick.

If you cant get counter hit c.MP, you can follow up with c.MK xx LK Axe.

I also use it if I catch someone with a far s.MP xx fireball FADC s.MP xx LK axe kick. (only if they’re crouching) This is useful off of frame trapping. IE. meaty c.MP (blocked), far s.MP… Or if you just want to poke with far MP.

MK Axe Kick:
Besides using it in the BnB combo. MK Axe Kick can be combo’d after a super early anti-air LP srk. Or any version of a FADC’d SRK.

HK Axe Kick:
I like your ideas after a shoryuken, I never tried to do that with this version (I tried out something with a Kara’d EX version)

What I’d recommend is to do something like:
counter hit c.mp, c.hk. Guaranteed sweep off the counter hit. Then you can do your walk forward HK Axe Kick.

EX Axe Kick:
You can SRK FADC EX Axe kick for a hard knockdown and good damage. But three meter bars feels pricey to do that.

You can also EX Axe Kick after a very early anti air LP SRK.

The setup I was attempting to make work was this:

After the BnB into LK tatsu, combo LP SRK. If you wait a second you can do a Kara’d EX Axe Kick right as they wake up. Most people will block low on wake-up and this will knock them down. I also, was finding that it whiffed if they blocked high. It’s sort of useful, but it’s super gimmicky.


To me, the real use for the lk axe kick is a buffer off cr.mk as a poke. If you didn’t combo into s.hp xx mk axe kick somewhere along the line or link into a dp then you probably did a sub-optimal combo. Or you’re going for a mixup instead of the traditional knockdown oki. I would argue that the divekick/j.mk mixups are better than kara throw mixups.