Evil Ryu match up chart



This is normally a very controversial topic but this is just my opinion and if you have your opinion on certain matchups where you think I’m wrong just let me know! (Trying to make a personal chart for myself)

The list goes from the higher up, the worse the match - the lower the better.

4-6 Vega Balrog Bison Rose
4.5-4.5 Chun Blanka THawk
5-5 Everybody Else
5.5-4.5 Fuerte, Ibuki, Abel, Rufus, Dudley, Poison, Honda, Gief
6-4 Seth, Guile, Deejay, Sagat, Ryu, Oni, Dhalsim, Rolento, Dan, Hakan, Hugo



I’m mainly just a online player nowadays(haven’t been to a tournament in a while) but here are some of my thoughts anyways

Ibuki: You have it in Evil Ryu’s favor when I think it’s one of his worse match ups. She can reaction slide to his fireball up close or from near full screen with neck breaker. Even when it comes to footsies she seems like she does just fine against him and overhead can blow up cr. MK big time. And like most he’s free to the vortex. He can teleport out, but she can just reaction neckbreaker to beat that. I’ve always thought of it as 6-4 for Ibuki.

Dhalsim: I think it’s slightly bad for Evil Ryu. He has it better than Ryu because of dive kick, hop kick, and he can pressure a little better after hard knockdowns. But he has the same problem Ryu has getting in. Once Sim starts using EX up blast to beat dive kick, he’s stuck in the same situation as Ryu and has to inch forward on foot. I would say this is 5.5/4.5 for Sim.

Other minor thoughts, with Evil Ryu’s number being on the right

Cody: 4.5/5.5
Sak: 4.5/5.5
Hawk: 5/5
Ryu: 5/5
Makoto: 5.5/4.5
Adon: 5.5/4.5
Juri: 5.5/4.5
Viper 6/4

As you can tell, I really hesitate a lot to give a true 6/4 for or against Evil Ryu. I just feel that in a lot of these matches he has a slight advantage or disadvantage, but not quite good enough for a 6/4. Another thing is that I think tatsu > sweep actually matters when it works where as I see most Evil Ryu players just settle for DP. If you got the time could you share some of your thoughts on some of those matches that I feel indifferently with you about?


Ibuki - in 2012 I could honestly say this was one of the worst matches in the game. Literally, you had to play perfect the whole match or you die. In Ultra however, everybody’s vortexes have changed including hers. When I won NLBC last week I almost lost to an Ibuki player that had delayed wake up setups. I was literally down 3 rounds straight and ran it back 4 straight to win the set. But most of those delayed wake up setups with Kunai were all up front and I’m an idiot for getting hit by those but let’s talk neutral. st.medium kick is a strong tool in match. It keeps her in check and it beats her low forward and if she does overhead at neutral she’ll get tagged out 90% of the time or trade(if you time it off she goes through, it’s weird). The real demon is her cr.strong- I was testing how to constantly find a poke to beat it out but I honestly can’t. st.mk trades if it doesn’t get beaten out fire. You want to make her wiff and just straight sweep it. Don’t even risk mistiming low forward to punish it because that button is so active that you might get CH out. Sweep and beat it out or trade. Other than that use your low forward wisely. OS the focuses and beat her at neutral. Dive kicks destroy her also- it forces her to jump and air grab but by her worrying about the air grab she needs to watch her legs. Fireballs aren’t too serious. It’s a matter of being patient and running the clock.

Dhalsim - It doesn’t help that Arturo has destroyed me every tournament we’ve played against each other but against most other Dhalsims, Evil Ryu’s red fireball nullifies some of his zoning, good focus dashes to get in, better sweep to sweep st.fierce more to get in, sweep combo makes Dhalsim extra useless on wake up even without our unblockables from 2012, AAAAAND Dive kick lol. I feel like if you play solid and eventually rush him down, he’s helpless. OSes after sweep combo makes him have to hold that and hop kick blows him up. In this match Arturo dedicates of of his EX bar to control the match. EX Upblast and EX fireballs. Your goal is to block it out, out play him at neutral and rush him down. Easier said than done but I believe it’s possible.

Cody - I don’t play too many Codys. Most Cody players seem clueless about the match up presently and I haven’t played Chin since the last version. I think you might be right.

Sakura - I personally don’t have any more problems against Sakura since the release of Ultra. I’ve been playing against Mike Klitzko on a weekly basis and it seems difficult for him but I kept it 5-5 for good measure until proven wrong otherwise. You zone her out and rush her down until you mess up some how pretty much lol. Tattsu sweep is a beautiful tool.But I do agree with you there.

T Hawk - I think Evil Ryu takes a lot of trades and Hawk can close the gap and do as much damage as you do to him. You could only zone and out neutral THawk for so long until the trades add up and you get grabbed lol. I think he has to make hard reads against Evil Ryu but I feel like Hawk has to do that in almost every matchup. It’s apart of him being a grappler.

Ryu - you already know how I feel about the match. Evil Ryu out ranges him, better move speed, red fireballs, focus attack goes further, focus dashes in and out and dive kick. Plus their health are practically the same now. Theoretically I feel like Evil Ryu is just better in this match. He forces regular Ryu to move in.

Makoto - I’ve played and did some theory fighter with Tinshi and Shine about this, I do feel like it’s slightly in her favor. Initially I told him it’s slightly in your favor because you throw my original gameplan off, at neutral I feel almost helpless because of my slow normals and your axe kick. We kept running the sets and it came down to me having amazing reactions, dashing in on him and rushing him down. But to him that’s what also makes me equally as scary. I could zone him out or I could rush him down. If his first guess at round one start is incorrect, it’ll be difficult. If he slowly pushes his way in, I’ll have my spacing and fireball game set up making it difficult for him. If he dashes in and I stick out a normal he gets rushed down after, If he axe kicks in (it’s -3 now and hard to punish making it practically safe) and I DP it and knock him down and keep doing whatever I’m doing, he’s slowly giving up life. Risk reward game- he stuns me or I stun him. Believe me though, I’m not a fan.

Adon - One of my dedicated training partners (chances are you have never heard of him) is on the low the best Adon player in NYC. He just never goes out because… idk why. But believe me when I tell you it’s 5-5 now though lol. No more crazy setups from Adon thanks to delayed wake up. At neutral it’s tricky but when you have your reactions on point and understand the risk reward game with Adon you can rush him down and even beat him at neutral. You can tattsu sweep him now also making life great. He makes you wiff DP with DP wiff setups with Jaguar kick, you could do the same to him. Idk, I personally have been doing well against Adon as of late. The 950 life and Adon nerfs make a huge difference.

Juri - Theoretically I feel like she has the tools to destroy Evil Ryu but hear me out. I don’t wanna hear anything about U1 because I’ve been playing against good Juris such as BNK and I block it 100% of the time, get thrown, or waste most of their ultra bar before they get a hit. In terms of neutral however, I feel like it’s all about blocking and eventually putting her in the corner and killing her. But that fact feels like it’s 5-5 to me. I never experienced much trouble in the match which is why I kept it 5-5.

Viper - Some days I feel like I win and others I feel like I lose. I normally play with HZY I feel like some sets he mauls me and other sets I feel like I maul him. Not sure how I feel, I’ll be honest. Hence the 5-5.

some changes based off the last post.

Sakura and Cody are slightly in Evil Ryu’s favor!



I’ll quickly give some of my thoughts on some of the matches that I mentioned

Sakura: I think Evil Ryu can effectively outzone her. And even though it may be looked down upon, we can jump at her. Hr cr. HP gets blown up by dive kick. Only way she can effectively stop you is to start looking for air to airs, and that’s not a reliable way to stop jump ins. Plus we can loop her with tatsu > sweep now. Their are ways to work around DWU to keep the pressure going or score more damage if they guess wrong.

Cody: Basically the same story as Sakura, he can be outzoned and can’t reliably anti-air Evil Ryu without taking risk. He can also be tatsu > swept. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if most agreed that Cody/Sak are 6-4 for Evil Ryu. I just don’t feel too confident about saying that since I’m a mid level player playing against mid level Cody and Sak players.

Viper: To be honest, I just say 6-4 because Evil Ryu’s low forward can’t reliably low profile Viper air BK. And that’s pretty much it. If it could, I would say it’s even.

Thanks for the explanations about the other match ups though.


lol who knows, maybe we could work on a collective Evil Ryu match up guide together.

But I see where you’re coming from with Viper though. Not having reliable ways around burn kick lets her abuse it and she can blow you up more times than you could her with that being said. I’ll look into it a little more. Sakura just scares me lol. One touch is all it takes sometimes.

I also want to dissect the vs Fei and vs Cammy matchup a little more. Granted we had unblockables in the last version, I feel like at neutral we should be able to handle them. I’m always on the fence about those two characters. Sako once said Evil Ryu beats those characters.


I think E.Ryu might lose to Elena…

None of E.Ryu’s standing normals can actually hit her which REALLY sucks. She can run away/heal and there isn’t anything E.Ryu can really do about it because his best forward movement option is his walkspeed/dash. What do you think Lilevil?


I’m an online warrior, so my statements can’t be weighed heavily (going to participate in my first tourney in Holland in October).

My sparring partner is one of the best cody’s of my country and he says its 6-4 for e.ryu. And I agree with him. One bnb into tatsu-sweep and its over. Divekick pressure on his horrible wakeup into bnb-sweep and its over before you know it. He can’t do anything about it, only guess right and pray he can kill me before I get another bnb going. Cody can be very scary upclose and in the corner, but at the neutral game e.ryu wins. The health buff has helped me immensely in this match up.

I have had serious problems with this chick in the past. In USFIV, I literally don’t have to do anything other than zone and AA. Of course she can still be scary but knowing that her ridiculous air normals are toned down is a godsend. She has to make the risks of coming in. Like Rice said divekick beats the cr.hp and have tatsu-sweep. We have a teleport for her ex hurricane kick mixup. I think its 5.5-4.5 for e.ryu.

Its still trying to find your spot and go all out in that one opening. DWU helps in some degree.

E.ryu still has problems against charge characters but the rest got slightly better due to his health buff, sweep and tatsu-sweep (if it applies). But still Blanka kicks my ass so bad, can any of you shed some light on this mu please :wink:


I’m curious about this one to. I played a guy on my friends list soon after USF4 was released and quickly realized that their is a range where she can poke me at and none of my normals will reach her. I would just say close the gap but I’m not sure who is better up close. And it’s kind of scary to get too close because I’m afraid to get hit by random mallet smash that lead into combo. This sucks because having long range normals is one of Evil Ryu’s specialties and he gets beat easily in that department by some characters like Rose and Elena.


I don’t know that Evil Ryu vs the Elena match up too well. I played Chris G on Friday of CEO and the best I could do was understand her frame data and outplay her with low forward. I think she struggles at certain ranges to an active Evil Ryu play style with the right reads at neutral and just mauling her after is the most advice I could give.

If she focuses, blow it up with tattsu and really make her respect your fireball game. If Elena jumps in on you, take a step back and really analyze the spacing because her jump is floaty as hell. Limit her game to only guessing with Rhinohorn and maul her.

She’s awkward right now because we aren’t completely used to her but I feel like as the game progresses we’ll get used to it.

vs Blanka
I personally don’t get completely mauled by most Blankas except for Coach Steve but it’s been awhile and hopefully I could try again lol. But generally this match seems horrible but playing slowly is your best bet. Most of Blankas buttons blow up Evil Ryu’s- you’re more than likely gonna be using cr jabs, cr.strong and st.medium kick mostly in this match up and most of these buttons trade which is frustrating lol. Fireballs and focus attacks are also risky because fireballs trade and focuses could get blown up too. Against, focus Blanka doesn’t even have to ball, he could stand jab and hop back. I could name almost all of Blankas buttons that are god like in this match. st.jab st.strong st.fierce st.mk st.roundhouse cr.strong cr.fierce and not to mention his focus attack is godlike.

Now as many bad things as I have mentioned, if your defense and neutral are on point you could actually get a lot of defensive damage against Blanka. Blanka doesn’t do that much damage and there are a lot of gaps in his offense. With this said, part two of what’s required is to be able to push him to the corner. Careful fireballs and buttons at neutral do the job, but key word is careful. Low forward tattsu the focus attacks, focus attack/dash reads through big pokes and just making Blanka block generally in all honesty. The second he gets put in the corner you’re pretty much inside his comfort zone. Anything you bait will result in him losing about 40% of his life and now most of your buttons inside that range ruin him.


Thanks for the general match up info, this will help me a lot. Also glad to get it verified that this match up is indeed in our disadvantage. I just get completely recked by the randomness of this character, grrrr its so annoying.

She seems to have very little recovery on most of her specials. That plus constantly back dashing and better footsies makes her a second Rose. I just go all out on her and try to get close as soon as possible where our frametraps are better. Try to stay in her face and force her into the corner.


I don’t think Elena is even close to the magnitude of Rose. They can both get rushed down but Rose at neutral is a completely different story.

Most of Rose’s buttons beat out or trade with Evil Ryu majority of the time. To even wiff punish is one hell of a task. Fireball war she could have her way with you. The second she starts reflecting she almost forces you to start walking towards her so she doesn’t build super and effectively eliminate your fireball game and give herself higher reward at footsie range.

At footsie range it becomes even trickier. Most of her buttons beat out or trade with Evil Ryu’s buttons. Most of these trades are in her favor. Toward roundhouse, st.roundhouse keep you a little further out from low forward range. The way around that would be a focus attack or a preemptive jump in. Focusing at that range is about the right range for Rose to throw out spirals and have it be + on block because of the distance and jumping could make things sloppy at times against her.

Getting closer into your low forward range she has buttons like slide, low forward, st.mk, and the god button cr.strong. cr.strong starts up in 4 frames and does about 70 damage and is the bane of my existence when combined with all of those other buttons I just mentioned and when Rose has super? Daaaayum.

EX Spiral also goes through fireballs now too. (forgot to mention that somewhere on my rant)

When you actually do get the hit, you could rush her down free though. You can sweep combo her now which keeps you right in front of her and OSing keeps her in check. Evil Ryu’s st.mk is possibly one of the few reliable buttons in this match and make things feel a lot better for you and I would actually say it’s 5.5 in Rose’s favor because of her defensive options but she has so much control over everything else which makes it hard to get to that point to begin with. I’ve played a lot of good Rose players and I find myself always beating them the first couple of matches and struggling throughout the rest because of how much control and how intelligently you have to play this match and I think that goes for all shotos. So I’m keeping the match up at 4-6

Elena on the other hand has many ways to get in and very little ways at the same time. I honestly said all that I know in the previous post I made but I’m pretty sure it’s even.



Rose is definitely in another tier then Elena but I meant that I approach her the same as Rose. With Elena you can at least start a fireball game but that strategy usually fails for me. So I try to get in as fast as possible and stay in her face, same as Rose.

My biggest problem with Rose is that I lose my patience after a while. I start thinking how my opponent is winning by playing so lame, constantly poking and not going for any combo’s or something fancy (these are my excuses so bare with me). I play god damn E.Ryu and I just want to go in and obliterate you with and 500+ damage combo only to reset you and do it again so you will get stunned, die instantly and rage quit because you can’t do anything about it. But no my opponent wants to build meter for super or EX SRK so my 50/50 mix-ups/safe jumps don’t work, and hopefully pokes me to death. If that doesn’t work they still have a super to finish me of with, while back dashing the entire fight. !@#$ its just so exhausting. Trying to play catch up the whole time.

Fighting against Rose is fighting against your patience, which I obviously need to work on ;P. She just frustrates the hell out of me.


I have trouble with Rose, too. And it’s just that reason you mentioned. I know the match. I know what to punish and how to get her into the corner. It just takes so damn long. 90% of my rounds end before the 70 second mark on the timer. Against her you have to use the entire clock a lot of the time. The worst thing is, once you get her to the corner, she’s still not free. She’ll cross you up and get back out if you’re not paying attention, and if you are she just activates U2 and it gets her out of the corner for free. Now you gotta push her back there again. Every match against a good Rose will wear you down mentally.


I’m in the same boat as all you guys in the Rose match up. Like with many characters, I developed a game plan specifically just to fight Rose. I try to the best of my abilities to execute it. But man I end up losing my patience in so many of these matches because I’m unable to get the life lead or I end up losing it because I’m forced to remain close to her and start getting hit by her superior long range normals or walk into slides/spirals. At least she is free as hell on wake up now. That’s one of the saving graces of the match up now. With the right guess we can really blow up Rose on wake up if she refuses to just sit there and block. Not easy getting that position in the first place though.


Agreed, Cody loses this one by a bit, but he can use HK Ruffian to catch any jump-in if spaced right. I think his AAs get blown up at closer range, especially Cr. MK, which will either whiff or get beaten by dive kick if he’s expecting a regular jump-in. B+MP is pretty darn good though as well.

Rose is mean. You definitely have to deal with a lot of options when fighting her. Even in terms of footsies, you don’t have a go-to button. You can’t focus, St. MK is inconsistent versus some of her moves, even slide, and her far MK and HK are annoying. However, you can whiff punish slide with sweep, which can get things going for you. I agree though, she really exhausts my patience, especially in those awkward midscreen footsie battles. I have to resist focusing through her normals since I know a well-spaced Spiral is coming. Using fireballs as pokes seems to work pretty well if spaced outside slide range, but now that can get blown up by EX Spiral. Yuck, this character is solid.

Overall I think the matchup is in Rose’s favor, but at least frame traps/Hop Kicks are now more viable since EX Spiral has no throw invulnerability.


Both of her Ultras are problems for Evil Ryu. U1 helps her control neutral more and U2 changes the pace of the match back into her favor. I don’t like the match all too much lol.


hey how do you guys fight Guy? When I was ryu/akuma, I would low profile his jumps/flips. I can’t do that with ERyu so I’m having trouble dealing with the shenanigans.


Air wrote a article about Evil Ryu’s bad match ups on his blog. It seems like the article is focused on the bad match ups that Daigo specifically mentioned(Vega, Guile, Dhalsim, and Ryu…sort of). The main reason being used is something I had never considered even though we’ve all seen it used against Daigo already in one of the earliest videos of his Evil Ryu in action. And the match I’m talking about is against Gachikun’s Sagat and the reason is cornering ones self to be able to punish his cr. MK > fireball on block.


We all saw how Gachikun got cornered pretty easily by Daigo and spent so much time blocking low forward fireball while attempting to punish with far LK. The damage is minimal but it’s still in his favor. The other characters can punish it even better. Strange that these characters can technically shut down his main tool to land big damage by cornering themselves. Among the 4, I still think Evil Ryu beats Guile and is even against Ryu. Sim and Vega are a toss up though. Opinion seems to vary from player to player. I think both characters are slightly favored against Evil Ryu though.


Against Dhalsim I feel like I may have ove rexaggerated how good the match up is but I think Evil Ryu has the mauling potential and doesn’t completely lose this but goes even at the very least. I made it a goal to explore the match up a lot further. But I still feel Evil Ryu is even or has a slight advantage vs regular Ryu. Thinking about the Vega match up over time and watching regular Ryus deal with it, (ex. Solid vs Vega NLBC81) maybe there’s some potential for Evil Ryu but the slow normals thing is a factor and it’s hard to touch good Vega players to begin with. :frowning:


E.Ryu has the advantage against Vega over Ryu ones he has a knockdown, getting that is a whole different story ;).

Going back on the rose topic: yesterday I fought against a Rose that literally did nothing other then soul spiral, backdash. I could not get close no matter what I did. This mu is impossible if the opponent does nothing!