Evil Ryu mix ups, gimmicks, shenanigans, etc



I use to play Ryu, but I switched over to Evil Ryu because I loved his look and I thought he had much more mix up potential then Ryu who is very plain to me. This thread is about every idea that we can think of and lets try and see which one is worth using and which one is just a bad idea.

I’m going to compile a list of stuff I’ve figured out and stuff I’ve seen other Evil Ryu players do, so please add to this thread or give me your suggestions on whichever one you want to comment on.

  1. Dive kick on wake up. This is the most basic one, he has a dive kick so you can try to fool your opponent into thinking cross up. But you have to land it meaty for it to combo, hitting the top of there head for example won’t allow you to hit them after ward if they’re blocking.

Best time to use it: Forward throw, back throw(you need to dash forward once), HK axe kick, EX axe kick, MK/HK axe kick from a juggle, EX tatsu in the corner, Full Ultra 2, Super

  1. Dive kick after LK tatsu. This will need your opponent do a quick stand after LK tatsu. But if they do this you’re going to be almost right in there face, so they will be expecting cross up, except you can land the dive kick meaty into a big combo. You have to space it though or your dive kick will whiff.

  2. Reset into EX axe kick. When you reset with a normal after LK tatsu, most people will be holding down back. This is a chance to land a EX axe kick which will do a lot of damage, stun, and give you a hard knockdown into another mix up.

  3. Reset dash under. TKO Foxhound made a thread to this so you can check that out. It’s character dependent though, some you can do a raw dash under, some you need FADC, and it won’t work on a 3rd of the characters in this game.

There is also the corner dash under which works on almost everybody, except a few characters like Guy, Guile, Makoto, and maybe more but I’m not sure. Land either of these in a match and if your opponent isn’t guessing right, they’ll be stunned in no time. But a problem is if you want to do this mid screen, it won’t work on most characters if you land 2 or more normals. So you kind of have to throw it out against most of the cast unless you have a punish opportunity.

  1. Hop kick cross over. This will only work in the corner, after EX/HK axe kick, or after LK tatsu. After EX/HK axe kick it works on everybody, but it’s hard to make it look ambiguous because some characters won’t allow you to cross over if you don’t do it immediately. In the corner or after LK tatsu, it’s character dependent.

But against certain characters like Ryu, it can look very ambiguous. Doing it mid screen against characters like Ryu after a LK tatsu can really confuse your opponent as well.

  1. Kick Teleport after SRK, FADC, MK axe kick. Probably not a good idea, but I’m just throwing it out there. If you land a SRK, FADC, HK axe kick, wait a moment and do a forward kick teleport, you will look like you’re in front of them for a moment then appear behind them. This would be a killer idea, except you have to deal with teleport recovery. Never tried it yet, just thought I mentioned it though.

Here is a video where I used number 2,3, and 5 in the first round.


That’s what I got so far.


This is a great thread i will contribute i just need to get some videos.


I’ve been fucking with fwd Throw, c.lk (whiff), Dive kick (whiff), into low short. It’s meaty. Beats any button they press besides blocking or invincible reversals


You know the Ken classic? You do a step kick, but you’re -2 so your opponent will want to throw out a normal. Except you use your DP(jab or fierce) to beat there normal. When I used to play Ken heavily, I admittedly used this tactic all the time and got a lot of counter hit Fierce DP’s into full Ultra or full MP DP.

In a way you can do the same thing with Evil Ryu’s hop kick. On block it’s -2 just like Ken’s step kick. The problem is the move starts up slower and although your -2, the timing seems more awkward as you seem to have longer recovery and your opponent is in block stun longer compared to Ken having his step kick blocked. But anyways, the same rules apply, throw it out, if it’s blocked then SRK, FADC into whatever your best option is whether that’s U1 or EX shaku>MK axe kick.

Or if you have Super you can use that as well. I know a lot of people have seen the whiff hop kick > Super, but I think this is a nice gimmick to use as well since most people will instinctively want to throw you because you’re right next to them. Basically unless they’re holding up or used a move with invincibility or makes them airborne, they’re going to be grabbed.


Ive recorded a few shenanigans, nothing new, basically its the stuffs we have been discussing over here.

I recorded it using the PC AE with Yeb’s mod but everything here shall to work in the 2012 exactly as in the videos. If it doesnt, let me to know so I can to delete it.



The jumpin at the end is a 50/50, the opponent have to guess which kick youre going to use and then to block properly.


for when hes expecting the “stuff n1”


it works against most of the cast


another lk tatsu reset. This one doesnt works against everybody aswell (right now I can tell you it dont work against Juri and Dhalsim, the dash wont cross). The funny stuff is that this same setup doesnt cross when the opponent is cornered, so the oponent will get a little angry until he learns it all.


showing how ambiguous the lk tatsu reset can be. Its not that ambiguous against everybody in the cast, most of the chars aways get crossed by the dash. You can help it a bit by delaying the time of the c.LP.


More ambiguous resets using lk tatsu. Once again it doesnt works against everybody. Usually these kind of ambiguous resets works against tall chars. but there are plenty of non tall chars. that can be tricked into it aswell. Against Viper, if you dash in the first possible frame after the c.mp you wont cross but if you wait a couple of frames before to dash, it will to cross. Against another char. it may be needed to delay the time of the c.lp/c.mp in order to get in front or behind him after the reset. Its really char. dependent.

Thats it for now


I’d just like to add that if some of you guys have trouble doing cr. LK, cr, LP, SRK then you can chain cr. LK, st. LK, Tatsu>SRK or just SRK. I have a problem with it myself, if Iand a jump in, I can do cr. LK, cr, LP, SRK. But whenever I go for a empty jump cr. LK, cr. LP, SRK, my SRK comes out late most of the time. I’ve tried fixing this problem, but I still struggle with it.

But since Evil Ryu can cancel into specials from a chained cr. LK to st. LK, that should be the one to go for anyways since you’re not losing any damage and it’s easier.


Good looking out. SRK’ing from crouch has been hard since I switched to stick.


The lk tatsu cr. jab doesn’t work for everyone check out my forum to see the cast that it works on


Just saw this video today, as a Ryu player since Vanilla I’ve known about this for a long time. But I can’t use it in a match, just don’t have the reactions.


As for Evil Ryu, it also works. But it doesn’t work on everybody in that list that is confirmed to work with Ryu. For example it works on Cammy and Cody, but I couldn’t get it to work on Seth or Dan. This might mean it will work on character that Ryu can’t use it on. But as you can imagine, it’s not going to be easy to use. You pretty much have one jumping MK or HK/HP to confirm a hit and a croucher and then you just have to go for it.

Not something you can rely on, but a neat little trick that you can’t pass up if you have the opportunity to land it in a match. If followed up by a axe kick combo(you have to use cr. HP because close st. HP won’t come out) then total damage is 503 and stun is 860.


I didnt say it would


Hey can either one of you figure out who that st. heavy kick cross up works on and who it does it and post them. It would be very useful because I get a lot of cross ups. The reason I asked you two is because both of you are very active in the threads and you have access to uploading videos if you find anything interesting.


BlackPlague, imo the cl.HK cross seems pretty useless to me, it only works when the move connects and the opponent is crouching. It usually will happen when youre trying to frametrap somebody, but E.R. have a lot of better options to use to frame trap. cl.HK have its use as an option select, but as far as Im concerned concerned the opponent wont be crouched on these situations so the cross wont work. I cant see an utility for it so far other than showboating.


Ok i understand. It would be good though to know who it will work against and who it wil not work against.


I’d call this a shennanigan…If you see far mk counterhit, for the love of god, press c.mk. Trust me.

edit: Guess I should clarify…Far mk is +4 on counterhit. The range it leaves you at is one that characters with good long range buttons just can’t help but hit that button…but they’re at -4. Your c.mk if effectively 3 frames. Will beat anything that’s not invincible from this range. Will even usually counterhit itself, which opens up combos if you cancel to mk axe kick.


Alright, got one that needs a bit of investigating: LK Axe combo into Axe Kara Demon. This is simply following up an LK Axe Kick by inputting a kara Axe Demon (LP LP HCF+LK~HP) and you’d be in range to grab them, and it’d be almost impossible to escape from.

Well, to be more precise, it would be impossible to escape from if you didn’t see it coming. However, this was back in AE when LK Axe Kick was ±0, where your opponent could simply jump if he understood the setup. AE2012 changed that to +1, so now I want to know the following: Is it possible to escape a perfectly executed kara Axe Demon in AE2012?

I’m probably making a tall order here. This demands absolutely perfect execution with a seamless transition between the LK Axe Kick and the kara Axe Demon. Even a single framegap would allow one to pre-jump it. I’d test it myself, but my execution is way too poor to pull this off and I’m on PC.


I got two gimmick that work for me 80% of the time. The first when is you have an opponent who has low health and you need an something like axe kick to kill them. It cost you 3 meter but this works a lot of the time and evil ryu builds meter like no tomorrow. Well all you do is shoot a triple hado and then fadc that straight into an ex axe kick. IDK why but most feel as they need to block the triple hado crunching so the ex axe kick connects with the over all the time. Somebody can make a video of it and try it but I’m telling you know its godlike.

The next trick is when you do your standard mk axe kick combo into crouching medium punch or low jab (which ever suits you) into low tatsu you need to land a crouching medium punch while there still in air from the tastu. When you do this crouching medium punch if you shoot a low punch hadoken right after your opponent will always get hit if he/she doesn’t block on landing or tries anything that does not have invincibility. If you guys don’t understand what I’m saying just let me know and I will just try to record of video of each off my macbook.


Yes, it is…demon is a grab, and you can’t grab someone if they’re in block stun. LK axe kick also leaves you just out of range for demon.


I have to elaborate a bit.

Back in AE, performing the kara Axe Demon after an LK Axe Kick on point would presumably give at least a single frame to jump out, because the kara cancel into Demon took 1f to close the distance.
In other words, it could always be prejumped because there is that small gap that allowed the opponent to jump out. There is no other way to follow up because you were simply too far away to Demon normally.

Now that the LK Axe is +1, is it possible that the framegap is now non-existant?

EDIT: Gragh. I need to word this far more precisely.

During AE: LK Axe Kick - Kara Axe Demon was (theoretically) -1 at best due to the framegap introduced during Kara Axe Demon.

The question for AE2012: Is the Kara Axe Demon (theoretically) ±0 due to LK Axe now being +1 on hit, possibly compensating for the delay Kara Axe Demon introduces?


If he holds up he can escape any kara-grabs in the game it doesn’t matter if he was blocking or getting hit, if he’s positive or negative in frames, because you can’t grab a hitstun or a blockstun.
If he keeps holding UP while you frame trap/etc him, you won’t grab him. Of course the whole point of a Kara-Demon is surprise the opponent on a point that he’s likely not doing that. And if he starts doing that, you can combo his jump startup and make him afraid to jump.


The Guile unblockable works on Cammy mid screen. Doesn’t work in the corner though.

Cannon strike whiffs

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