Evil Ryu + Oni analysis

Well, here we go. I might update it with more information down the road:


His cr. forward and sweep are slow in comparison to shoto standards.
His other normals such as st. strong and cr. strong are effective.
Has Akuma’s normals (cr. fierce, st. far fierce, etc) but seem to be slightly slower.
Walk speed is like Akuma, dash and backdash are quick but active.
Hop kick is slow, seems to be safe on block. It can avoid throws and punish OS techs.
Axe kick seems to be unsafe on block on all versions, need to test short version again but I’m sure I got DP’d on block.
Teleport is bad unless used in very specific situations, slower and less range than Akuma’s, very punishable.
Dive Kick is better than Akuma’s regular Dive Kick in terms of hitbox and advantage, but it is slower.
Both Ultras do okay damage, but nothing crazy.
Fireballs are Ryu speed, EX does not knock down. Traditional shoto footsies work with fireball.
Red fireball is identical to Akuma’s.
All of his DP’s are great, jab DP has more invincibility to anti air with similar to vanilla Ryu.

Conclusion: I cannot find a good reason to play him over Akuma. Akuma does everything better and more efficiently, and has a vortex.

Now for my favorite part:


Has normal walk speed.
Great dash, great backdash, great normals.
Oni has multiple variations of his normals. He can do things like st. strong, back strong, st. forward, back-forward, etc to use different normals.
He can do Akuma and Ryu combos minus tatsu-DP.
Oni can chain his normals into specials without having to link them. For example, cr. short/jab/short combos immediately into roundhouse tatsu without delay.

He has a slower version of Ken’s stepkick by doing Towards + Forward. You can kara grab with this although the range is similar to Akuma’s. You can also kara standing forward.


ST. FORWARD: AMAZING TOOL. Stuffs dive kick characters, fast, hits twice in proximity. Beats out Jaguar Kicks too from Adon. Think of Bison roundhouse!

ST. FIERCE: Anti-air proximity.

TOWARD + FIERCE: Lunging punch, one of the BEST NORMALS IN THE GAME. Reaches beyond cr. forward range, can whiff punish almost anything, slightly unsafe if used up close, eats projectiles from distance, can anti-air from range, massive hitbox, lots of active frames. Can stop jumps when used pre-emptively from range. 5 of these seem to stun average health characters.

TOWARD + ROUNDHOUSE: Chun-Li’s standing roundhouse. Have to use pre-emptively to stuff jumps. When connected as anti-air, it knocks back opponent full screen. Causes spinning animation. Can be combo’d after EX Dashing Slash.

DRAGON PUNCH: Seems to be 3 frame. use it EXACTLY like Akuma’s to net perfect anti-airs. ALL OF HIS DRAGON PUNCHES HAVE FAST RECOVERY ON GROUND. (Think of Ken’s EX DP recovery). You can combo all hits from cr.strong range (maybe further) when used as reversal. I completely stuffed Vega’s cr. strong and netted all damage + knockdown. The extra hits do not whiff like Akuma.

CROUCH FIERCE: Exactly like Akuma’s.

ULTRA 2: Nets full damage + animation when used as anti-air on reaction. Great ultra.


DEMON STOMP: Motion is Demon Flip. Short version seems to be safe on block. Can be used in strings to punish OS techs and mashing. Does good damage. EX version is two hits + overhead. None of them seem to be able to cross-up. Hitbox range on EX is like Viper EX Seismo. Others have shorter range.

AIR DASHES: All have noticeable recovery. You can cancel Forward dash and air hop into tatsu to land quicker or float more depending on timing. When used correctly, you can use the tatsu to hit crossup or just hit in general. YOU CAN SUPER CANCEL THE DASHES INTO AIR DEMON. This is how you avoid hitting opponent’s with an air jab when buffering.

REGULAR FIREBALL: Goes about 60% screen distance. Charge fully to gain 2 hits + full screen projectile. EX version just goes full screen and does 2 hits.

DRAGON PUNCH: Can’t seem to FADC it on block. You can FADC the second hit on hit, but you cannot FADC the first hit under any circumstance. All of them are great anti-airs.

BLUE ELECTRIC FIREBALL: Same as Akuma’s Red Fireball.

DASHING SLASHES: Short and forward hit in the front, roundhouse and EX hit crossup. Short seems to be safe on block. Can be grabbed like Balrog dash punches or mashed out of. If you land EX, you can follow up with U1/DP/Tatsu/Forward + Roundhouse.


Target Combo: Back + Strong, Fierce: Does not connect on crouch.

Main punish combo: Cr. Strong xx Target Combo xx Fireball/DP/Tatsu/EX tatsu. Great stun and great damage. If you end in Tatsu, you travel very far with them. Think of Ken’s EX Tatsu, except with a knockdown.

Can chain his normals into specials. So far I’ve tested this with cr. short/jab/short xx tatsu without delay and it chained fine. Can chain into standing jab like Akuma and you get Tatsu.

Linking your cr. short into jabs lets you link Tatsu/EX Tatsu/any special like Akuma.


SUPER DEMON: Same as Akuma’s. Can cancel overhead and run the same buffer routines. DASH > DEMON IS A VIABLE TACTIC BECAUSE OF ONI’S AMAZING DASH! You can buffer the jabs and finish the Demon when in proximity. :smiley:

ULTRA 1 (FIREBALL): Haven’t found a solid way to link it yet outside of doing EX Dashing Slash. Air version seems to be useless. It’s slow and it pushes Oni back full screen with a lot of recovery. Have only used it as an air-to-air. If done with KKK, it goes straight up. You cannot use this to punish Ibuki’s Kunai vortex on wakeup, so take that information and come to your own conclusions. It’s too slow for that.

ULTRA 2 (KKZ): You can combo into this by doing cr. forward > EX Fireball > FADC, or you can use it as a pure anti-air. Both ways net you full animation. Amazing anti-air ultra. If you auto-correct it on wakeup against bad jumps, you can probably net it.

Great write up and info

For Oni, Ultra 1 can be SRK FADC U1 if Im not mistaken. You dont get the full animation

You can also juggle a non-animation U2 after the EX slash thingy.

Also, the air dash has a hitbox too right? I saw it hit air-to-air and knock opponent down.

Ohh, so you can cancel the lp and mp version of the airdash into an air tatsu? Sickk.

Oh wow. So his target combo is back+strong into fierce. No wonder I couldn’t get it when I was messing with him -_-.

Great write up though! Definitely gonna use your information next time I play Oni.

Also I think Evil Ryu punishes much harder than Akuma/Ryu because he can link a crouch strong tatsu dp after short axe kick. I just like to think of him as a mini-Akuma with a dp fadc ultra, no demon flip, a shittier teleport, and no combos into sweep.

Lol reading about ryus teleport, it seems that you’re better off not using it because you are more likely to get punished hard than if you were just blocking from the start.

Shoryuken (2 hits) fadc both ultras works, infact you can use it as a safe wakeup but you have to be right next to them or the 2nd hit will either whiff or be airborne and not cancellable. Air dash xx raging demon is the shit. Air ultra 1 is too damn slow, I could only punish another oni who tried to ultra me jumping. And vertical ultra 1 seems pretty useless.

U2 lands off EX slash, but make sure you delay it or else you’ll do like 50 damage. Thanks for the Oni combos, much better than akuma hit confirms into either fireball or tatsu.

Also I started a round with counter hit back air dash and it did something like 100-150 damage lol.

I guess Evil Ryu is basically Akuma without lots of good tools (air fireball, decent vortex, faster teleport, faster sweep, etc) but comboable ultras. The only thing he really has going for him is that his ultras (especially U2) look so damn cool. I managed to get light tatsu to sweep on guile a few times but can’t remember if it was after a couple c.mps cause later on I couldn’t pull it off at all.

I’m honestly jealous of E.Ryu’s divekick, that shit seems to link so easy.

I think the fact that he can DP FADC Ultra alone gives him greater comeback potential.

From something I saw in a vid recently, he can combo to MK axe kicks from a fierce cancel and then link into the signature tatsu combos. At that rate he could have meterless combos pushing 400 damage.

Also, his f+MK hopkick can be kara cancelled for a Raging Demon Super; giving him a neat boost in range and a brief hop over lows leading into the start-up.

Re: Oni’s Super.

Besides looking cool for the cameras and the streams, I can’t see much immediate value in the air Demon ability. To me, it seems like it’s less useful because the ability to do empty cross-ups as a trick to land it has been taken away.

How does he get them in the air for it? what would tempt them to jump?

Can anyone tell me what the differences are between his DPs? It seems like when I do a c.HP xx HP DP, he does the c.HP then like a mini ShinSho (using both hands in the DP). Then other times he just does a 2 hit DP…I was thinkin it was a Seth-like DP where you do more DP inputs for more hits, but I did the mini ShinSho w/o extra inputs so Idk. Thoughts?

it’s almost only usefull for wakeup mixups anyways, and when hitting meaty you can always combo off it. I honestly don’t think it’s important that e. ryu’s has more hitstun.

You’ve just gotta be close enough. All perform three hits up close using the Shinsho animation.

If you aa using dp and its not sufficiently deep enough, you’ll get two (or just one) hits.

great analysis, thanks! I can’t wait to try Oni, it looks pretty solid to me and now even more after reading your analysis. I was worried about the recovery on the air dash would make the move useless like Gouken ssf4 df focus, also comboable ultras after ex slash and srk fadc, together with average health, 3frame srk with good recovery and working ok as AA, good normals, etc. Oni is looking good.

What I’m waiting for is most of the people to choose Oni over Akuma, that way he’ll be less mainstream. Great write-up, man!

I had a go with Evil ryu and oni just now, they both seems very strong contenders…

Just to add a few things that has not been mentioned before:

Evil ryu has a target combo like ken:
cl.MP -> st.HP, but cannot combo anything after that, and seems safe on block
His U1 done raw, is like the Dan’s new U2… just about anything can stuff it -_-

Oni: I wasnt sure what oni’s target combo was, but i was doing cl.LP-> st.MP-> SRK, and it seems like a pretty good hit confirm.
I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this, but Oni’s air BACK dash can hit opponents during the start up. It does practically chip damage, but its annoying as hell.
Trying to buffer super from the air resulted in a kara-canceled really low mid air super that is pretty useless. >_> Could it be good for catching srk?

**** I was looking at Oni’s normal fireball and dashing attack (HP and Ex) What if you throw out a lp fireball to distract and attack while activating his dashing attack HP or Ex? That would mean he could attack from both sides at the same time! o.O?? Someone please test this asap! xDDD

No, once you’re in blockstun, there’s absolute guard, which means it will auto-block until blockstun is over. So, basically they only need to block whichever one hits first.

Alright then, with that being the case, Oni would end up behind the opponent, perhaps and easy grab or frame trap there.

its gonna be the same as dhalsim’s shit. if it works. oni’s fb is much faster, and travels a shorter distance, need testing, prolly it will work from midscreen range and FADCing the fp.

This could end up as a set up for a decent combo or Ultra finish.:cool:

I need something tested, his air dash can hit an opponent right? Try air dashing and go into Ultra 1 while in the air and see if it hits. This could be epic.