Evil Ryu punishes?



Is there any chart where all punishes with eryu is written down that covers the cast?

Would be much appriciated!


I havent noticed anything as that,and it would be so usefull


I saw essex made a couple of vids like that.

Yea everyone should have a guide like it imo i wrote ours on sakura but thers alot of work put into it and still not even close to ready.


This forum is really missing a proper matchup thread. The one that exists doesn’t have anything collated into the first post


Mmm I talked to a guy that is making a text doc as atm so if he is kind it might be posted :slight_smile:

I myself made ours for sakura “The Notebook” it does take time, alot of time…


I’d like to see someone simply make a thread where they simply ask for matchup knowledge and actually paraphrase the submitted info into a main post. That way the topic starter doesn’t have to do all the work. I’d do it myself if I even had much time to play at the moment :frowning:


That’s the problem when people ask for these kinds of threads. They actually take A LOT of work. I used to write them up for MMOs and that’s way simpler than SF. Was still a pain in the ass keeping them up to date. Asking and asking never gets them written. It takes some one that wants the discussion bad enough for themselves to start it and keep it going. Like the guy Funkie talked to making a text doc. He might share it, but he’s making it for himself. For his own benefit. That’s the only real way stuff gets done around here. If you want it bad enough, you make it, then share, hoping others will, too.


Indeed true words.
Exactly what I did for the sakura forums.
But to keep it up to date is a pain in the ass…
The best is if everyone keeps it up to date, if everyone can update tested things and make all contribute makes it so much easier!
But no one takes the time to do so sadly…


I can help you guys with a match up thread if you’d like. If you supply me with the match up information I can update the thread and if a write up needs to be replaced, anyone can pm me with corrections.