Evil Ryu Q&A Thread: Ask simple questions here!



all questions here plz

New Evil Ryu Player


Also, I’ve seen that evil ryu has some akuma-like qualities (obviously). In the opinion of those who’ve played him and have seen his playstyle, what sort of shoto is he? Mixup oriented like akuma or more defensive like ryu?


So i heard E.Ru can do s.fp into m.axekick. into cr.mp into bnb combos, is the cr.mp 1 frame link?


It seemed like a one frame link when I tried it but it’s way worth the damage if you can get it consistently that is.


So been hearing this about e.ryu doing a light shoryu on grounded opponenet into ultra with no fadcing, is that true? which is the better ultra to use? cause u2 seems very damaging, it can be fadc into off shoryu but not with full animation, so overall which is the better ultra to use?


3 questions

1: Does Evil Ryu’s dive kick have noticeably more hit stun then Akuma’s dive kick?

  1. How much damage does partial Ultra 2 do. Try and estimate as best you can if possible.

  2. I’ve read some reports that cross up LK air tatsu will juggle like Akuma’s and allow Evil Ryu to juggle opponents for more damage. Any truth to that?

  1. Yes, noticeably more hit stun that Akuma’s command normal dive kick, but not the demon flip version. You can also do E. Ryu’s dive kick before hitting the apex of your jump, unlike Akuma.

  2. Not sure, I’ll pay attention next time I play him.

  3. Edit: lk air tatsu crossup does not allow followup from what I can tell…it shoots the opponent to the other side of the screen too quickly.


Not sure if we’re going to have a Combo only thread from Evil Ryu, so I’ll just share in this thread. Mods, feel free to copy/paste in a new thread if you see fit:

cr.lp, st.hp (forces stand) xx mk.Axe Stomp (his new hcf + k special), cr.mp (seems to be 1 frame link, so plinking helps) xx lk.Tatsu, hp.Shoryuken

This looks to do 400 plus damage with no meter usage!

You can also tack on an Ultra I to his lk.Tatsu ender combos, but it scales heavily so try to keep these short:

On standing opponent: cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mp xx lk.Tatsu, lp.Shoryuken, FADC U1 (charge it a bit, it gives you time)
On crouchers: substitute a st.hp for the cr.mp to force stand…link timing is tighter though

Not yet sure if you can hit the U1 after a non-FADC Shoryuken…I’ll try that next time.


Good info Kenshiro, it seems you’re the only one playing Evil Ryu that is contributing to this sub forum right now so any more insight you have on the character would be very appreciated.


Could someone post E. Ryu’s movelist please?


Does anyone know if E. Ryu’s Super does as much damage as Akuma’s?


Are you sure that STANDING hp forces stand? It looks identical to Akuma’s and it does not force stand…c.hp does (akuma) but it’s way slower and doesn’t combo from c.lp.

s.hp is 4 frames, it’s a 2 frame link from c.lp, not hard AT ALL…if evil ryu’s s.hp forces stand AND is 4 frames it’s gonna be godlike.


Looks like a force stand to me


BTW guys, since Evil Ryu is being officially unlocked soon. Can we please get some footage up in here? I want to see this guy in high level play.


(EmphyNAPS under a friend’s account)

Close standing fierce most definitely forces stand. Also, it’s interesting to note that close fierce actually can activate from further away than any other close normal.

I’m entirely sure close fierce is not 4 frames, because after forward axe kick FADC, the slowest possible thing to link after is low strong or close strong. Close fierce does not work in this situation.

Speaking of close fierce, I’ve noticed that it has a somewhat high hitbox. I’ve seen a low short from Yang, which makes Yang’s hitbox incredibly low, beat my close fierce and not be a counter hit.


Well that’s cool then. It looked the same as Akuma’s so I thought it’d also be 4 frames. If it’s 5 frames it means that the c.lp s.hp link will be a one framer, not so good for hit confirms since you have only one jab to confirm AND need to hit a 1 frame link after that.

Do you still get the close version of s.hp after 2 crouching jabs? And at that distance (c.lp c.lp s.hp) is the mk axe kick safe on block?
Also, is his c.jab 3 frame?
Sorry for the many questions =)


Ok, hopefully this question will be interesting enough. From what we’ve seen, Evil Ryu’s dash is pretty good. It’s fast and moves a pretty good distance. If Ryu does LK tatsu and resets with a cr. LP, can he dash and cross under to the other side of his opponent or will he still remain in his opponents front side? That would be a good mix up opportunity if it works, so does it?


What’s E.Ryu’s target combo? c.MP xx c.HP?


cl.mp > hp like 3rd strike Akuma


His ultra 2 = rape! Love it!


Ok, thanks.