Evil Ryu Safe Jumps / Unblockables



anyone know which safe jump setups he has vs 3f and 4f+ moves? I tried checking match up thread but all the spoiler tab things don’t work and there’s not any videos with all the info in one place. also if any of his unblockables still work in ultra and you’ve tested them those would be nice to know also. thanks in advance for any response from anyone :smiley:


against 3f:
-after a f. throw I do a cr hk, j mk. I do think they can get it if they do a delayed dp though.

against others :
-f throw crmp divekick or j mk.
-after ex axekick, backdash and jump normal

Dunno if these are legit but I saw others do these and they work most of the time unless I fuck up somewhere.


Just wanted to point out that you can only do fake jumps or whiffed jump-ins against 3-frame reversals because of the 3 frame recovery when you land after a jump-in. Your best bet against Shoto DPs is to try and make it whiff.

St. MP gives you a bit better timing in my experience. Or, Cr. MP + Cr. LP.


I know there is a real safe jump against Ryu on a forward throw where you use the range of the nj.mk to make the first active frame of shoryuken whiff, but i dont remember the exact setup yet as i prefer to do the unblockable from a f.throw.


ya i knew about the inability to truly safe jump 3f but i know whiffing it is just as good and will make them question it for future attempts. Ryg what unblockables are there that still work in ultra that you use?



I’ve been in the lab a lot recently and have noticed that Evil Ryu is very lucky.

His safe jump game from forward throw seems to have adapted to the new system very well

For me, forward throw + st mp + Dive kick + OS Cr.Mp proves to be a safe jump if not DWU and the cr mp is a meaty upon DWU

Does anyone else have setups?


Thanks in advance