Evil Ryu safe jumps?



I’m trying to pick Evil Ryu up and I see a lot of unblockables and fake cross ups (many corner only), but what about good old reliable safe jumps? Any findings would be much appreciated.


f.throw, s.mk/c.mk, j.mk/dive asap. Its a safe jump against a lot of things. EX Axe Kick, back dash, forward jump is also a safe jump against a lot of reversals. These are the ones with perfect setup I remember right now, I think these 2 are the main safe jumps with a perfect setup. You can perform safejumps after a sweep delaying the jump a couple of frames, isnt hard to do but you have to time it manually.


Ok, thanks man. I have the back throw, cr mp, j hk. And I saw Sako do lk tatsu, lp dp, j hk on Fei Long. I’m messing around with that as well seeing who it works on, just thought I’d share it for anyone who hasn’t seen the topanga matches. Again thanks for the response


the one with the lp DP isnt a perfect setup, its like the sweep’s one, you have to time the jump manually. You have to wait a frame before to jump.


I also didnt manage to make the b.throw, c.mp setup to work, Evil ryu lands before the opponent wakes up. Is it char specific?


I’ve been having decent success with crouching to help time the jump after lp dp. Like as soon as he lands from the dp crouch then immediately jump, and I saw the backthrow, cr mp set up somewhere on here. I haven’t really had a chance to test in the last few days, so it might be character specific, but it said 4f safe jump if timed correctly. I remember finding that delaying hitting the hk in the air helps on some of them for some reason


I can land it consistently if I delay the jump accordingly but when you talked about the it I just thought it didn’t need manual timing and everything should be done at the first possible frame.


bthrow->cr.mp works on the majority of the cast. It will whiff against sagat, cammy and blanka, because they wake up late.


it will whiff against everyone if you do the c.mp as soon as possible.

editing: actually i think It works and I was delaying the kick during the jump and it wasnt getting active, as soon as I adjusted it it started working consistently.


The most useful after :

forward throw : whiff far MP then 1[jump forward dive kick(lands meaty in front ~+7f advantage on hit, gets beaten by 3f reversal, in the corner it can make them whiff)] ; 2[Wait a short moment (jump MK cross up, stuff most reversals, avoidable by a forward dash on wake up)}

backthrow : forward dash then jump dive kick or dash, wait jump MK , same properties as above

Dragon FADC HK axe kick : whiff cr.HK , jump HK ,hits front, makes most reversal whiff except for blanka , Deejay and Seth (1hit), (…)

U2 animation : jump dive kick or walk back a bit jump mk

Sweep : walk a bit jump HK/MK ,if the sweep was from far away , you can jump Hk tatsu to stuff reversal 3f but it’s low damage OR jump MK whiff (act like you failed a dive kick ) -> Super!


You know you can ultra when you xup tatsu a reversal, right? Puts them in a juggle state if the opponent is airborne. Ultra 1 is best, but Ultra 2, dp and ex fireball will juggle, too, if the range is right.


If only we could get that juggle state regardless of whether our opponent is airborne or not, that would be sweet(and ridiculously cheap).


one quick comment. if you do forward throw -> st mp -> instant dive kick you can wiff if your are frame perfect. F throw, cr mk -> instant dive kick times a 4 frame safe jump if you are perfect. I could be wrong as i just got back into E ryu a couple weeks ago and i just started trying to fine tune my setups 2 days ago. i would go with cr mk over st mp.

Otherwise thanks for the post iv been using pretty much everything else in there in training and it all looks sick as hell. The one question i have is can you do…

Backthrow, dash, instant dive kick for a 4 frame safe jump? Iv only managed to time it vs 5 frame reversals but i know i may be fucking it up by a frame however i have never made it wiff so i must be at worst 1 frame off on all my attempts.

Got a 4 frame safe jump off f throw, wiffs off axe kick fadc, 4 frame non ambiguous safe jump off back throw but i havent managed the ambiguous back throw for a 4 frame safe jump.

Also after ultra 2 is the instant dive kick vs jump mk cross up a safe jump? i cant really test it because of the annoying 10 seconds limit…


It depends on the opponent wakeup’s duration, but for most of the cast, it works. Standing MK will work aswell plus you will land at a different position than c.mk. With s.MK you also can do safe neutral jump HK against many opponents. c.mk neutral jump MK will be safe against 3f shotos if Im not mistaken.