Evil Ryu Safejump setups



So I guess lets make a list of what safejumps this guy has to make it easier for some of our matchups.

So far the ones I know are forward throw, whiff st.mp and instant dive kick will safejump everything including 3f shoryukens.

After ex axe kick (range dependent), backdash and immediately .j.hk, should safejump most 4+ reversals, does not work on Guile’s reversal FK, but it safejumps fei long easily as well as yun, I haven’t tested everyone yet but it works on most characters.This is from a max range axe kick, if you get one point blank, you can do the same setup and i find that some reversals will whiff.

anyone else got any goodies?


It won’t work on Guile because his flash kick is 4 frames. So it probably won’t work on other 4 frame reversals either. Fei Long’s Flame kick and Yun’s LK up kick are 5 frames.

With quick testing, back throw > whiff cr. LP > j.HK works on Flash Kick so I assume it should work on other 4 frame reversals (Cannon Spike, Ken’s MP SRK, etc). Take into consideration that a few characters have different wake up times (Sagat and Blanka off the top of my head) so some stuff that works on the majority of the cast won’t work on a few.

If we could get our hands on wake up frames after E. Ryu’s hard knock downs, we could come up with frame perfect setups. When I was flirting around with Makoto they came up with so much tech just from hard knock down wake up frame data.

**http://tinyurl.com/63zmfxn **

This came from the Makoto forums.


Guile’s does move him forward a lot too. You have to take into account hit box as well as frames.

What sounds odd to me is the “forward throw, whiff st.mp and instant dive kick”. What is the logic behind that being a safejump versus 3f shoryukens? Or does it just make many reliably whiff? In that case, it’s not technically a safe jump by the usual definition of blocking on the ground before the reversal has a chance to hit.


You’re timing you safe jump so the last active frame of your jump in move hits them on the first frame of their wake up. Since your either hitting Guile before his flash kick is active or blocking when it’s active, the hit box on his flash kick isn’t a factor. That goes for any reversal. As far as the dive kick, it’ll hit Ryu out of 3 frame SRKs, causing an air reset. Don’t know if it will reset Ken or not. Regarding Ryu, I don’t know how useful it is since:

[]The timing is tight
]you can’t combo from it if you stuff a SRK successfully (they’ll be reset in the air)
May be better to empty jump OS crouch tech to actually block a reversal SRK and punish on the way down.


Unless of course the safe jump timing that C2Q posted does not land at that perfect timing. It’s the same concept that makes it possible to safe jump versus 3 frame reversals, even though the frames involved wouldn’t seem to allow it. You would just shift the frames over by one. I’m not saying for certain that that’s what is going on. But it may explain C2Q’s experience with the jump-in working against other 4 frame reversals, but not guile’s. This is all assuming that s/he didn’t make a mistake in either the actual start-up of the tested reversals and/or the consistency of their tests.

Also, referring to an “empty jump OS” is just confusing. I get what you’re saying with the crouch tech being an OS. But that still had me pondering for a little bit.


the forward throw whiff st.mp and divekick causes srks to whiff in my experience and safejumps 4f reversals. Maybe some of you guys can test it to confirm?


You can late DP that safe jump setup, so it’s not really a 3f safejump setup. I’m not really a fan of whiffing normals and going into a safe jump too much. Maybe shorts/jabs, but not a strong - Looks too obvious at higher level play.


I dunno. It works pretty well against the medium sized characters that will get hit by the crossup, too. Characters where the crossup whiffs, it is pretty much telling them what you’re doing, you’re right. Even then, if they don’t know the matchup, they might not notice the difference between whiff s.mp, and walk back a frame and whiff s.mp.

Guess I may as well throw that one out there. F.throw, walk back for 1f, whiff s.mp, j.hk. Will hit as a fake crossup, or make a 5f reversal whiff. It’s difficult, but it’s another option vs. Seth and Sagat, which you can’t really do dive kick stuff to.


I was just messing with e ryu and was gonna post this find, but apparently someone else has found it before me ;__;

anyways… after f.throw, whiff s.mp and immediate j.mk crossup for another safejump (possibly only 5f safe jump, didn’t work against guile)

edit: well… j.mk didn’t safe jump fei, but it does work against viper; she wakes up 1f slower after f.throw http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v427/metallicaband/wakeup-times.jpg (This chart is outdated from super, so adon wakes up normally now. Also it is an akuma chart, so ignore the other KD columns aside from f.throw) >__>


i dont think you can use that chart unless e.ryu’s normal throw is exactly the same as akuma (i dont even know if the chart is accurate)

viper isnt known to wake up 1f earlier from my knowledge

and how are you comparing fei and vipers wake up???

fei’s reversal burn kick is 5f, i dont think viper has a 5f reversal…


You’re right about viper not having 5f rev, idk why I thought that. But characters do have different wake up times, and I’m almost positive it doesn’t matter who throws them. If you want to go test it, try out ryu’s typical safe jump (sweep, then hold up forward and j.hk) against fei, then try that against sagat, viper, or cammy and you’ll see that you will whiff the j.hk because they wake up slower

But anyways, I only messed around with e.ryu for a couple of days… j.mk didn’t seem too reliable, i’m sorry :slight_smile:


Now here’s a safe jump I don’t exactly who it works on but I know it works after a fadc dp Hk axk kick then immediately far standing fierce then jump Mk. I know it works against guile


true that some chars wake up faster/slower but viper isnt known as one of them

btw, it matters who throws them/knocks them down because wake up timing also depends on the recovery frames of the move (and 2 other factors)

heres the math

and i did try that ryu safe jump against viper, it didnt whiff, so it must be your execution?