Evil Ryu Satsui no Hado amature?

I don’t know if it’s been said. But comparing the personalities of Akuma to Evil Ryu, Akuma actually seems more like a good guy in the sense that, although they both use the Satsui no Hado, Akuma at least isn’t bat-shit crazy. Ryu doesn’t seem to be able to control his new power and thirsts for blood.

Akuma’s always wanted to fight to the death. Moreso for Oni. Akuma’s always been crazy, Ryu just recently joined the club is all :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah they share the same personality problems honestly. You make it sound like Akuma doesn’t kill people (Cough Bison, cough Super Turbo cough)

I think he means the difference is Akuma will only fight and kill opponents he deems worthy: ie capable fighters and not random mooks. Didn’t he just knock Ken out once and didn’t fight him because he thought he was weak? E.Ryu, doesn’t seem to have that problem he just kills whatever.

Akuma also spared Gen when he found he was ill with leuchemia. E. Ryu on the other hand will kill everything in sight.

Akuma wants a fight to the death. E.Ryu wants to kill everything in sight.

Akuma could not talk until SF4 and just said HM HM HM HM HMMMMMMM HUH HO HUH.

Lol :smiley:

No he only kills people he deems worthy. If Akuma did fight to the death, Ken and Gen won’t be around.

I didn’t see he does fight to the death, I said he WANTS a fight to the death. Meaning he wants to kill a worthy opponent. E.Ryu really does want to kill everything in sight.


Lol. Good one, indeed.