Evil Ryu Setups and combos

Evil Ryu combos

Sf2 style

  1. Overhead jump Hk , C.lk x4 then Hadoken

  2. C.lk , lk hurricane kick

If ur Chain settings are on and ur cancel settings are on

1.Overhead Hk canceled into Hurricane then Hp dragon punch
(translated) U/f.hk (cancel into) d,b.hk , D,f,D,f Hp

  1. U/f.hk (cancel into) d,b.hk (lvl.1) Metsatsu Gou Shoryu

  2. u/f.d+mk, C.lk, C.lk, qcfx2.hp <-(Hadou Super)

Theres alot more but i gotta go =)

please let me kno if my translaitons were understandable
i suck at translating

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