Evil Ryu Suggestion Thread

Good morning everyone I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day yesterday and received everything they wanted and more . When I was eating Christmas dinner yesterday it hit me that we should have an Suggestion Thread seeing that the Evil Ryu thread is still kind of new and needs a lot of work. Now how this will work you all will post some ideas on what you’ll like to see.(matchup, video, indepth matchups, etc.) You all rate the post and what I mean is reply to the post, the post that has the most replies I’ll get on it immediately.

Good idea, I just hope we can get some more lurkers to participate. It’s kind of boring with the same 5 of us or so. As for me, since I’m trying to push his mix ups, I’m going to make a thread about that and hopefully people can add to it so people can stop playing this character in such a plain way. He can mix it up, people just need to learn about it.

Well I have some mixups that I want to post

I guess since no one is going to reply im just going to go crazy in this thread i hope you all enjoy what i post… but for right now im working on his blockstrings

umm… maybe a basic breakdown on evil ryu’s normals, general gameplan, etc?

I’ll get on it