Evil Ryu- Tatsu Crossup on crouch chars





Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Didn´t know you switched to E.Ryu now :open_mouth:

That U2 setup is awesome, does it work on every character you can crossup tatsu from a backthrow?


yes :slight_smile:


no way dude you gotta be kiddin me :smiley: the cross up to U2 is full animation!! Sick find man, I never woulda thought that.


Good stuff, ryu can do this as well but i didn’t know about u2.

Here’s a written list for quick reference:

front throw: s.mk, dash forward
- works on: ibuki, gen, sakura, dhalsim, viper, guy, hakan

back throw: dash forward x2
- works on: sakura, viper, guy, hakan

ex axe kick: divekick
- works on: ibuki, sakura, viper, guy, hakan


Tatsu crossup to U2 is old. First one I remember seeing was a few weeks into AE. Forward throw Sakura into the corner, empty jump, then lk tatsu. Lot’s of setups here I haven’t seen, though.


I think that i know to which vid u are reffering to,that video is similar to one of lordofultima did(silky smooth hado) which he showed that u can cross up with Ttatsumaki(LK) and follow up with Ultra(plus more),but those cross ups hit only if opponent holds back when by default u hold down back.
So it makes it useless to use.

I havent tested Essex’s findings since im not at home right now to use my console to see if it hits crouch opponents indeed