Evil Ryu Thread - Bring your strats n combo's here



OK. This is what i guess to be the Evil Ruyu thread of today. Post all of your BnB, fancy combo’s, lvl2 Super cancels, Bufferable moves, abusive moves, Pokes, mindgames and other useful info here.

It appears that Evil Ryu ain’t the most popular player here, but we’re here to change all that. Where hear to prove that he ain’t no Little bitch, no akuma clone, no inferior ryu or ken, and is to be feared by all.

“Not only decent, but downright scary” - Evil Ryu


To start us off…


  1. c.lk, c.hp xx qcf+hp
  2. j.hp, c.mk xx qcf+hp
  3. s.hp, qcb+lk, dp
  4. c.lk, c.lk, qcb+lk, dp
  5. c.hk, qcf+lp, qcb+lk(whiff), s.hp

lvl2 cancels

  1. air dive kick/roll/j.hp, c.mk, qcfx2+mp xx qcb+lk, dp
  2. air dive kick/roll/j.hp, c.mk, qcfx2+mp xx fcbx2+lp, (if in corner-> qcb+lk, dp)
  3. air dive kick/roll/j.hp, c.mk, fcbx2+mp xx qcb+lk, dp


  1. s.mp, s.hp (do it in quick succession and it will link and knockdown.)

There are sooooo many of these but the best ones are;

  1. Dash - Raging Demon
  2. Roll behind - Raging Demon
  3. Anti-air - Raging Demon

I’ll post more ish later but in the meantime put anything you guys got up.


lvl 3 Supers

By far and above the best use for this is when you exect a throw. If you manage to execute a throw of your enemy towards the centre of the screen, then you can do a LOT of damage. In any grove but A as soon as you get the throw of and finish the recovery frames IMMEDIATLY do hcb, hcb+hk. As they get up the will get hit by the Hadouken. They will be knocked unconcious. Go over and execute any combo that is high damaging. The one I use is j.hp, s.hp, qcb+lk, dp+hp. If you are in N or S and have a lvl 1 still then use it in your combo. This combo will work once a round at least adn is hard to see coming. It is not abusable but can be used very effectivly if you’re good. It can easily get 10,000 - 13,000 Damage depending on the groove.

Raging Demon
Another excellent use for the raging demon is if you knock your opponent down in the corner and xx it into teleport. The wall will immediatly kick you out of you teleport and yu can xx into Raging Demon. This is extremly hard to see coming. Even harder to get out of.

Note to remember with this is that you can juggle in the corner after executing it with dp. Better of as a lvl 1.

Not his best lvl 3 and you are probably better of using another one. Nice lvl 1 damage though.