Evil Ryu tutor?

if this is the wrong place to post this please move or delete it, i appologize.

Anyways basically i’m looking for an Evil Ryu tutor.

I’ve NEVER been good with links, but now that i’ve gotten back into the game, trying to land things with E.Ryu is killing me -_- I’m looking for someone who’s experienced with the character, who can talk to me over a mic preferably (unless you know a way to show me otherwise lol) and can show me a few links i’m trying to figure out, work out the timing, give me general tips and what not :slight_smile:

I also just started playing on a stick so that isn’t helping matters either lol (gotta love going to dash and getting a neutral or angled jump instead ^_^).

Anyways if anyone is interested in helping me, add me at:

bloodriotiori69 on Xbox360, let me know you’re from here!

i dont really think u need a tutor. all of this seems to be executed related and nothing really is going to help u out except for PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE your execution etc…

Search up on plinking.

Well if you wanna get better at execution nothing beats practice, if you wanna get better at like playing and shit, someone who teaches you the basics and all that good stuff, then maybe a tutor can help you. On that note, I am a very mediocre player and would probably hurt your progress more so than help it so thats not for me. Only tip I can give you in regards to links is, always try to focus on what your doing wrong. i.e if the dummy is blocking the attack, then your pressing the button too late, whereas if the attack isn’t coming out at all, then your doing it too early. Try to get a feel for these timings and then attempt to find a nice middle ground. No amount of tips though will make up for the amount of practice required.