Evil Ryu Unblockable Dive Kick Against The Entire Roster

Hey everyone!! Today I have decided to grind it out in the lab before V12 arrive to bring you all Evil Ryu Unblockable Dive Kicks against the entire roster, so hang in there, drink some tea or whatever you drink as I upload the videos and figure these dive kicks out.










Ok thats it for now Ill post some more later on

I appreciate all the work but you could have put these all in one post.

Yeah i know im kind of new to the srk…

does the same recording worked for the entire cast? Because theres characters who takes longer to get up than others. Do you managed to combo after the dive hits? It seens to hit too high in the air, but once the videos shows only tall opponents or the ones with fuzzy hurtboxes it may had give me the wrong impression that the c.lp wouldnt to connect.

It’s cool man, the edit function is a godsend. Keep up the work though.

Yeah it kind of works the same way for all characters but just a little different. Against Seth, and Sagat you cant combo it

Nice work. Great explanations, but it’d be better if you show yourself trying to do reversals, just to see how legit it is. Couple Q’s, does it matter how high high the dive kick is? It’s hard to tell, but do you delay your jump after the step back/fwd?

Just to let you know, really interesting tech, but Hakan can absolutely do his U2. 1 frame startup, completely invincible, so if he has it, be on the look out. If I’m on the ground I’m usually 100% ready to U2 as soon as I see somebody go into the air!

I’ll be on the lookout for this as well, for sure.

Yeah I figure as much I just wasn’t too sure because I looked at the hitbox for hakans ultra and I the hitbox for the dive kick but and I just thought the dive kick would of been safe

Well its going to take some practice but I would say the time is the same as if you were to do a fwd throw and whiff the stand mp then do the dive kick