Evil Ryu Unblockable setups after forward and back throws (anywhere on screen)

After some playing around with Evil Ryu’s grab followups, I have managed to figure out a few non perfect, and one perfect unblockable against a selection of the cast, and have made videos for them;

Perfect unblockable (Only balrog has no safe way out) (Divekick)

Non perfect unblockables;

Forward throw Follow-up

Back throw Follow-up

Evil Ryu also has a unblockable against Seth after a forward throw

Not after a throw, but it works anywhere on screen. Unblockable against Dhalsim after EX axe kick

its not an unblockable on balrog:

lemme say it better: doing the c.lp and the dive kick in the first possible frame will result on a blockable.

@Rice_eater, I will try these setups as they look useful. I have also been looking setups after ex axekick (from specific ranges) for unblockables on general cast members

@DeathGun, I found that with practise i was landing the setup frequently, and your videos shows that even if the timing is messed up, its safe, unlike my other unblockables, thanks for showing that OS though i will use that