Evil Ryu Unblockable

Just found out this unblockable:

If this is already known sry for wasting your time.

nice find man this is something that hasn’t been known to my knowledge at least

is it character specific?

It did not work on the twins (like every other setup in the world) but fei long is a character you will face often.
Since i do not play E.Ryu i did not try it on all of the cast but it is at least always very ambihious.

As far as I see, you’re blocking it wrong on the video.

Wow, game is now broken thanks to this. I demand a patch.

Ryagon, he showed the character blocking it in both directions.

Pasky, this already exists for other chars and is more common than you might realize. (If you were being sarcastic, then sorry. Add a couple exclamation points or something next time.)

There are ways to deal with this. Some are character dependent. For most, it may be possible to crouch block and then stand block the hit as late as possible. (Which direction, I do not know.) This gives you roughly 2-4 frames to time your block perfectly. (Over the roughly 1-2 frames you may have to time your block perfectly otherwise. Which may be fair as it requires good timing to do this “unblockable” in the first place. It’s blocking early that causes both blocking directions to fail.)

This is something that needs to be played with in the training room. But overall the best defense is to not let yourself be put into this position (forward thrown with little enough health for the high jump-in lk to matter) in the first place.

Anyway, I’m tired of being pedantic on fighting game forums. This is my best understanding of the “unblockable” jump-in situation. If it’s flawed, then please figure it out yourself.

It was sarcasm, I thought this was a joke topic because I thought the throw was the “unblockable”, since he never showed that auto block was actually on. If that j. lk truly is unblockable…wow this game.

@Pasky: You can not test unblockables on the auto block option because the computer will just cheat and block anyways.
This is why the only way to test a unblockable setup is to record the dummy and block it yourself.
(if it would be possible to test unblockables with the auto block option things would be much easier)
Also in this Videos the people do it the way I do it:

I got to know that many people lack this understanding of how you can test/make up unblockables, maybe this is why we only have so few

PS: I just got a new unblockable. This time it works as an safe jump against 3 frame uppercuts and you can combo after it.
In the corner: FA (crumple)-Dash-Cr.HK-j.MK
It works against Seth and Fei long for example.

This time i will try to make a better Video with explanations and maybe other unblockables as well.
If you want to help me you can test it on other characters and post your results ;).

And btw: Yes the throw is unblockable too ^^

Maybe I’m missing something then…I always thought an unblockable was a situation where it’s impossible to block, usually a blocking low situation, stuck in block stun and you’re hit with a high attack such as an overhead or jumping attacking. How is this unblockable if you’re not setting auto block and if you do set autoblock the CPU is able to block it? I’ve seen the CPU get hit in a true unblockable setup with autoblock on, so not sure what you mean by “it will cheat”. If you’re just throwing, and then jumping and blocking one direction it’s probably just ambiguous each time because of human error and lack of consistency. Unless you can get the spacing and timing correct for consistency, I think this is probably just a really ambiguous setup.

If I’m wrong, please explain further because I’m trying to understand.

As to the cpu blocking, with autoblock on, the cpu will actually block in both directions if needed. I think you’re thinking of the fireball unblockables from vanilla SF4. In that situation, it was impossible(even for the cpu) to block on the flash frame of an ultra. This meant that if you could time it so a fireball was inside the character during the flash, it was impossible to block, making the ultra unblockable.

This unblockable is different. This one has to do with 3d hitboxes acting a little strange. Tough to explain without going into huge detail, but basically, he’s timing it so that the opponent has 1 frame to act on wakeup. If he’s holding back, or forward, he’ll walk for 1 frame. When a character walks, the hitbox changes slightly. This is going to sound backwards. If he holds forward, he walks forward for that 1 frame and gets hit in front. If he holds back, he walks backwards for 1 frame and gets hit in back. It has to do with the way the hitbox for the head changes as they walk.

If you want more detail, I’d suggest looking up the Ken unblockable thread. He was one of the characters it was first discovered for, and somewhere in there it’s explained really well how it works.

If the video is ok (and I think it is), then it also works for Ryu, right?

As far as I know, every character can do these unblockables, and every character can be hit by them. It’s a question of finding the specific setups that work.

I found only one pattern , so far got it to work against Claw and it works only in corner :frowning:

Ground Breaking. through a couple of hours in the lab, i just discovered an unblockable that works midscreen! also, so far, it works on all shotos! not the twins tho -____-

please like the video too… i’ll be posting more set ups and unblockables throughout my time in the lab. pluss i’ll make the complete list of who this works on in a while.

Edit: The complete list THIS iteration of the unblockable work on are only: Akumi, Ibuki, C.Viper, Cammy, and Guy.

POSSIBLE, yet stricter timing and spacing on: Ryu, Ken, Oni, Evil Ryu

I recorded a better set up for the same unblockable on Ken using a s.Strong rather than a s.Short. the timing is more accurate.

find it here:

The videos are private… but I assume you mean the walk away a bit -> st.strong whiff -> cross-up forward correct ?

I found this out as well , which was the day after I found out the Claw Boxer and Dan one in corner . It’s a good setup but what fails it sometimes is that to some characters it can be crouched , and it can be auto-corrected in some cases .

*Toward Throw -> Walk Away (SLIGHTLY) -> St.Strong -> Jumping Forward (Corner or Midscreen Character Specific)

-Midscreen and Corner-
Ryu (Loses to auto-correct DP mid-screen)
Viper (Loses to Fierce TK anywhere)
Guy (Loses to EX Bushin Shinpu-Kyaku anywhere)
E.Ryu (Can crouch mid-screen ; Loses to auto-correct DP mid-screen)
Guile (Can crouch anywhere)
El Fuerte (Can crouch anywhere)

-Midscreen Only-
Gouken (Loses to Parry anywhere)
Zangief (Loses to Lariat anywhere)

-Corner Only-
Akuma (Loses to auto-corrected DP mid-screen)
Oni (Loses to auto-corrected DP mid-screen)
Hakan (Loses to U2)

EDIT : You got it to work on Cammy ? That’s weird it didn’t work for me . Maybe the spacing from walk away alters against some people .

unblockable against Yun:


Neat. Some time in training and i found out that if you do basically the same setup, it will work as a fake crossup. I think it works on everyone (i tested yun/shotos/blanka out but not all the characters) and works midsrcreen, but you gotta alter the jump a bit against taller characters. Basically when you forward throw, step back slightly and then jump short. It will crossup and will let you combo a jab into whatever you want after. They have to be blocking it pressing forward not back. SO basically its a crossup that needs to be blocked like a non crossup attack.