Evil Ryu Unblockables



Ive been working hard in the lab with evil ryu and Ive came across some unblockable. This unblockable works against Abel, Bison, Boxer, Dudley, and Gouken


Another unblockable this one works against Guy, C. Viper, Gief, Fuerte, Blanka, Evil Ryu, Ryu, and Rufus


Ill be working on unblockable dive kicks next and ive already have some ambigious air tatsu crosses for him ill post those videos up soon


Before i go to sleep heres one more unblockable it only works in the corner and it works against
Vega, Boxer, Dan, Fei Long and Yang


if anyone is interested in meaty setups for evil ryu let me know ill post some videos


Yes that would be gr8! Nice unblockables


Post them joints fam


Great information you got there. Anything else you can find would be really appreciated.


hey guys im glad to see people checking the stuff out that i post ill start today off by testing and figuring out an unblockable air tatsu or at least ambiguous ones


Would like to see this! Thanks for posting.


I have been working thats why i havent been posting any vids but I will post some meaties and ill post the ambiguous Tatsu on Monday or Tuesday on my days off


That last corner unblockable setup was found a while back , I made a video about it as well in a earlier thread of unblockables which pretty much died :stuck_out_tongue: . I like the first two videos of those unblockable setups , good finding !


Fantastic work mate, these are sick