Evil Ryu. Violent Ken. Impatient Dan?

I saw that stuff on mugen and some other stuff had Evil Ryu which was from SFA3 and some people made a Violent Ken?? How about an impatient Dan? He got impatient and started learning the ‘Dark Hadou’.


Pick up your fucking shit because you’re fucking fired.

so…how long do you plan on staying at srk?


unzips pants

He shouldn’t have even been hired in the first place, dipshit never learned AIDA.


If this was a mugen forum I might see a point to this, but what is this doing here?

I mean, where are you even implying you want to see this? SFIV? HD Remix? Where?

You want Dan with a raging demon, play MvsC2. He has one, and it fits his uselessness (it almost kills him)

We saw Evil Ryu because he was part of the Alpha story.

:rofl: at this thread.

Failure, enough said.

menstrual Sakura!

Aw man I can see where this is going…


There is already a evil version of Dan in mugen. its called Evil Dan dumbass.

And Violent Ken was from SVC: Chaos

This is one of the few times that I am surprised that there is a stupid thread and its NOT in the Street Fighter 4 forums


How about Friendly Akuma?

Kara Caring Demon (he hugs u)

I was thinking Racist Guile.

Much like this thread, that would be a bloody mess.


Salsa Dee Jay
Sir Honda
Artistic Balrog

Way to ruin it.