Evil Ryu VS Akuma

Oooooohh what’s gonna happen here…
soooo, what do you think? just some little fan art i’ve done…I’ll post more soon.


Its very great, good stuff.

Awesome, just awesome!!!:eek: I can’t wait to post some pics of my own once my scanner get fixed.:stuck_out_tongue:

good stuff, you can tell they’re about to rip each other to shreds. it would look better if they were grappling instead of standing there in static poses though. and i think that ryu’s left forearm and lower body look slightly. But it’s still kickass!

why is there an outline to everything

outline? what outline?

maybe im seeing things but it looks like theres an outline around ryu and akuma maybe eraser lines or something?

Yeah, there’s an outline, but it’s like a whiter white inside the outline.

ohhhhh, thats sort of like their aura…getting all their powers at the ready:p

I thought that might’ve been it. Like…bad reference, but when Vegeta uses his attack that “kills” Majin Buu. Anywho…cool!!:slight_smile:

Holy shit thats HOTT:eek: . Fuck man, I wish i could draw:mad: :frowning:


You know this picture should be FOR SURE in EVOLUTION T-shirts. no doubt. what do you all think? and I like the saying too.

That should be on the T-shirt too
"How can you defeat a monster without becoming one."

i second this. this REALLY REALLY should be on the shirt.
that sketch is very inspiring.:slight_smile:

Ahhh cool! you guys can actually make this into a t-shit!? That would be beyond cool!! What is this Evo-t-shirt thing about??
I am really happy you guys like this piece!:smiley:

quite amazing :slight_smile: if i had to take stabs at it i’d point out that Ryu’s enck looks kinda thin (makes him look kinda frail) and that… umh… their mitts extend a wee bit high up their forearms. but this is pretty high calibre stuff, hope to see more :slight_smile:

the pose looks awfully familiar…

You know just PM Mr.Wizard or anyone that’s administraitor…but I would suggest Mr.Wizard. And tell him about my idea…to put your picture on the EVO t-shirt and see what he thinks. I think he will like it and will think about it because is good for a t-shirt at EVO.

the problem with that drawing is it doesnt cater to all the games, its a multi game event, so you would need to get like all games in there.

It’s still an awesome drawing none the less.

I didn’t though of that but that’s a good point. I just thought it might be good because last EVO t-shirt was only akuma…and ryu i believe. or was it the 2002 EVO?

Anyways, good drawing and if you can come up with a good drawing with the rest of the games…or almost then just ask wizard. his the man.

OK, that’s cool, thanks. I guess I might do another piece in that case…errm by the way… what games do you think I should do?:confused: and how many?