Evil Ryu vs Guile Match up guide

(work in progress still)
Prologue: (Feel free to skip this part if you don’t want my back story. Just know by you not reading it you have hurt my feelings :frowning: )
I never thought I would ever be doing his well in tournaments. Throughout the past 5 and soon to be 6 years of playing this game, going on and off to random local tournaments and close by locals, to going to Battle Circuit and Majors religiously from 2013-2014.

At CEO2014, I was moved from pool to pool because they didn’t know who I was. I was placed in NuckleDu’s pool initially, and then they moved me to Snake Eyes’ pool. But before I was moved I thoroughly broke this match down because this was my first out of the North East major, and the fact I wasn’t seeded at all had me all kinds of upset. Long story short, I applied all my knowledge from the theory I brought up from thinking about playing Du, to Kevin (Dieminion). Started from the bottom, now we’re here! :slight_smile:

Evil Ryu vs Guile
(For Evil Ryu)
+Equal life (950)
+Guile is easily stunned
+Red fireball controls space well.
++Good horizontal normals to fend off Guile offensively and defensively.
+Amazing Focus
+Ambiguous setups / Unblockables on Guile
+Dive kick helps control and occupy space.
+Dive kick also helps Evil Ryu mix up his jump ins which force Guile to guess.

-At certain spaces Guile wins in the fireball war.
-If Guile get’s started, you’re forced to block for long periods of time.
-Guile has faster normals.
-By taking calculated risks and trades, it might seem too late if put in the wrong position against Guile.
-Patience is a must.

Round start-
This part of the match is where Evil Ryu players will always feel at their weakest.

  1. If you throw a fireball and he throws a sonic boom, he recovers and you eat a toward fierce to the face!
  2. If you jump and he throws a sonic boom, he’s gonna crouch fierce and trade with your jump in and you land on a sonic boom where he has all the momentum to keep chucking booms while you have to sit there and hold that.

Hell, he could back first you at the start of the round and you kinda have to just take it! Ideally your best choices are focus back dash, or block and push him away. But after that a lot of opportunity is opened up once he has officially backed up off of you.

Full screen-
This is where Evil Ryu really shines in this match. No matter how big the life lead is, if Guile is at full screen chucking booms and you’re full screen, you will almost always force him to come back to you. Mixing up your fire balls between regular and red fireballs, he’s forced to make a decision.

Closing the gap-
As Evil Ryu, all of these choices are good for you.

A. Get chipped out and pushed towards the corner
-He’s cornered, and you have officially locked him down to die.
-Flash kick FADC is -5, blow it up if it ever happens because believe me they’re almost always forced to.
-Another waste of meter for Guile is to sonic boom and FADC to try to get out of the corner. They might use 3 bars just to do EX to push you even further. Don’t be phased, block it out and keep him there.
-He might even use 3 bars to EX boom, FADC and jump. When he does he just wants minimal trades to get out. This is all OKAY! He officially put himself almost full screen where you win, and he’s down 3 bars.

B. Start moving forward
Here’s were it get’s only a little trickier, keep in mind no matter what Guile does to you, if you get hit, you let him hit you. Guile really doesn’t have options to really open you up. Take the throw, take the chip, and take the overhead. you dish out way more damage.

When Guile walks forward it’s typically with a sonic boom or a jump in. Be ready for either and punish accordingly. Guile players also like to throw a jab sonic boom and use it as a shield. They walk behind it as they come to pressure you. There are a couple of solid options against this based on spacing. Again, based on where you are on screen at the time!

Red Fireball - this is definitely what’s gonna be used more so at full screen.
EX Fireball - more of a solid option as they are a little closer to you.
Level 1 focus attack backdash - you would use this if they’re like in your face doing this practically. It kind of resets the situation, just block afterwards because there’s definitely more of an assault coming after that but it’s nothing you really can’t handle.
Block - never a bad thing to just stare at Guile while he’s trying to be impressive. Never a bad option especially when he’s caught you off guard.

The last scenario when he moves forward, is where he isn’t charged and there is no sonic boom on screen. Chances are he’s already up in your face or in the process of getting up in your face. You have similar options as before. I’m looking at focus attack, ex fireball or even block. But here is where you get the chance to finally press buttons!

Standing Medium Kick - One of the (if not the best) mid attack in the game. Shuts Guile down in his tracks and you get to apply pressure as you see fit after this. Only really gets stopped by focuses. OH BUT WAIT-

Low Forward - self explanatory.This is your main poke as an Evil Ryu player. You get all of your combos off of it and you can buffer to blow up focus attacks with it. You should already know what’s up.

Stand Strong - This button in this match functions almost like Dudley’s st.fierce but it’s cancelable! You could even blow up focus attacks with the target combo.

Crouch Strong - I like to call this my shield. It protects me from the worst the world has to offer including people walking forward! If they block it your plus, it’s a very active button, and it’s special cancelable!

C. Neutral Jump
The second he neutral jumps you have the opportunity to inch closer on your terms. He messed up by neutral jumping. Now you have the advantage to throw a meaty fireball and move forward even closer to where yo want to be.

This is where things get trickier in the MU. Even though I gave you all valid ways to never have to completely jump against Guile, he could still maintain a certain distance if you don’t occupy your space accordingly. Keep in mind this isn’t just about jumping in on Guile. It’s about using your jumps and dive kicks properly to gain and occupy space. Having sonic booms wiff throw Guile off his groove or any fireball characters off of their rhythm to begin with. Even focusing a fireball ruins everything! Mixing up your options between jumping, blocking and focusing can drastically change the way the Guile throws his sonic booms.

Now for jumping in, when you jump in it’s okay to mix up your jumps with jump roundhouse, and immediate or delayed dive kick the way you see fit. Guile technically has a way to anti air each option but it’s the fact he has to guess which makes this frustrating for Guile. With this theory in mind, these are the ways some Guiles have been dealing with the guess.

  1. Crouch Fierce - his go to AA when he’s caught not charging. Delayed dive kick and even early jump in roundhouse to beat it out at the tip or at worst trades.
  2. Flash Kick - Delayed Dive kick blows this up 8/10 times based on how you space it. It’s very discouraging for Guile to use this as an option. Sometimes, Dive kick makes it wiff and Guile could eat a half life and near stun combo.
  3. Jump back fierce/grab - surprisingly not the absolutely method when going to anti-air. It’s good, but the loss of position and high chance of an active dive kick beating it out is discouraging at times as well.
  4. Crouch - A good Guile player knows that characters with deep jump ins like to press their jump in early to trade/beat out Guiles anti-airs. The trick to beating this would be seeing it ahead of time and doing a late jump in. But what really blows this up is dive kick. Nothing like a fast dive kick that hits overhead.
  5. Block - he has to hold that lol.

Dealing with upside down kick-
First let’s take a look at what upside down kick actually does.
Damage: 100
Start up: 16 frames
Frame adv on block: 0
Frame advantage on hit: +5
Goes over low attacks

Obviously this move is here to blow up crouch techs but it’s very slow. Possibly one of the few moves that may, or may not open you up based on how you decide on taking it. But here’s how you deal with it.

  1. Block - yeah boring option but sometimes the best option.
  2. Focus back dash/Level 1 focus attack backdash - solid option, not much Guile could really do to it.
  3. DP - yeah I said it!
    4.Crouch tech with jab or medium punch - this is possibly a very favorite option amongst most players. If timed properly and used a the right time, you could get a counter hit before the kick goes airborne. But hypothetically you hit it while he’s active, you trade and he’s off you.

Thinking about it, it’s just like how other players deal with Evil Ryu’s hop kick.

vs Dieminion CEO2014 Top 32 Losers bracket

vs Dieminion NLBC #91 (17:29)

vs Nuckle Du Summer Jam 8 - Team Tournament

vs Black Alpha Guts3 (Pool Play)

Anything else you think I should add? YOU TELL ME! I’m trying to figure out what else I don’t have lol.

Amazing stuff! Very in depth! I have a couple of questions though.

First is just a general question. How do you crouch tech with a jab? All my successful crouch techs come out with short. Every time I try to do jab crouch tech, it comes as only a jab which sometimes lead me to get thrown.

Second question: Since Guile is a charge character, if you land a knockdown, is it not as important to cross him up in this match to make him lose charge? He still has flash kick, but if you have your safe jumps down, then Evil Ryu can blow it up. Or is it more important to take advantage of him walking forward? Or pressure him to the corner?

lol thanks. I might have to reedit it in terms of organization. Wrote most of it off the top of my head one night. When you jab tech (which is almost always better than regular crouch teching) you pretty much crouch tech but press jab first. It’s kind of like a PLink/Kara throw. Same applies to crouch teching with any other button like crouch strong. When you plink crouch strong you normally plink with jab, therefore you just add the kick and do it all at the same time with the same timing as a PLink.

Crossing him up isn’t too bad, as well as messing up his inputs up his inputs are important yes but if you have the option between cornering him or opening up is really up to you. I need some time to add some stuff lol. Pretty sure the unblockables still work on him. There are also some tricky jump in roundhouse cross up setups and what not I’m gonna have to add chances are.

Great write up. All in All it takes patience to play a guile opponent, some just have to work on it. I too at times wanna just go in & swing at Guile, that’s how you get put in your place. Lol it’s a methodical & slow battle. Sometimes it can be tiring to be honest trying to get over that wall.

Great write up LilEvil, this is a match I use to struggle with but almost never lose nowadays because I lame them to death. I try to get a life lead and chuck 2-3 hit shaku’s from full screen so he’s forced to come at me and EX booms are useless and just a waste of resource from this range. I try to mix up the different fireballs to gain more chip or possibly land a hit and if he jumps over to get closer I’ll take advantage of his lack of charge or inability to anti-air me reliably. I’ve won so many matches from time outs or with less than 20-30 seconds left that I’ve lost count a long time ago. Good/decent Guile players will try to be as patient as possible to avoid getting to close to you so you have to show the same amount of patience and not kill yourself by chasing after him blindly.

As for set ups, yeah they still work on him but it’s not longer a unblockable, now it’s a fake cross up. DWU killed the hard knockdown set ups. But fortunately that’s where the new target combo comes in handy. It always worked before but wasn’t useful since cl. MP had very limited range. Since it works from far MP now you can combo into it from a hit confirm or a axe kick combo. Just hold up forward into a j. HK and you have a fake cross up if they quick rise. If they don’t quick rise, just cr. MP after you land and you can repeat the set up.