Evil Ryus advantages over Akuma

  1. His finishers are a lot easier to pull off, A LOT
  2. He has quicker recovery time
  3. That axe kick is awesome
  4. His teleportation, although shorter, is much faster.
  5. He hits like a damn train compared to Akuma.

And I checked, he shares the same stun and health pool as Akuma, so they’re the same amount of frailty.

Would anyone else like to add anything else from their experiences?

  1. If you can’t do Akuma’s ultras, you’re probably not good to begin with.
  2. Recovery time on what? If you mean his DPs they’re roughly the same as Ryu/Ken
  3. How is that an advantage?
  4. His teleports are the about the same length, but they are in no way, shape or form faster than Akumas. What have you been smoking?
  5. Akuma doesn’t deal raw damage out, but the opportunities and setups afforded to him out-weigh the extra damage E. Ryu does.

As for an actual advantage over Akuma, the dive kick can be activated earlier and later in the jump arc, making it easier to use and better as a mix-up tool.

  1. Ummm… I’m sorry, Akuma’s finishers are a real bitch to pull off regardless compared to most of the other finishers. But I suppose this is opinion more than fact. Retracted from being a fact.
  2. Admittingly, Akuma’s normal moves have better recovery, but my friend who plays Evil Ryu (after dropping Akuma as his main) states he cited switching to Evil Ryu due to Akuma’s special recovery feeling slower.
  3. It’s great for applying close range pressure, and it’s an armor breaker. Plus it varies in speed, allowing you to mix it up.
  4. Alright, I retract this statement.
  5. I believe this is opinionative to the style of the player, so it’s not much more fact than it is personal feel. Retracted from being a fact

I have to agree with dive kick, though. I find it to be highly useful for getting inside.

I do agree that axe kick of his is decent for hopping over lows and faking out someone so you can cancel into you super. The rest of these sound like opinions though.

Ummm you can’t cancel the axe kick to super and it doesn’t tech lows… I think you may be referring to his forward mk. Which is punished by grapplers on block and gets sucked up by a level 2 focus

No advantages:nono:

Being an Akuma main and having tried out E.Ryu, I can tell you Akuma will own E.Ryu any day of the week. Akuma’s demon flip (kick, grab or palm) alone outweights any advantage Evil Ryu has. Akuma’s vortex is simply insane, E.Ryu can’t make an untechable knockdown a game-changing moment, Akuma can. Akuma’s teleport is faster and better than E.Ryu’s. Akuma has air fireballs. One thing I can say is that E.Ryu’s damage output is crazy without any EX bars but the mk.axe kick to cr.mp is a 1f I guess but not that hard of a 1f.

I think the only advantage E.Ryu has over Akuma is that his U2 looks so much freaking better :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, on a more serious, E.Ryu’s damage output is sick but I just can’t see why anyone would pick E.Ryu over Akuma. Akuma has air fireballs, an unstoppable vortex game and a stupidly good teleport.

ITT: Players that are unaware of the term “vortex”

Being an E.Ryu main and once mained Akuma, And my friend is a REALLY good Akuma, the match is 7 - 3, in akuma’s favor.

Akuma’s Tools are just too good. Evil Ryu beats him in a fireball war, full screen meterless, but once Akuma gains 1 bar, u have to watch out for EX demon flip. 2/3 screen is where Akuma’s RH demon flip can get u, so u can’t really throw fireballs like that. he can Air Fireball and walk behind it and apply pressure. Akuma’s Vortex is just nasty, so once he gets a knockdown, E.Ryu’s options are just terrible. u can try to teleport out, but akuma’s walk speed is fast enough where he can just walk behind it, sweep u and repeat the vortex. E.Ryu’s raw damage is good, but you need to get a 1f link or 2f link if u want to get the 300+ damage, and u need to Hit confirm from a C.Forward -> Hadoken if u don’t want to jump in or dash in mindlessly and hope for the Cl.Fierce or C.Fierce to connect. evil ryu takes hits like a bitch, so after akuma scores a sweep and about 2 or 3 WRONG GUESSES, guess what… ur stunned and about half of ur HP is gone. Akuma’s EX DP beat’s E.Ryu’s in a head to head, so an end of round chip is free, and if u teleport out, he can catch you when he lands. E.Ryu has a really really hard time in this match up against any good akuma.

ooo, and if you mean akuma’s Ultra’s as finishers… think about this… Akuma’s U1 has a 3f invincibility so the opponent can not Jump In or else that is Anti Air raging demon. and akuma’s U2 is cancel-able out of a teleport… which means 2 things. he can combo into it from Cl.Fierce -> Teleport -> U2. ANDDDD you have to respect his teleport on wake up, which means you can not option select ANYTHING on his wake up, because he can just teleport and U2 on reaction, so it forces you as the opponent to change your strategy and be less offensive because you don’t want to get ultra’d.

think about it, it changes up match ups drastically. for instance, in the akuma v. ken match up. one of ken’s main strategies for pressure against akuma is Jump in O.S. EX tatsu. that way, if the jump in hits, ken is still on akuma and can continue his block string… if akuma teleports, ken will follow him with his EX tatsu and hit akuma with the last couple of hits and still apply pressure. BUT when akuma gets U2, Ken can NOT do that OS, or any OS for that matter because if the Akuma player see’s the EX Tatsu come out during his teleport, he can cancel into his U2 on reaction, and Ken will get caught. And this strategy can be applied to ALOT of Akuma’s matchups and alters it drastically. And you might say “who really Option Selects all the time”… well, my friend, in mid or high level play, they option select damn near ALLL of the time to apply pressure, score a knockdown among other things… having this threat of having a U2 come out during any given teleport eliminates a pivotal aspect of an opponents offense, and forces them to make an adjustment on the fly, which some players can not do.

so both of akuma’s ultra’s are better than evil ryu’s ultra’s in many ways. Many Matchup changing ways.

  1. What finishers? SRK? Yea because that is so hard to pull off… Honestly Akuma is one of the easiest characters to pull off combos with. Even the hardest links aren’t that hard. The worst he has now (out of the actually useful combos) is Tatsu Sweep, but that is tweenty times easier to pull off than E.Ryu’s tatsu sweep on the few characters he can do it against.
  2. On what specificially.
  3. Will concede this point. Axe kick is awesome.
  4. His teleport is complete and utter trash compared to Akuma. So easy to punish it isn’t even funny.
  5. For less meter yes, in terms of actual damage no. Akuma can generate just as much damage as E.Ryu but just for a higher cost. At the same time though Akuma builds meter about ten times faster than E.Ryu does.

I didn’t explain why E.Ryu’s ultra’s aren’t better than Akuma’s… wellllll

First of, with U1, it’s mainly only used as a combo ender… and he is only dangerous when he has 2 meters. it’s a bad AA, has little to no invincibility and the recovery is bullshit… just like O.Ryu’s U1… use just like that. Evil Ryu’s U2 can be used as an AA, but it has like about 6 or 7 frames start up, so you basically have to anticipate a jump. It moves horizontally FIRST before striking upwards so it will not hit things that a regular DP will, or Jab DP (ie. it will not hit akuma’s EX Demon Palm or Dictator’s EX Head Stomp… it will whiff) so BASICALLY E.Ryu’s U2 is ONLY a punish ultra… on Moderate to GOOD reaction. ALSO, at some ranges, only the FIRST hit of the small DP of the U2 would hit, the opponent falls out, but E.Ryu continues with the rest of his animation, leaving ample time for an adequate punish for your opponent, so u can not just throw it out there when u think u are close enough… you need to make sure.

ohhh, the axe kick… they are awesome frame traps BUTTTT… they LOSE to DP mashers inbetween block strings. only Forward (MK) axe kick can be combo off. on block, they ALL leave u at a frame disadvantage. and the Light Axe Kick is ATLEAST -3 to -4 on block, so if a shoto blocks it, it’s a free DP. actually, ON HIT a light Axe Kick, you are at a frame disadvantage, i’m not sure the frame data on that, but i know you are at a disadvantage. so they might LOOK awesome, but use sparingly.

To be fair so does 90% of the strings in the game.

You might want to look at the frame data before you start posting it.

lk axe kick -7/0
mk -2/+4
hk +1/KD
EX -4/KD

The fact that Evil Ryu can combo his Ultras makes them both good, its just more gravy to the pain train. I don’t know about anyone else but I for sure can reaction U1 a fireball and walk back U2 a jump in.

where did you find the frame data on Evil Ryu. I’ve been waiting for his and Oni’s frame data. It’s not on Eventhubs nor the Ipod APP, so i’ve just been going off of experience.

AE Wiki has it.


His advantage over Akuma is damage. Akuma has comparable combos, but they’re not started from comparable situations. His high damage combos start with far hard kick. E.Ryu’s high damage combos are much easier to land, because they start from c.lp or cl.hp.

Akuma’s biggest advantage over E.Ryu, is untechable knockdowns. He can sweep several characters after lk tatsu, and he can combo into sweep on a standing opponent.