Evil Ryus advantages over Akuma

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Um no sorry. No offense, please learn what you are talking about because you don’t really understand what you are talking about.

Akuma’s best combos usually start off of s.HP or the hit confirm variation c.LP > s.HP. In fact I use those way more than far HK because far HK whiffs on a good portion of the cast. Akuma’s 400+ combos all come from a s.HP combo of some sort.

Other than wheel kick combos and Ultra combos, Akuma’s combos and E.Ryu’s combos are identical

for all i know, far s.RH for akuma whiffs the second hit on all crouched Shoto’s except akuma (Ryu, Ken, Evil Ryu, etc.) but it is still a great pressure tool. it hit’s twice, so a focus attack and miss timed backdash gets blown up. It can counter hit. it can be option selected to catch backdashes out of strings. AND when the second hit of his far s.RH does connect on blocking opponents, it’s 0 on block. it does not whiff on a good portion of the cast tho. maybe 6/39 character’s it whiffs, i’m not sure. can anyone confirm the list?

You’re right, but those combos require meter. I was speaking more of meterless combos. Probably should have said so.

akuma: j.hk, c.mp, cl.hp xx lk tatsu, hp dp - 379

e.ryu: j.hk, cl.hp xx mk axe kick, c.mp xx lk tatsu, hp dp - 423

Now, if I start a combo with far hard kick, or use some meter, the dmg is closer, but not meterless. If I’m missing something, please say so. I don’t claim to be an Akuma expert, but it’s not like I’m completely ignorant of what he can do.

no, ur not missing anything, but if akuma starts the combo off with far s.rh that’s a quick 100 damage, 200 stun. and he has options after that. he can go (far s.hk -> c.mp xx lk tastu -> HP dp) for damage or (far s.hk -> far s.lp -> c.hk) for untechable knockdown to start vortex on evil ryu. not to mention (far s.hk -> c.mk xx HK tatsu) if he knows a c.mp wont hit. his far s.hk is an integral tool in akuma’s pressure that is just another addition to his offensive options in which evil ryu is just lacking.

I can name a ton more

Rufus, Ibuki, Ryu, Ken, Yun, Yang, Blanka, Chun, Rose, DeeJay, Viper, Dhalsim, E.Ryu, Cammy, Vega, Juri. Just to name the ones I can think of. Basically anyone with a low crouching hit box. There are only a handful of characters you can abuse it against without much worry about the whiff such as Abel or Makoto. Even some of the characters it does hit twice against it can whiff the second hit if you don’t space it properly.

I am not saying s.HK sucks by any means, but a lot of people overuse it when they really shouldn’t. It’s all about knowing when and where to use it just like any other poke. Some matches you have to avoid using that because it always whiffs and go for Akuma’s other pokes like c.MK, c.MP, and c.HK

Also I will note it doesn’t blow up focus attacks as well as many think. In fact the faster focus attacks can beat out the second kick and there are a hand full of characters such as Adon and Honda who can absorb the first hit and dash/release the focus under the second hit. Akuma has way safer focus punishers like c.HK > U1 or c.MK > HK Tatsu.

s.HK is a good poke, but it isn’t as great as many think it is. Too many Akuma players use it as a crutch and pay dearly for it.

The s.HK > c.MP link is a conditional link that is dependent on spacing. From the wrong distances it will cause the LK Tatsu to whiff against several characters.

Though if you really want the most damaging link from s.HK it is s.HK > s.HP, but as said these are highly conditional links. s.HK > s.HP is most commonly landed if the s.HK goes through a focus attack.

Also s.HK > s.LP only works on the large characters like Abel or Sagat. It whiffs on nearly everyone else.

90% of the time the links you will be using off of a s.HK is either s.HK > c.LP or s.HK > c.LK because those are the most reliable links. Which ends up doing roughly the same damage and stun as a s.HP > BnB

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@loyalSol interesting. i wondered why my friend ain’t use the far s.Hk > s.lp link against me most of the time. well, regardless, it’s safe to say that the general consensus is that akuma > e.ryu in the far s.hk department.

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E.Ryu’s s.HK is based more off of Ryu’s which was a great AA, but I don’t know if it is the same with E.Ryu.

Though if you really want to see some crazy combos Akuma can do without meter here is one that works as a counter hit off a focus.

s.HK (Counter hit), s.HK, s.HP, LK.Tatsu, HP.SRK

Does 419 damage, but does a crap ton of stun. You only need one solid hit after that and it is instant stun. With meter you can add in a FADC after the s.HP and stun Akuma in a single combo. You won’t pull it off very often, but it is realistic to pull this off in a real match. The conditions are actually easy to identify. The only hard part is getting the 1 frame link from s.HK > s.HK, but if you nail that the rest of the combo is easy.

Akuma can do a ton off a counter hit and he gets plenty of them.

Ryu’s far s.hk is 9 frames on start up, and E.Ryu’s is 8 frame start up, so technically, it should be better an an AA, since the start up is faster.

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  5. Zangief hits harder than most, is that an advantage over everyone?

tbh, i think the only advantage that E.Ryu has over Akuma is his Damage output where he hits like a freaking truck, but this is balanced out by E.Ryu’s Ability to somehow not able to land those combos because he is lacking tools to get in on a character, sure he has a dive kick but its easily countered by an AA move, like Sakura’s Cr.hp or a dp from his unevil self. Seriously if E.Ryu’s only main offense is his Damage output, I think that E.ryu players would have to be WHOLE lot more offensive, play a lot smarter than Ryu players or just you know, lose… haha XP

Except you’re forgetting one thing: the fun factor. Ryu is a boring sack of shit who’s mostly a turtling counter character. Evil Ryu is actually fun as shit to play, hence why I prefer E Ryu

This thread is dumb. Akuma is much better than E.Ryu in every way besides raw damage from a J.HK. You only play this guy if you want to, not if you are going for a top tier character.

Akuma is way above e.ryu

Evil Ryu doesn’t do that much, if any more damage than Akuma does. Akuma already hits very hard and has way better combos/setups than Evil Ryu. I guess Evil Ryu has a pretty good power combo into his U2 from an ex fireball but his standard bnb/fadc punish combos do not do much more at all.

The only real thing Evil Ryu has over Akuma is 100 more health.