Evil Ryu's Bread & Butter

I was working on Evil Ryu’s and I was having an INCREDIBLY hard time linking medium axe kick into crouching strong. In practice mode, I found that crouching jab was far easier to link and thus, my execution was far better. I feel that the 30 damage drop is negligible because of the vast amounts of resets and mix ups ER can apply. So, should I put some time in getting that 1-frame down or should I just work on other aspects and refine them? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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all I can really say is that plinking helps…it makes the 1 framer essentially a 2 framer

If you plink it’s a 2 frame. The damage is not negligible, and it’s actually more consistent because of the plinking in my opinion.

there are also some cases when the c.lp will whiff but the c.mp will hit. And it feels like what’s the point of playing a character primarily based on damage if you aren’t going to go for the max punish?

I spend loads of time in training mode practising loads of different characters’ combos and links, I actually find it really rewarding and satisfying

I main Ryu and play Sakura as well. I can usually get their 1-frames particularly consistent. I’d say 80% of the time. I can usually get the timing after a few hours but this link is just hard for me. I don’t know why. I’m going to just work on p-linking it. Also, anyone know any good comprehensive threads for E. Ryu basics, safe jumps, option selects, etc. It seems the threads are full of excess combos, not maximized for the intention of competitive play. Also, dat dive kick. Useful, or no?

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Divekick is pretty usefull

Fake crossup -> full Evil Ryu combo is rather good.

Mind informing me of the setup and/or whatever fake cross up is?

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Forward throw, wiff a standing medium punch, hold up forward

  1. you can do a cross up mk that will hit in the back
  2. you can do a properly timed dive kick which will hit meaty and in front - also stuff alot of reversals and makes non delayed srks wiff

both lead into the full combo

Thanks. Gonna get in the lab tonight get that down. Does it beat 3f reversals or no?

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It’s not safe at all. It’s a mixup. Can use it after you train them not to dp you. Like vs. a shoto. You’ll have to do the whiff s.mp, dive kick setups first. Once they whiff a couple dps or recognize the safe dive kicks, you can use the crossups. I should add that crossup is character specific. It will whiff on about half the cast. On the characters it whiffs on you need to walk back for 1 frame, then whiff s.mp and jump.

Oh Lord. Is there any general “rule” as to whom it whiffs on and who it doesn’t? For example, shotos or medium sized characters.

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you need all your combos.
I was against a sakura, I had basically no life, he had about 40%. He was looking for a chip opportunity, and I got him with the tip of my c.mk, then did lk axekick fadc, cl.mp, mk axekick, c.mp, srk. Then I did walk up meaty throw for the win. It was wonderful.

^^ After all of that im genuinely surprised the Sakura didnt have meter for a desperation EX DP, considering you were in chip realm. …or Back dash…

Mostly the shotos and smaller characters.

well…he was in the corner…he probably thought that I would think that he’d do wake up ex uppercut, and expect me to try my own ex dp (even though I don’t think it beats it?), so expected to block it just in case (since my dp wouldn’t have chipped him) and so I threw him…maybe he thought that I’d backdash to avoid his ex srk…so I threw him…okay

your backdash wouldve lost to his EX SRK, and if you both EX DP’ed at the same time yall would just go through each other.

Either way, whatever lol.

Either way, this guy didn’t seem to be very used to sakura.
The point was that it felt good, I’m sorry if I made some mistake

no no, it was me that went on rambling and trying to figure things out lol. you made no mistake, its fine. just my curiosity getting the best of me

No mistake. It was risky, though. Pretty much any Sakura with 3 bars would ex dp you in that situation. Assuming he had 3 bars after getting hit by that combo.