Evil Ryu's Target Combo (MP, HP)



Can someone please help me understand it’s intended purpose? It isn’t special cancellable and it isn’t safe. I can’t think of 1 situation where I feel this would be my best option. Help? Thanks guys.


fst.strong target combo is normally intended to break armor at neutral if they’re focusing in your face and at around that range if they block normally it’s safe. As a combo ender it gives you interesting spacing I’ve only used it a hand full of times as a combo ender but I think it’s a nice addition.


Yea, it’s really nice against people trying to focus and dash in all the time.

It’s not easily punishable. It’s the same as fireball. -5. It pushes them back farther than ending in fireball, too. I use it sometimes to end block strings if I want to push them all the way out.


I love it, I just forget to use it sometimes. Here are some things I think it’s useful for

  1. Punish people who are focusing really up close. Besides his MK/HK tatsu and SRK, this is his fastest 2 hit move and is relatively safe on block. It takes 7f to go from the first hitting frame of his far MP to his far HP. Far faster than canceling into his LK axe kick or any of his fireballs.

  2. It’s not bad to use as a block string. It’s -5 on block which is safer than LK axe kick(-7) and fireball(-6). And it has plenty of push back which makes is safe against almost everything. Very few moves like Ryu’s cr. HK will be able to punish it. But you could delay the 2nd hit to cause even more push back and make it so only moves like Chun Super could punish it. You could delay it so much that the fierce doesn’t hit even if the far MP hits, so it can be used a frame trap as well which I use it for sometimes.

  3. For fake cross ups in the corner. It’s been known for a while that his TC with close MP gives him a fake cross up in the corner against a dozen or so characters. But their is no practical way to use it and unless you stunned someone with a ton of moves already, it’s pointless to use it as a punish. But his new target combo gives him a way to hit confirm into it. Now he gets meterless fake cross up set ups.

  4. To end combos into a knockdown without using meter. When you use too many lights against a croucher and push your opponent too far back you can’t end the combo in a SRK anymore. Neither fireball or LK axe kick knocks down so if you prefer the knockdown without blowing meter on EX tatsu then target combo is your answer. Unfortunately the 2nd hit whiffs against a lot of characters from max range so be careful about using it against certain characters.

In the end it’s not a game changer but it’s a pretty cool new addition which can be pretty useful in certain situations.