Evil Tales of the Shun - Goku - Satsu

Welcome to my “Evil Tales of the Shun-Goku-Satsu”. For those individuals who don’t know what it stands for, it’s another term for “Raging Demon”, Akuma’s ever so popular move. I’ll try to finish my first fictional story today, still suffering of computer failure at home somewhat like The Damned, however, I’ll will post and finish each of the following stories when given the chance:

Evil Ryu Emerges
Evil Ryu Emerges Part 2
Devil’s Child ( a fictional Dark Sakura Story )
Shin Akuma’s Spirit

Remember, this is just fictional, random shit can happen at anytime…

Let’s begin…

Evil Ryu Emerges (Part 1)

Victory only comes to the one most trained and determined. All of the matter of the one young man, the state of dicipline on his mind, it wasn’t enough!!! “He” was Ryu, master of the HADOKEN!! But by master, Ryu didn’t want to call it that. In his state of mind, the hadoken could never be. The hadoken was just energy of the fist alone, Ryu took exception to this fact. He trained harder, each time thinking of the HADOKEN!! He finally emerged from the cold caves of Japan, and who did he come to find, It was Guy! (Guy, SFA3) The two stared eye to eye, Guy finally spoke:

You must be Ryu, the one I heard so much about…(Guy)
What of that fact? (Ryu)
Intresting Warrior you are , however, your skills do not impress me…(Guy)
There is only one skill…I MUST LEARN!! (Guy)
That my friend, is the Shun - Goku - Satsu! (Guy)

Ryu at the time never heard of the move, however, Guy began to talk more.

“Shun - Goku - Satsu, better known as the “Raging Demon” I am now in search of the warrior who knows such skill.” (Guy)

Ryu assumed that Guy thought that he knew the Raging Demon, but he indeed didn’t. However, ryu did not tell him, he was amused by this “Guy”, so, he lied!

I shall teach you the Shun - Goku - Satsu only if you challenge me! I am the warrior you seek! (Ryu)
Or, so I already knew. Fine, I challenge you! (Guy)

The two began battle, hadoken’s, flips, hurricane kicks, it was all there! In the end, ryu won. Guy could not fight anymore!

Uggugh…Enough, I except defeat, not overlook it. (Guy)
You are a great fighter, however, I wasn’t the warrior you antcipated, I do not know the shun - goku - satsu. It is this fact that you are not ready for the challenges ahead. (Ryu walks away)

The sun fades in the background, ryu crosses the path of japan’s finest paths. Ryu alone thought about this “shun - goku - satsu” he was now determined to meet the warrior who knewn such move, he had no idea who actually did. He had heard of a mysterious warrior named “Gen” who laid on the mountains of Japan. No one knew why he was actually there, or what he actually did, or if he was even true. In still knowing this, Ryu began to search for Gen. In two months of searching. Ryu discovered a hidden temple on the far eastside of Japan’s mountains. He walks in, only to find himself attacked with kicks the speed of sound! It was chun - li! What was she doing there?! Ryu took many blows from Chun - li, however, ryu managed to get in a “Shoryuken” on chun-li, knocking her to the ground. A voice is then heard…

Enough. (Mystery Voice)

Chun-li and Ryu looked far at the altar, it was Gen! He had his eyes closed, meditating somewhat at the least, he began to speak…

The constant state of you two fighting will not solve a mere problem at this point, it is I you seek, correct? (Gen)
Yes, I want to learn of the warrior of the shun - goku - satsu! ( chun-li)

Ryu’s eyes was in shock! A mere girl, obviously quick at kicking and striking, wanted the same thing Ryu sought? Gen began to speak.

And what of you? (speaking to ryu)
Don’t say anything, your eyes burn with desire of the fist! A mere challenge is what you seek, shall-ever! Ryu, Chun-li, the constant state of you two fighting now will solve something - you will battle each other, winner fights me! Win, and I shall tell you the location! (Gen)

I have traveled from China’s finest to do battle with you. That is my destiny, then, I alone shall learn the “Shin-Goku-Satsu” (Chun-li)
That is my wish…(Chun-li)

Ryu wasn’t a man of words, but action! The two began to fight, Chun-li began to do her usual lighting kicks, that had much effect on ryu. Ryu began to move back, firing hadoken’s, some hit chun-li, but she dodged the final two, got close to ryu and yelled…

Kii - Kosho!! (Kikosho)

The huge ball hit Ryu, however, he was blocking the attack! This move took alot of energy from chun-li, ryu finished her off with another hadoken, knocking her out.

Tell me where I can find the warrior of the “Shun-Goku-Satsu”! (Ryu)

Gen did his ever so famous death touch on ryu, he dodged it.

Enough, you are a worthy warrior, you are first in 20 years to dodge that move, maybe you have a chance…

Gen began telling Ryu of the secret cave in Japan, hidden upmost, out of vision.

The warrior you seek is none other but the man - demon AKUMA! Tales say that he worshipped a evil presence, a master of the Raging Demon! Akuma’s master taught him the raging demon, akuma killed his master after hand with his own move, claiming to be the only true warrior to have knewn such move. Gen turned around only to see ryu was already gone Batman shit style!

Ryu traveled deep down the cave Gen told him about. He could here sounds of laughter and moaning. Ryu walked toward the evil voice, it got louder. He was close! He eventually ran into akuma.

hmmm…! (Akuma)
So, you are the one with the skill of the “Shun-goku-satsu” I pity you… (Ryu)

Akuma at the time was sitting down, he stood up.

You wish to fight me? A mere mortal you are? You fool! (Akuma)

Ryu begins to fire Hadoken’s at akuma, his desire to see if he could beat this demon was at hand. Akuma teleported, the hadoken’s missed. By that time, Ryu see’s Akuma behind him, he fires a Gou-Handou, Ryu Dodges it.

An hadoken?!
Don’t be surprised human, I know techniques that destory my foes, even if they share similarites…(Akuma)

Akuma and Ryu fought on, each exchanging blows, ryu finally goes in for the shinkuu hadoken, its blast sends akuma through a wall, smoke fills the cave. Ryu can’t see a thing, however , akuma see’s him quite well, and appears behind him and grabs ryu with the raging demon!


Nothing could be seen at this point, however, all you can actually here is akuma laughing! And Ryu screaming!!

In the end, ryu could be pictured laying on the ground, the truth is, the raging demon’s effect on ryu left an evil presence in him. Within him! Ryu over the same timed months that passed, spended training. He began to feel more and more evil to the extent fact that most of his original moves, now mimiced akuma’s. Ryu’s vengence on akuma took the best of him, he was consumed with evil himself, no moral, just the destruction of akuma, and anyone else who standed in his way! As a couple years passed, evil ryu emerged, and hope’s to attempt to use his own evil will agaisnt akuma and all who standed in his way!!!

To be Continued…

BTW everyone, I’ll be back later on to finish the story and the other stories. I’ll also go to edit them all, see ya, I’m out…

yo dat story was pretty pimp. i like how you made guy, chun li, and gen appear in da story. mad props to ya.

Good, very good stuff. Keep writing…

Thanks everyone, actually, I was already finished with this portion of the story. I just got sidetracked from my other story thread : Revolutions - Centries Beginnings, Which is now War and Might - Tales of the Centries Beginnings. The story has reached a great turning point.

I’ll try to post the second portion this week.

Starting Evil Ryu Emerges Part 2

“The master of the fist - Evil intent”

It was quite clear what Evil Ryu now intended. To test his power vs. a worthy advisary. Somewhat like akuma, his mind was silent but wise, he would catch street fighters off their guard - and kill them if necessary. He traveled the world

Cody was first, being transported to another jail point across the land. The night sky made it hard to drive in such conditions.

Man, this damn vision! I can’t see a thing! ( Security Guard )
Why do they even have us drive this guy around? ( Security Guard )

Cody sat in the back handcuffed as usual.

Hey guys, could you turn on the radio or somethin? I’m quite bored… ( Cody )

The Security Guards laughed at him.

hahahahahahahaha!! ( Both of them )
Did I say something funny? ( Cody )
You just sit tight there. We will get you to prison as soon as we can. ( SG )
… ( Cody )

The transport continues to drive the roads. A quick fireball swiftly destroy’s one of the wheels of the transport.

What the!? ( SG )

The transport falls and then slides on the ground. The two guards crawl out.

Who- who’s there?! ( SG )

The guard turns around to find his partner already on the ground.

What happened? ( SG )

The security guard turns around again, only to find Evil Ryu in his face.

Who the hell - ? ( SG )

The guard gets Shoryuken. Cody crawls out of the transport and runs through a dark forest. Cody then stops right in the middle.

If you think I am afraid - Whoever you are, I’m not! Step out! ( Cody )

Evil Ryu teleports right in his face.

Your blood will be soaked onto my fist! ( Evil Ryu )

Cody attacked with the criminal uppercut, evil ryu teleported behind him and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku him. Cody fell to the ground.

Cody hoppeed up and went in for another crminal uppercut. Evil Ryu blocked it and Shun - Goku - Satsu him afterhand.


Cody felt the raging demon, and did not get up after that.

Fool, only Akuma can excite me now. After I kill him, I will be the true master of the fist. ( Evil Ryu )
I’ll go through every street fighter in doing so… ( Evil Ryu )

Evil Ryu destroyed Cody, so he moved all the way to the lands of India. This Dhalsim amused him…

Dhalsim was concentrating his yoga spirit in a mountain cave. Evil ryu teleports in.

hmm? ( Dhalsim )
Your name must be dhalsim, which means I have to kill you. ( Evil Ryu )
I understand, you have a lost soul searching for a soul. You are shrouded with “death”, in meaning that you are not so powerful as you seem to be… ( Dhalsim )
Then fight me now! ( Evil Ryu )
As you wish warrior, your travels have takend you far. Even if you win, I bet you still won’t accomplish your goal. ( Dhalsim )

Yoga Fire! ( Dhalsim )
Hadoken! ( Evil Ryu )

The Two Fireballs cnacel out.

Dhalsim goes for the yoga inferno, Evil Ryu blocks the attack.

Evil Ryu grabs Dhalsim and throws him. Dhalsim lands on the ground and then hops back up. He does the yoga stream.

Evil Ryu jumps up and does a diving kick inside Dhalsim. After Evil Ryu does that - he shun - goku - satsu’s him.


WOOOHHHHH! ( Evil Ryu )
This power!.. ( Evil Ryu )
The shun - goku - satsu!! ( Evil Ryu )
ahahahahahahah!! ( Evil Ryu )

After Dhalsim got Shun - Goku - Satsu’ed, Evil Ryu began teleporting back at Japan everywhere. He eventually ran into Rose.

Ryu? Is that you? ( Rose )
Leave me, or you will die! ( Evil Ryu )
Dark Shroud… ( Rose )
You don’t have a soul, you kill with an empty spirit, no compassion - you are not ryu!!! ( Rose )
Then die if you choose. ( Evil Ryu )
No, it’s my destiny to see you don’t advance anymore.Perpare to be crushed! ( Evil Ryu )

Rose soul spiraled Evil Ryu to the ground.

She jumps back and soul sparks ahead.

Evil Ryu dodges the souls spark and shoryuken’s her. Evil Ryu does the Shakunetsu Hadoken ( Red Fireball ) afterhand.

Rose ducks underneath it.

Evil Ryu teleports to the left.

Shinkuu, Hadoken. ( Evil Ryu )

A huge fireball heads toward Rose. She jumps over it, but on her way down to the ground, she get’s shun-goku-satsu.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhahhhhh! ( Rose )

Hmpth! Look at you - foolish woman! Never get up again! ( Evil Ryu )

Ryu teleported away, heading to Thailand. He came across giant statues there. Still no Akuma, he did find somebody intresting…

He was Adon, the self proclaimed “God of Muay Thai”

You seem to carry alot of potential enough to kill… ( Evil Ryu )
A worthy foe, however, you seem to have fought the warrior with the symbol on his back. ( Adon )
You seem to know the Raging Demon. ( Adon )
You seem to fight against everything I tryed to prove. ( Adon )
I will destroy you with my skills. Prepared yourself! ( Adon )
It is you that should be prepared. Prepare to die. ( Evil Ryu )

Adon immediately went for the Jaguar Revolver. However, the barrage of kicks were blocked by Evil Ryu.

Adon then went in for the Jaguar Vaired Assault, Evil Ryu - however, teleported through it.

Hadoken! ( Evil Ryu )

Adon jumped over it. He then kicked 5 times at Evil Ryu. Evil Ryu blocked all attacks.

Impossible! ( Adon )

Adon gets grabed by Evil Ryu and gets Shun - Goku - Satsu.


I’ll be back later to wrap this one up

I have time on my hands…

Evil Ryu Emerges Part 2 continued…

Such a waste of endurance. ( Evil Ryu )
Lay there, and think about the ways you could end up dying. ( Evil Ryu )

Just before Ryu began to leave, Sagat stopped him.

Wait, fight me! ( Sagat )
! ( Evil Ryu )
You heard me loud and clear. ( Sagat )
Don’t waste my time… ( Evil Ryu )
I understand if you leave… ( Sagat )
Die… ( Evil Ryu )

Shinkuu Hadoken! ( Evil Ryu )

Sagat jumped over the fireball, and tiger uppercuted Evil Ryu for 7 hits.

Tiger! ( Sagat )

Sagat fires a Tiger Shot.

Hadoken! ( Evil Ryu )

The two cancel out.

The two do it again, they both cancel out again.

Evil Ryu jumps in and trips Sagat. Evil Ryu picks Sagat back up, then throws him to the ground. He then kicks Sagat on the ground.

Sagat gets back up and Tiger Crushes Evil Ryu back.

Tiger! ( Sagat )

Another Tiger Shot comes in, evil ryu teleports and Shun - Goku - Satsu him.


Ohah! ( Sagat )
uhhhhh… ( Sagat )

Look at you, pathetic. You challenged me just to die. What a waste of a lifeline.

Evil Ryu became troubled, where was Akuma? He must die…

Evil Ryu went back into Japan’s favorite caves. The perfect spot for training. He found Gen.

Old Man, best vise you leave. ( Evil Ryu )
Of no importance if I leave or not, you cannot defeat me… ( Gen )
I can defeat you with just one blow. ( Gen )
Then try… ( Evil Ryu )
Of course, consider it a —!!! ( Gen )

Gen immediately goes for the Zanei, Evil Ryu blocks it as gen’s attack failed. Evil Ryu began atk. but was stopped by Gen.

Stop, I wasn’t able to defeat you with just one blow… ( Gen )
Your strong even for me, finish me off… ( Gen )
!!! ( Evil Ryu )
Shun - Goku ! ( Evil Ryu )


Gen laid on the ground.

Your brave, but foolish! Careless! Just goes in saying the weak must suffer from the strong! ( Evil Ryu )
Indeed. ( Akuma )
! ( Evil Ryu )

Akuma stepped out of the shadows

You… ( Evil Ryu )
… ( Akuma )
… ( Evil Ryu )
Nothing to say, a silent scream will surface… ( Akuma )
It is you that will be Screaming. ( Evil Ryu )
Show me your evil intent, I’ll show you mine! ( Evil Ryu )
Don’t talk, you returned to fight me once again after the first time you felt my wrath. ( Akuma )
I’ll kill you this time… ( Akuma )

Evil Ryu goes for the Raging Demon. Akuma does the same. They both grab each other as the raging demon effects both of them. They fly back to the ground.

Akuma teleports behind E.Ryu and trips him. He then throws him through a wall.

E.Ryu countered with a Hadoken, this sends Akuma to the ground.

Akuma got up and performed the Messatsu Gou Hado.

Evil Ryu jumped out of the way performed the shinkuu hadoken.

Akuma jumped in the air and performed the Tenma Gou Zanku.

Evil Ryu got stroke by the fireballs. Akuma went in for the Shun - Goku - Satsu. E.Ryu dodges.

Akuma did it again, but he missed.

Evil Ryu was nowhere in sight.

hmmm? ( Akuma )

Evil Ryu appeared behind akuma and Raging Demon him.


Ooooooaahhhhhhaaa! ( Akuma )
Im------Im----! ( Evil Ryu )
EVIL!!! ( Evil Ryu )
I defeated him, I’m the master of the fist! The true warrior!! ( Evil Ryu )

Akuma lied on the ground

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahhahahaha!!! ( Evil Ryu )

Evil Ryu dragged Akuma to a huge steep in the mountain cave.

Kill me already! ( Akuma )
The mountain shall, after I toss you off, it is up to you too decide if you want to live or not! ( Evil Ryu )

If you survive, we will meet again. ( Evil Ryu )
But if you die, I will see you in hell! ( Evil Ryu )

Evil Ryu tossed Akuma into the steep. If he survived is up to you too decide.

More after hand of Akuma’s defeat, Evil Ryu continued his estrange training. The move Raging Demon, the shun - goku - satsu will forever be the most powerfullest move a to be reckoned with. That he will prove in time…


Oh yeah, I haven’t forgot about this thread.

It seems the next story is Devil’s Child: Dark Sakura Story. I’ll get to work on it.