Evil Zone / Eretzvaju

“Ihadurca is a being capable of existing in multiple dimensions at one time, and she threatens the land of I-praeseru…”

There’s no way, I’m the only person here who’s played this corny game. It’s good cheesy simplistic fun. I honestly never imagined I could have so many good games off a fighting game with a 2-button engine.

Although, to be honest, the reason why this game was fun was because I had a lot of competition, and my friends who strayed away from the more complicated games (SFA2 for example) were attracted to the simplicity of Evil Zone.

It’s been a while though. I used Danzaiver, while my main rival used Al, another used Linedwell, then Erel…Keiya…Setsuna…we used just about everyone.

For tiers…this game was well balanced. However Kakurine is the best character due to her small size and high priority circle attacks. If I remember correctly Ihadurca does more damage than any other character but still gets badly outprioritized by Kakurine so…tiers are something like

  1. Kakurine
  2. Ihardurca
  3. Everyone else

I’m tempted to put Setsuna at #3, because for some reason, everyone seemed to do really well with her, but I’m thinking it was just psychological.

So anyone else play Evil Zone?

Never got serious about it but ya played it. Played Ihardurca.

:wonder: Setsuna, Midori, Keiya Tenpouin & Danzaiver were my favorites. This game was fun… dood.

Evil Zone ruled big time! The pick-up-and-play nature of the game was my main draw to this game. The only thing I didn’t like were the long ranged grapples. I’m willing to bet that I’m one of the few people who used Gally (big armored sword dude). The funniest thing about this game was the fact that in America, Erel’s costume had the leggings added during battle but was left unaltered in the intro animation.

Just played casually.

I used Keiya.

i remember playin this game, never got serious with it, i used kakurine.

Are there any match videos laying around of this game? I used to play this game alot

The farthest I got into the game’s engine was performing combos off of projectiles. I can’t imagine much else in terms of advanced gameplay. Most characters could do 30% or more damage with a projectile starter, but evading projectiles isn’t difficult. I remember Kakurine, Ihadurca, Danzaiver, Setsuna, Al and Midori had 100% combos, but they weren’t that easy to set-up, or practical in actual gameplay, unless your opponent is brain dead.

I haven’t seen any decent match vids of this game, although I haven’t looked either. I remember there was an Ihadurca combo vid floating around on youtube, but it was only a fullscreen combo.