Evil Zone


Anyone remember this game for the PS1? It was pretty cool. It was definitely different from the other fighting games of it’s time. I always had friends over to play it. Fun times.

Here are the special moves from the game.



I liked the story mode made me feel like i was in an anime


Cool someone does remember it. Yeah it did seems like it was based off an anime or manga but it wasn’t.


Yep,still got a copy. How many buttons was this one?


It should be just 2 buttons for gameplay. Attack and Projectile. By pressing a direction on the D-pad with one of the buttons you get different attacks.


i recently bought this game and forgot how horrible it was, good thing it was only 12$
it was fun for nostalgia sake but doesnt have any real replay value


Well it was made in the 90’s. Guess it would have been better if you played it then. You’re right about the nostalgia.


i played it when it first came out then forgot about it, i decided to hunt for it since there is a game store near me that has all kinds of older stuff.


well i certainly remember the commercials. i also remember that i wanted to get it but it received bad reviews so i avoided it.


Evil Zone is awesome. I originally was going to sell it some years ago, but I kept it. It is a brillent game.


Danzaiver for the fucking win.


Hell ya! Zerochaku!


^ this
i was all about some setsuna though.


i still have my japanese copy of the game , i really liked the game to even try it semi seriously for a time

also here are 2 tier lists

my tier based on my experience

the tier of Lobelia


Eretzvaju… yeah, me too :sweat:


I liked Keiya Tenpouin and Midori Himeno personally. =P


yeah i mained Midori and Kakurine
i also liked to use Keiya and Setsuna, hell even Danzaiver, thinking it well i belive that i played with all at some point, like Lie, he was my first main on Eretzvaju


Lol, my bro gave me his English version of the game a while back and I had a lot of fun playing it. Keiya’s definitely my favourite character and I liked Al too.

I’d love to see a sequel to this game but it’d never happen.


It was good at the time, but if I try to play it now, the atrocious gameplay just gets horribly dull.

Still, Linedwell Rainrix is awesome. Erel has a great rack. Keiya is sweet. Setsuna was hot.

Ihadurca was God tier, but Keiya got free gem charges, which made him a step up from the rest.

As shitty as the gameplay is, I’d love for this to hit PSN.

Al is a queer.


lol if that happens i hope for the japanese version, i cant stand the english voices of “Evil Zone”