Evl2003 attending Japanese players list


Last year, we had 19 Japanese in total.
We gonna have another 20+ players? No.
Here is the list of Japanese players who are expected to come to this year’s Evolution.

BAS (d44) : He had come to B5 and won A3 tourney. Last year, he tried to win CVS2 with his massive A-CC, but lost to Ken and got 5th. This year, he must win CVS2 in order to make up his travel expenses. He’ll try his best in GGXX as well.

Ino : Very famous and strong player among Japanese fighting game fans. He also came to Evl2k2 and got 3rd in CVS2. Then went to n-cubed and NEC where he made exellent remarks. He’s still a current active CVS2 player and rarely loses. He’ll enter as many games as he can.

Mago : New face. He’s been playing CVS2 and classified as top players. Very friendly and cool guy.

Matsuda : He came to B5 and Evl2k2 as well to support Japanese players. Since he’s an owner and manager of Game-Newton, his knowledge of handling arcade machine helped a lot. We thank him a lot. He’s also a VF master.

Nuki : Another beast. I must say he’s a genious in fighting games. He’s good at not only 2D-fighters, but 3D-fighters like VF as well.

Daigo : The Beast? He’s a GOD in born. How many games will he win in this Evl2k3? At least, top 3 for the prize is almost guaranteed. Expected to win : ST, 3S, CVS2, GGXX

KSK : He came to Evl2k2 and showed his skill in 3S exhibition. Then went to n-cubed and did well in 3S. He was expecting he could win 3S this year at first. Now that 3S experts like K.O, Nuki, Daigo, and Ino are coming, his wish would hardly accomplish.

K.O : New face. 3S MASTER. His Yun moves are arts. Who can stop him?

MIU : An exellent GGXX player. He works in Shinjuku-SportsLand where VF arena. He says he’ll enjoy this big tourney.

Kuni : Me. Too old to adapt in recent fighting games and keep playing ST. I practiced 3S and became ‘Japanese standard novice’. I’ll try my best in ST and wish I could survive to final playoff.

Sawatari : Chief Editor of Arcadia Magazine. Covering this big tourney in their mag. and is gonna support srk.com as well.

Yamagishi : Manager of beat-tribe arcade. He came to evl2k2 as well. He contributes so much to Japanese VF community. Himself is also good player for VF and SC2

Yamamoto : President of AquaRouge company who runs beat-tribe. SBO was run by this company. (arcadia mag. was supporting it)

Chibita : VF GOD. He has made over 30000 wins in arcade VF4 and VF4e with winning ratio of more than 95%. His ticket was presented by AquaRouge company. Thanks a lot to President Yamamoto!

KenBou : aka Tarechichi(loose hanging breast)-Ganryu. He’s still among Japan’s top tekken players. He participated several T4 tourneys in US and made great achievements.

Ohsu-Akira : TOP VF player and champion. After he won the national VF4 championship, Sega-AM2 gave him a special rank name ‘Gouketsu’(stirring hero). He’s expected to win VF4. He plays 3S and ST as well.

neo-tower : another top VF player. He also won national level VF4 tourney.

Kofu-megane : megane means a glass, but he doesn’t wear a glass. He just mimiced Tokyo’s famous top VF player’s handle of ‘Tokyo-megane’.

They’re confirmed coming players list so far.


what the hell? I thought Daigo wasn’t coming?

This is great news, there are many players that would love to challenge (re: get tooled by) him.

Looking forward to meeting and playing all the Japanese players.

ja matane


Im sure everyone is happy Daigo is coming. And it should spur some interest.

Im also happy INO is coming this year. I got to play him in the tournament for CVS2 last year at EVO and he is a beast.

I love his NO FEAR style of play with K groove.

Thanks for the information KUNI!!!


Kuni, you make excellent write ups. Just off of the little bit of info you gave us right now I’m excited about the Japanese players attending.


wahhhh Daigo and KO

gonna have to preorder the evo2k3 dvd now =P


crap i dont want to play those guys

i wanna watch them though

good write up though thanks


evo has officially become beast wars


Japanese MVC2 players coming to Evo

Are any japanese MvC2 players coming like liquid metal, Chique, NUN and MITSU. I would love to see the japanese shock everyone by winning Marvel.:smiley:


he lied to me! :frowning:


I am so fucking shit up. LOL


Good too see more Japanese are coming…so they can pay dearly…



I like how Daigo rapes people and still looks humble to everyone.


very good stuff kuni.

what about tokido? or chikyuu? are they coming?



Any word on Izu coming?


Where’re 178 and Fujiwara? sniff


Daigo and K.O… =O

3s is gonna be raw.


yea 178 is gangsta


i just totally cwapped my pants

then i read this post…
and i barfed all over my computer

evo is gonna be sweetsauce


Fuck that, where are the marvel players:mad:


In america :rolleyes: