There are alot of money matches and challenges being issued. Half the time they dont happen due to being un-organized. Lets do this

We should have a phone number index where players can be reached.

Also a ROOM INDEX letting everyone know what rooms they are in to be found for late night fighting and etc.

Just a thought…I made a thread like this years before and it really helped out


Dont forget about DR.B’S CHALLENGE THREAD !


If we can organize 1-2 joined rooms with multiple set ups, i can record big money matches 2v2’s etc.

All live feed, high quality shit.

See you guys at evo.

Ill post up more info where im at when i get the info.
i.e. room # and phone #

yeah this sounds really good I’m hella down!

oh hell yeah

assuming i’m going to evo, i’ll post all the details as soon as i know!

i’m so excited to throw down with all of you!

i think i’ve got matches with no defence, leezy, and shoo.

I’m not willing to give out my number on SRK. But if you spot me, you are more than welcome to have casuals in my room as long as Valaris or myself are present.

There should be a handful of Florida players coming up. We’ll be up for all the casuals we can get.

5 dollar matches from anyone. It’s free money baby!

once i’m confirmed for evo, i’ll take you up on that, 2/3 sound good?

both of you 2/3 for a drink ;D?

cant wait to play everyone


It’s a deal!

I arrive in Vegas on Thursday around 12 30 pm for anyone who wants to get some practice and or to just kick it. Get at me.

  -D R B


I’m down with all that . But guys dont forget to bring ps2 and cvs2 because we should also get a couple of tv’s from the Bring your own console (BYOC) place for casual.

ok, so as of today i’m confirmed for evo

no defence, for five
shoo for a drink
leezy for funzies and hopefully friendship

can’t wait everyone, i’m stoked on this shit!
i’m gonna lose, but it’s gonna be a blast!

5$ against me too ok ? 2 out of 3


Can I get in for a drink too?

hell yeah havoc!
i ain’t 21 but i’ll throw down money for drinks, or i could even make some in mah hotel room

shoo wants to drink with all of you

30 more days ;3

It’s going down…Shoo and I will be organizing the video situation plus hella other players will be having matches / money matches in their rooms not to mention the byoc. Get at me everyone and lets stay organized to see and capture alot of matches between CvS2 players that may or may not make it on the Evo DvD. EVO 2008 GET HYPE !!! Shout out to ALL of the SRK players and Shoryuken.Com Staff. LETS DRINK LIKE FUCKIN CRAZY…!!!


 -D R B


Closer to evo ill make a small announcement

specific times ill be recording in BYOC on FRIDAY maybe on SAT.

this would be BYOC only for now.

The hotel recording will TBA later