we aren’t gonna get pushed out of EVO without a fight

Who wants to get rocked by my K Zangief?

Well just don’t play a “lets start drinking early in the afternoon, and stop at 3 in the morning match” with Albert, cause I lost that one pretty badly :slight_smile:

I’m super down. We’ll do a toast and denounce Mexico and Korea for not playing CVS2.

It’s gonna be party time theater.

You were doing fine until you started drooling like a rabid dog and dry heaving into the bucket of chicken…


ill match you in that andry hahaha. cant wait for evo :wasted::wasted::wasted:

There has got to be a cool SF drinking game out there.


Your K-GROOVE GIEF vs. My S - GROOVE GIEF ! Drinking match. Lets goooooooooo

 -D R B

Edit: I hella changed my mind

No EC love with the drinks:amazed::amazed:

hey albert, we should play a small MM or a shot match. i’m a lightweight so i can’t do hella shots. as for errrybody else, we’ll set shit up on the spot or something.

I’ll play u for shots if u want.

Yes sir!

I love playing against P groove…and everyone knows you got the best P groove on the planet…


Pigadoken’s P-Groove is mos def one of the best…but I DUNNO…N-KEN,LTB,and Jhamal from Nor Cal have some beastly P-Grooves too. I’d like to see them have a face off to see who has the best in the WORLD ! Side bets anyone ???

 -D R B

i think the best p groove in the world is makoto? then jal is number 1 in the us:woot::woot:

we’ll set something up at evo sir. see you there.

i want in on shot matches. when alcohol is involved, everyone wins!

We might as well throw Gee-O’s name in the mix, if we’re gonna be naming a bunch of washed up P-Grooves…

You can still throw Jal in the convo… other than him, you must be joking if you’re naming anyone other than Steve H as elite P-Grooves. Anyone with any other names, I’ve got 300 that says otherwise.

Anyone gonna take Havoc on this bet ??? I got money in this too ! let’s go

 - D R B


i dont even know what the match is but last i played jhamal he was pretty good. maybe the best p-groove no one has ever heard of.